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Advanced Alchemy & Magical Training http://occult-advances.org
Spiritual alchemy, kabbalah, tree of life, elemental magic: fire water earth air / wind correspondences chart, human aura, rebuilding third temple of solomon jerusalem 2005-2008, kundalini awakening: kundalini yoga rising, chakras system, pictures and chart, the language of lost city of Atlantis.
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Agni Yoga 101: Soul Union And Inner Purification Meditation http://soul1.org/
You will learn powerful techniques to achieve union with the soul and to burn the karma of past life times. Learn to use the soul star to remove the obstacles to union by purifying the physical, emotional and mental bodies.
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Ananda Yoga Portland http://www.anandayogaportland.com
Ananda is known world-wide for its spiritual emphasis on spiritual training. Ananda yoga is for all ages. We teach a six month teachers training course register with yoga alliance.
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El Convento Yoga Retreats & Holidays http://www.spainyogaretreats.com
Holistic yoga retreats and holidays in beautiful nature of Spain. Asthanga yoga classes suitable for beginners and advanced students, meditation and family yoga holidays with childcare.
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Living Yoga Program http://www.livingyogaprogram.com
A 200-hour yoga teacher certification course. Held in a beautiful ashram environment in Austin, Texas. 9-day intensive plus home-study.
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Meditation Music http://www.relaxation-musics.com
Music for meditation, yoga, relaxation and healing. Free meditation music download.
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Sedona Vortex, Dosha And Yoga Tours http://www.sedonaredrocktours.com
Transformational vortex tours, yoga retreats, and weddings in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. Sedona vortex yoga - the DVD now available. Dosha tours, past life regression, retreats and more.
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Sol Yoga Holidays And More... http://www.thespiritoflife.co.uk
Year round yoga, healing and health retreats. On the beautiful southern Peloponnese mainland. Enjoy a stunning natural environment of mountains, sea and blue skies in which you can relax and unwind, practise your yoga, swim, go walking or horse riding in the Taygetos foothills.
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Yoga For Joy - Realization Of Our Divine Consciousness http://www.yogaforjoy.com
Hatha yoga techniques to harmonize the human consciousness with the divine consciousness. Classes and private instruction in Portland, Beaverton Oregon area.
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Yoga Holidays http://www.yogatravel.co.uk
Yoga holidays and yoga retreats in Egypt, Thailand and Morocco.
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Yoga Schule Linda Schobinger http://www.yoga-richterswil.ch/
Hatha-yoga, prenatal-yoga, pregnancy-yoga, pilates, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. Website in German language.
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Yoga Weekends http://www.yoga-weekends.co.uk
Yoga weekends in Cornwall.
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Yogi Impressions Books http://www.yogiimpressions.com/
Yogi impressions is dedicated to publishing books and audio / video projects that inspire and challenge us to improve the quality of our lives and our world.
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4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra http://www.tantra-sex.com
Tantra weekends monthly near Ottawa Canada, facilitated by Al Link and Pala Copeland, authors of Soul Sex: Tantra for Two. People travel from all over the world to attend our Sacred Sexuality weekends because of the emphasis on Tantra in the context of committed, monogamous relationship.
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Absolute Yoga Bangkok, Yoga Studio And Class Thailand http://www.absoluteyogabangkok.com
Thailand's premier yoga studio, offering the most extensive range of classes taught by highly skilled and qualified instructors.
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Ageless Yoga - Adelaide Yoga Classes http://www.agelessyoga.com.au
Using gentle, yet powerful techniques from ancient India, Tibet and China, Ageless Yoga can dramatically improve the health of your brain, spine, glands and internal organs, resulting in increased vitality, freedom of movement, weight control and emotional balance.
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Ageless Yoga Adelaide Athelstone Classes http://www.agelessyoga.com.au/mapathelstone.html
The Ageless Yoga classes in Adelaide increase your flexibility, improve muscle tone, reduce your stress levels and help you relax better.
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Ageless Yoga Adelaide Walkerville Classes http://www.agelessyoga.com.au/mapwalkerville.html
The Ageless Yoga classes in Adelaide increase your flexibility, improve muscle tone, reduce your stress levels and help you relax better.
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Ageless Yoga Classes Adelaide Mitcham http://www.agelessyoga.com.au/classes.html
Ageless Yoga is suitable for men and women of all ages, but is of special appeal to those who want to look younger and recapture the vitality of their youth.
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Ananda Marga: the path of Bliss http://www.anandamarga.org
Free personal instruction in mantra meditation in centers around the world. Based on the teachings of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.
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Antarbrahmandiya Sanskriti Kendra Newsletter http://antarbrahmandiya.tripod.com
Published by Swami Shyamananda of Laxman Jhula, India. Read articles on Pilot Baba, Ganga Baba. Get info on the Khumba Mela & Babaji Nagaraj. Hindu screensavers, chatroom & message board. Om namah shivaya!
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Ashiyana Yoga Teacher Training http://www.ashiyana-yoga-goa.com/index.shtml
Ashiyana is a tropical retreat centre located on the beautiful and unspoilt Mandrem Beach in Goa, India.
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Ashram Of Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami-penukonda, India http://www.kaleshwar.org
The official website of Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami, one of India's most highly regarded living saints. It is his mission to make many powerful healers and spiritual masters to aid mankind in these critical times.
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Ashtanga Yoga Shala http://www.ashtangayogashala.com.au
Brisbane's home of Ashtanga yoga.
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Best One Yoga Teacher Trainig In Dallas http://www.sunstoneyoga.com/ProductsServices/TeacherTraining.aspx
Yoga is the very excellent exercise for maintaining the good health of the body. Yoga is very much important to the every person.
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Bush Creek Buddha Iyengar Yoga Retreat http://www.bushcreekbuddha.com.au
A luxurious yoga retreat located in Victoria, Australia. Our yoga weekends offer gourmet food, relaxing Iyengar yoga and boutique accommodation.
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Corporate Yoga Classes Sydney Australia, Yoga Suits http://www.yogasuits.com
A yoga company servicing the corporate community of Sydney.
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Corporate Yoga Classes Sydney, Nurturepod http://www.nurturepod.com/yoga/corporate-yoga-sydney/
Nurturepod runs corporate yoga classes for Sydney based small, medium or large corporate businesses.
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Eternal Law http://kris10846902.tripod.com/
This site invites you to explore yourself and in doing so, explore the world we live in. Understand how we relate to others whose paths cross ours and whose don't.
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Everyday Health http://www.universalhealthinfo.com
Here you can learn tips to better your health everyday. Topics such as better health, beauty, wellness, alternative medicine, exercise, fitness, disease, skin care, anti aging, acne, nutrition, natural herbal medicine, and treatments.
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Free Yoga Fitness Classes http://healthyoga.com/
Yoga tips, types of yoga, yoga benefits, yoga equipment, yoga poses, yoga classes and yoga centers.
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FRYOG Friends Of Yoga UK http://www.friendsofyoga.co.uk
Helps everyone attain and develop competence in their yoga careers and encourages the study and practice of yoga, providing certificated teacher training courses.
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Golden Lightning: Spiritual And Esoteric Centre http://www.eclairdor.com
Develop all psychic capacities and spiritual qualities with a universal philosophy based on secret teachings of the himalayas. Preparing the golden age inside of us and around us. Teachings given from heart to heart, priority to practice and realization.
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Gopi Krishna Regarding Kundalini, Higher Consciousness http://www.ecomall.com/gopikrishna
Writings from Gopi Krishna regarding kundalini, higher consciousness, and the need for research into mystical experience and the evolution of the brain.
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Healing And Detox Center, Detox, Yoga & Reiki In Tropics http://www.orionhealing.com
Our retreat center set on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan offers 3- 10 day cleansing and detox retreats, colonics, liver flush fasts, yoga, Reiki, CranioSacral, healing with stones. We also run volunteer programs.
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Hindu Art Yoga Clothing http://www.hinduartyogaclothing.com
We have yoga tank tops, hindu Gods and Goddesses t-shirts , yoga tote bags, ayurvedic herbs, essential oils, kirtan chanting, hindu art wall hangings, stained glass yantras and Om signs.
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Inspired By The Siddhar Sages Of South India http://www.nandhi.com
Inspired the the siddhars, the evolved yogis of south india who journey beyond enlightenement- art gallery, ancient learning, siddha chant music, turiya yoga- siddhar tantira yogam, amma goshala- animal sanctuary.
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Kerala Ayurveda Treatment http://keralaayurvedatreatment.blogspot.com
Ayurveda has spread far beyond its traditional base and is gaining attention throughout the world. Ayurveda with its understanding of life and consciousness becomes the medicine of the future.
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Kriya Yoga, God Yoga, Divine Love And God Realization http://www.kriyayoga.com/
Cyberspace ashram for Kriya Yoga, God Yoga and God realization through the power of divine love. Free complete online teachings of love.
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Kundalini Yoga Free Online Classes http://www.kundaliniyoga.org/
Discover the amazing power of Kundalini yoga. Free online course, specially written by Gururattan K. Khalsa Ph.D. Links, yoga sets, meditations, articles, mailing list.
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Mountain Institute http://www.mountaininstitute.com
Mountain Institute, a Lamplighting and Kriya Yoga meditation school, offers free meditation classes in the tradition of Sat Guru Audle Allison.
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Religious Book For Seekers http://www.religiousbook.net/
The goal is to collect spiritual books and materials illuminating the way of self-perfection, spiritual growth, evolution and cognition of God.
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Self-realization http://instantselfrealization.com
Self-realization now technique, genuine self-awareness granting happiness around the clock.
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Semperviva Yoga Centres http://www.semperviva.com
Four yoga studios throughout Vancouver, BC offering all levels of hatha, power, ashtanga, kundalini, and prenatal classes. Certified teacher training programs, workshops, and retreats also available.
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Serentiy Natural Living Center http://www.serenitynaturalliving.com
A holistic life spa, yoga studio, and natural products boutique. Experience personalized retreats, yoga, meditation, spa/healing treatments, nutritional counseling, cooking classes, and wellness workshops.
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Spazio Yoga Milano http://www.spazioyoga.it/index.htm
Diffusion of yoga knowledge. Information about yoga classes at Centro di Psicomotricit? il Delfino in Milano downtown, articles about yoga issues. Language: Italian.
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Spell Casting Love Spells Magic Money And Success Spells http://www.morespells.com
Spell casting, love spells, money spells, success spells, binding spells, fertility spells, protection spells from black magic, healing spells, job spells, justice spells and more also voodoo dolls available.
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Spiritual Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Spiritual50/
A new group for those interested in self improvement and spiritual growth in a non-religious manner. New members are welcome.
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Tantra Massage Spain / The Netherlands http://www.relajate.eu
Tantra massage and tantric yoga. Madrid, Barcelona, Spain. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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The Wepner Wellness Center http://www.wepnerwellnesscenter.com
Professional holistic energy healing. Practitioners are graduates of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Also providing gentle and restorative yoga.
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Totalbhakti http://www.totalbhakti.com
This spiritual website has numerous categories of Bhajan in different language. Yoga is the best feature, where many people learn yoga and cure their disease.
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Traditional Yoga Studies (Texts And Sound Pages) http://www.bethbento.com/yogaplace
Sound pages and texts presenting the art of yoga by Beth Bento.
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VEDA - Vedas and Vedic Knowledge Online http://www.veda.harekrsna.cz
Comprehensive information resource on Bhakti-yoga, Vedic philosophy and culture. Vedic Encyclopedia. Vedic Library.
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Visuele Yoga http://www.optologie.be
An esoteric way of seeing (Belgian site)
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Volunteer In India http://www.volunteerinindia.com
Volunteer in India provides an unique volunteering experience. Combining volunteer work with daily meditation/yoga lessons and workshops on various spiritual and cultural Indian traditions. Its not just volunteering its experiencing.
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Yoga Books, Mats, Accessories, Audio Tapes,yoga Blocks http://www.yogabestseller.com/
Order yoga books, yoga accessories, yoga audios, yoga straps, yoga meditation mats, foam blocks and many other yoga products directly from us at reasonable rates.
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Yoga Buenos Aires - Tradicion De Krishnamacharya http://www.yogabaires.com.ar
Certified teachers by the KHYF (India). Grup and individual classes. Yoga for special needs, yoga kids, prenatal, dynamic, yoga therapy. Vedic chanting. Meditation. Philosophy. KHYF yoga teacher training.
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Yoga Classes In London - Iyengar Specialist http://www.london-yoga-classes.co.uk/
Yoga classes in London, private tuition available, Iyengar specialist.
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Yoga Costa Rica http://www.soundbodyyoga.com
Dr Freedom and Leela lead exclusive wellness yoga retreats for back pain at Yoga Costa Rica.
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Yoga Eight http://www.yogaeight.com
Offers a full schedule of Vinyasa/Ashtanga classes on the west side of Madison, WI.
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Yoga Kai Web Site http://www.yogakai.com/
Website in Spanish about yoga, includes information about meditation, relaxation, and chakras.
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Yoga Retreats http://featheredpipe.com/
Offering premier Yoga/meditation retreats & Yoga teacher training in the USA, as well as Yoga travel & Seva in India and abroad.
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Yoga Retreats - Retreats Center Mexico http://www.xinalaniretreat.com
Xinalani Retreat is a yoga retreats center located south Puerto Vallarta Mexico, we offer all inclusive retreats workshops and spa treatments in natural jungle.
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Yoga Teacher Training http://www.radiantlyalive.com
Vibrant Living Yoga teacher training – a top quality, residential, multi-style, 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified intensive - guides you to experience yourself free of false limitations and empowers you to assist others.
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Yoga Teacher Training In India http://www.starlim.co.in/files/yoga_teachers_training.htm
200 hour residential hatha yoga teacher training programs and yoga instructor courses (RYT, YTT, YTTC, TTC) registered with Yoga Alliance, yoga courses for beginners and yoga retreats in Rishikesh, India.
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Yoga Technology http://www.yogatech.com/
bringing kundalini yoga to you! practical books by gururattan k. khalsa ph.d. also videos, dvds & meditation cds from our online store. free weekly ky set and meditation - feel the difference, immediately!.
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Yoga Vidya Centers and Ashrams in Germany http://www.yoga-vidya.de/
Yoga classes and courses, German Yoga teacher directory, hundreds of online articles and online books, webshop. Huge link list. A wealth of information on Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, spirituality and alternative health.
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Yoga – Instituto União http://www.institutouniao.com.br/yoga
Yoga institute in São Paulo, Brazil. Offers regular classes and instructor training program.
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