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7th House Seasons Of The Witch Calendars Planners http://www.7th-House.com
Home of seasons of the witch and other fine calendars and planners. The best witchcraft resources featuring the only witches' day planner. Magickal books, art, greeting cards, music and more for wicca, neopagan, solitaries, cross-tradition rebels and rogues.
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Crystalmoon's Wiccan & Witchy Home http://crystalmoonlight.bravehost.com/intro.htm
Lots of information, for beginners and us "old hands", on wicca and witchcraft. Come over and take a look.
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Discount Metaphysical http://discountmetaphysical.50megs.com
Magick, ritual supplies priced below retail. Free shipping with only a 2.00 handling fee for orders over 50.00.
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Divination Supplies http://www.divinationsupplies.com
Divination supplies - shop for runes, witch balls, cauldrons, wishing bowls, sabbat gift baskets, scrying mirrors , pendulums, 11:11 items, wiccan spell candles, and sage wands.
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DivineLoveLight Love Spells http://divinelovelight.com/
Unique, secret love spells. Whatever your situation, we believe in your success with our quality love spells. You will feel so powerful and successful. Also offering psychic readings and free prayer service.
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Instant Witchcraft And Voodoo Spells For Love And Money http://madame.faithweb.com/main.html
Love spells, gambling spells, luck and money spells! Expert in witchcraft, voodoo and santeria. Psychic tarot readings, voodoo dolls and love potions available.
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Love And Money Spells http://online-psychics.net/spells.html
High priestess offering ethical love spells and money spells to purchase. Free love spells and money spells, too. Witchcraft, tarot and faerie magick. Uses for roots and herbs.
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Magic Spells, Formulas, Potions, Charms, Talismans. http://www.gulshanpowers.com
Magic spells [black & white], love spells, money spells, witch craft, and wicca also information on talismans and charms available.
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Magical Spells, Charms And Talismans http://www.spellbounded.com
Magic spells, healing spells, love spells, protection spells, mystical talisman and charms available.
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The Cyber Cauldron http://www.cybercauldron.co.uk
Pagan blog with shop - cyber cauldron is a blog in which pagan though and rituals are discussed and spells exchange.
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The Wiccan Retreat http://thewiccanretreat.4t.com
A wiccan/pagan web community - a place for learning as well as a place for teaching. In the wiccan retreat we are all equals, no matter your sex, race, or religion. Wiccan/pagan related information, forums, and chat rooms.
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Wiccan Supplies-ravens Roost Magick http://www.ravensroostmagick.com
Need Wiccan supplies? Visit today: make us your #1 source for Pagan supplies, New Age supplies and Wiccan supplies. We carry over 6000 products in our online retail Wiccan store.
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Wishbonix http://www.wishbonix.com
Free love spells, spell casting tools and witchcraft resources can be found at Wishbonix. Cast free Wicca spells and Improve your life today with nature and it's positive energies.
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Witchaven http://www.witchaven.com
A collective site specifically?designed for support, inform, equip and educate witches and craft followers.
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A Blog Of 2 Witches - A Pagan Take On Life And Family http://purplemoongarden.wordpress.com
2 women, friends for nearly 20 years blog about hearth and home, paganism and witchcraft.
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A House Of The Sun http://www.soul-guidance.com/houseofthesun/index.htm
Many articles about the meaning of life through personal spiritual experiences and explorations into the mysteries of the universe.
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Charmed Moonlight http://www.giftmagick.websyte.com.au/
Extensive range of oils, incense, candles, figurines, dragons, elephants, herbs, soaps, pot pourri, bells, giftware as well as a range of occult and pagan supplies - in store or online.
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Cher's Secret Garden http://cherbri1000.tripod.com/cherssecretgarden
Wiccan/ pagan links, webrings, chat search engines
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College Of Management Science, London http://www.unifaculty.com
Train at home: parapsychology, wicca, past life regression, remote viewing, psychology, counselling.
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College of the Sacred Mists http://workingwitches.com
Online Wiccan college degree training program. Students gain Wiccan degrees resulting in ordination into the priesthood. Our Pagan extension classes include tarot, candle magick, chakras, runes, divination, pendulum, crystals and much more for the working witch.
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Every Witch Way http://www.everywitchway.co.uk
Online shop selling good quality, good value wiccan and pagan products and gifts. We sell athames, wands, jewellery, books, fairies, altar items, clothes, incense and lots, lots more.
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Exploring Psychic Readings http://www.exploringpsychics.com/
Explores the realm of psychic readings including astrology, palmistry, tarot, and many other forms of psychic divination.
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Faery Land http://faeryland.20m.com
A small but pretty site including information on the Wiccan year, faeries and nature spirits, zodiac/horoscope, spells, herbs, gemstones and crystals, colours, spell timings and poetry.
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Lady Althea's Wicca and Magick Pages http://www.angelfire.com/journal/ap/index.html
Basics about wicca, magick, herbs and miscellaneous information.
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Love Spells http://www.love-spells.info
Avoid fake spell casters by learning where to find real spell casting. Genuine spell caster for love spells and bringing back your lover.
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Magic Spells http://www.allmagicspells.com
A collection of powerful and traditional white magic spells - love, money, power, protection and healing.
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Magic Spells Love Spells Money Spells Talismans Charms http://www.saulat.com/
Offering magic spells, love spells, money spells, talismans, charms, magic, and other occult products.
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Mystic Gifts And Charms http://www.mysticgiftsandcharms.co.uk
New age gift shop, Wicca and Pagan supplies. Tarot cards, rune sets, crystals, books, herbs, psychic telephone readings and much more.
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Mystical Oasis http://jemma.vze.com
Wicca, book of spells, divination, meditation, visualisation, hypnosis technique, dreams, free on-line readings, astrology, candle making, chatroom & much more!
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NY Pagan Personals http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NYPaganPersonals
A group where you can post a personal ad and at the same time share a spell, craft, belief, recipe, ritual etc. If you are looking for pagan-wiccan friends in or out of the NY area then sign up its a fun relaxed atmosphere!
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Pagan Passions http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PaganPassions/
A family orientated group that studies all aspects of wicca, pagan ways etc. All may join and we will share spells, rituals, recipes, magick, art, herbs, crafts etc.
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Psychic Solution Website http://www.psychicsolution.com
Psychic Doctor Marco specializing in love matters. Free psychic consultation, fast amazing results! Luck-love-success. Free psychic healing magno-force. Free daily horoscopes. Helps all problems.
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Queer Dimensions http://www.angelfire.com/pq/queerdimensions/index.html
An online, eclectic book of shadows, with emphasis on networking for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered pagans, wiccans, and occultists.
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Raven's Loft http://www.ravensloft.biz
Dedicated to preserving and furthering the ancient religion of witchcraft. We offer a wide range of unique items and supplies to help the serious seeker experience and explore the craft of the wise.
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Readings By Astro Fyre http://www.astrofyre.com
10 plus years experience. Former Astronet reader on AOL. Readings include soul mates, past life, family, love, career. I was rewarded "Certificate of Excellence - Astronet Reader Achievement Award - highest producer of E-mail Readings" in 2000.
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Ritual Magick http://www.ritualmagick.net
Wiccan/pagan altar tools & supplies: We offer all the magickal items you're looking for. We have built a reputation for high quality products, fast worldwide shipping, and discreet packaging.
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Sabbat Box https://www.sabbatbox.com
Sabbat Box a subscription box for Pagans, delivering unique Wiccan supplies and Pagan products each sabbat. Discover ritual tools, altar supplies, spell supplies and more, to enrich your spiritual path.
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Spells Magic Herbs Mystical Talismans http://www.saulat.com/index1.htm
India land of talismans, mystic, charms, powers, spells, gemstones, pouvoir, marabout, magic, gemmes, pierres, occult, magique, mystique, chakras, blackmagic, voodoo, witchcraft, spiritualist, wiccan, witchcraft, explore this amazing world where any impossible thing is possible.
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Spelwerx http://www.spelwerx.com/index.html
Spelwerx contains a large amount of rare, occult writings, magickal texts and free information on wicca, paganism, traditional witchcraft and the practice and use of magickal alphabets, incantations, magick spells, symbols and correspondences.
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Spiritual Growth http://www.spiritualgrowth.proboards52.com/index.cgi
Chat forum for wiccans to discuss their craft.
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Stardoves Wicca http://stardoveswicca.tripod.com
For wiccans or pagans of any age or at any stage.
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Stormis Tarot http://www.keen.com/search/default.asp?Category=1&LDC=1&pmode=0&GID=0&SHAA=4&HLT=0&Search=stormi
Degree in parapyschology/astrolgy.
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The Cailleach http://thecailleach.1fr1.net/forum.htm
A pagan cooking forum, we the readers and can make friends and swap sabbat ideas.
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The Church and School of Wicca, est. 1968 http://www.wicca.org
We are one of the first Wicca schools in the US with courses specializing in Wicca but also including prediction, psychic healing, mysticisim, etc.
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The Lunar Circle http://lunaxrcircle.blogspot.com/
A Goddess centered blog with tips on green living, magic, crafts, life tips and personal practice.
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The Magickal Cat http://www.themagickalcat.com
An online Pagan & Wiccan store carrying jewelry, incense, gemstones, herbs, smudging supplies, ritual tools, rune sets, spell kits & more. We offer discount prices, secure checkout, and discreet shipping. Free online grimoire for magical correspondences of herbs, gems & colors.
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The Ritual Chest http://ritualchest.com
The ritual chest is an online metaphysical store. We have a large selection of wiccan, pagan, esoteric, new age, metaphysical, magickal, ritual & altar supplies.
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The Skys of Avalon http://www.angelfire.com/fl3/wicca1132/index.html
Site that offers information on wicca, witchcraft, celtic magick, druidry, shamanism, spells, and many more. I take submissions on poems, links, spells, art, etc. Full credit is given.
added 28 Mar 2000 - Report Error

The Witches Collective.com http://www.thewitchescollective.com
A site geared towards the spiritual and intellectual enrichement of the pagan community. We offer a free foundation training program, forum, spells, spell writing service, psychic readings, and reiki services.
added 29 Sep 2011, modified 09 Aug 2013 - Report Error

Wicca - Religia Neopoganska. Tradycja Aleksandryjska. http://www.nostrajewellery.org/Wicca.htm
This is one of the first Polish wicca websites. Contains pagan materials, links and information.
added 23 Apr 2010, modified 18 Feb 2012 - Report Error

Wicca Witchcraft http://www.wiccawitchcraft.net/index.html
The real truth about wicca witchraft, is it safe or very dangerous?
added 13 Aug 2006, modified 19 Mar 2007 - Report Error

Wiccasources Blog http://wicca-sources.blogspot.com/
Wiccan blog featuring articles of interest to pagans allover. Free e-books and articles.
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Willow Grove Magickal Shoppe http://www.willowgrovemagick.com
More than just a store with metaphysical supplies, here you will find information on the different traditions of wicca, uses of herbs in magick, divination techniques, tips on candle magick, and many more helpful pages of information about the wiccan and pagan religion.
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Witch Niche http://www.angelfire.com/wi/nightstorm/index.html
A Wiccan site with enlightening information on Wicca, witches, witchcraft and more. Complete book and video store.
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