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Oneness Pendants Oneness E-book To Manifest Your Dreams http://www.onenesspendants.com
Oneness pendants to manifest the life you desire, so successful it has a one year money back guarantee.
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Blue Star The Pleiadian Blue Star Speaks http://bluestarspeaks.com
Quarterly transmissions from "blue star the Pleiadian" through Celestial.
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Blue Star The Pleiadian-Blue Star Speaks http://www.bluestarspeaks.com
Quarterly transmissions from Blue Star The Pleiadian to his daughter Celestial, she is a Star Keeper walk-in.
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Central Sun http://centralsun.omplace.com
A jumping-off point for the spiritual truth-seeker. It offers essays on metaphysics, spirituality, and various other subjects; a recommended reading list, comprehensive links, quotations to make you think (and maybe laugh), and lots more.
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Good Works On Earth http://www.goodworksonearth.org/
Thirteen years of research into the art and science of the Lexigram has proven Linda Goodman's intuitions were absolutely correct in chapter 8 of her book, Star Signs. Our words carry more power than we have been led to believe, or dared imagine. Find out how our words, and our names, can heal us so easily.
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Kerry - Medium http://soul-sisters.co.uk
Offering spiritual readings, one to one at churches and events, we also offer healing and teach meditation techniques.
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Oceanic Metaphysical Temple http://www.oceanictemple.com
Personalized mentoring for truth seekers in search of psychospiritual guidance and answers to probing questions regarding metaphysics, ancient and cosmic mysteries, mystical experiences, multidimensionality, year 2012 and beyond, planetary awakening, and enlightenment.
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Opalescent Words: From Certainty To Harmony http://opalescentwords.wordpress.com
Information and friendly banter from Pleiadian renegade group consciousness with a happy outlook on life on earth, channeled by Amanda R. Ryan.
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Planetary Activation Organization http://www.paoweb.com
Sheldan Nidle, representative and lecturer for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy provides weekly updates on first contact, photon belt, Nibiru, cetaceans, ETs. PAO is dedicated to building a galactic society.
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Shreenathji http://www.shreenathjibhakti.org
Shreenathji merged form of Krishnradha.
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Spirit of Ra http://www.spiritofra.com
Dedicated to healing, evolution, transition, transformation of the planet and humanity. Resources on healing, color, sound, alchemy, and global consciousness.
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Star Magick Spiritual Centre http://www.starmagick.co.uk
Centre for spiritual transformation, clairvoyance and healing. Channeling star beings, angels and spirit guides. Clairvoyant, tarot and angel readings. Reiki healing, star energy healing and earth healing. Raising vibrations and linking to other dimensions.
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Starborn http://www.amaraan.homestead.com/
Starborn - what are the signs? The planet Amaraan. Amena and her mission about love and light. Past lives memories. Love.
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Tymatheon's Realm http://www.angelfire.com/tx3/YantraOm
Guidelines and spiritualized principles revealed, to assist all "seekers of truth" for activation of dormant "phylogenic" faculties.
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Universe-People http://www.universe-people.com
Site in Czech and English on the Ashtar Command and ascension, 4000 pages, 600 pictures - universe-people.
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