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Aura, Aura Therapy, Aura Enhancement, Aura Scanning. http://www.shaligram.com
Aura, aura therapy, aura enhancement, aura scanning, aura reader.
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Church Of Scientology Of Canberra http://www.scientology-canberra.org.au
The Church of Scientology of Canberra is open 7 days. Scientology is a study of life. You are life. Find out about you.
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Church of Scientology of Edmonton http://www.scientology-edmonton.org/
The Church of Scientology in the city of Edmonton welcomes you to find out about Scientology introductory services to help you handle stress from career to relationship problems.
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Church of Scientology of Pasadena http://www.scientology-pasadena.org/
Offers effective solutions to the real problems of today.
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Description Of The Scientology Religion http://selectsmart.com/RELIGION/Sc.html
A brief rundown of the main beliefs of the scientology religion.
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Is Scientology A Religion? http://www.ucalgary.ca/~nurelweb/papers/irving/scient.html
Study on the church of scientology by Dr. Irving Hexham, professor of religious studies, University of Calgary.
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Purohit Anup Ghosal http://www.purohitanupghosal.blogspot.com
Vedic puja & vedic priest a dream & desire of purohit anup ghosal (vedic shastri maharaj) to perform overseas vedic pujas. An eminent, ideal & efficient bengali brahmin purohit / priest of Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
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Religious Tolerance: Scientology http://www.religioustolerance.org/scientol.htm
Describes the religion, including the history, beliefs, practices, books and magazines.
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Scientology (cesnur) http://www.cesnur.org/testi/se_scientology.htm
Documents and updates from cesnur on scientology.
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Scientology Handbook: How Can Scientology Help Me http://www.scientologyhandbook.org/
Practical scientology information to help with such things as drugs, relationships, children, career, study and education, self esteem, depression, anxiety, stress and communication.
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Scientology In Sydney http://www.scientology.org.au
Scientology is an applied religious philosophy. It is the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, universes and other life. Sunday service 10am every sunday. Come in for other free services any time.
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Scientology News Site http://www.scientologytoday.org
Scientology press office, updated daily with news on the activities of scientologists around the world.
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St. Petersburg Times: The Man Behind Scientology http://www.sptimes.com/TampaBay/102598/scientologypart1.html
David Miscavige, comes forth in his first newspaper interview to talk of a more peaceful time for scientology.
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Vedic Astrology, Online Astrology, Indian Astrology http://www.sudhanshu.com
Vedic astrology, Indian astrology live reading by astrologer Dr. Sudhanshu on US, UK, Australia phone.
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What Is Scientology http://www.whatisscientology.org
These are people who volunteer their time to answer just about any questions you might have regarding scientology its beliefs and practices etc.
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