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Attila Juhasz's The Logical Meaning Of God http://www.logicalmeaning.com
Combines life experiences with philosophies, theologies, and science from thousands of years ago to present day to formulate the meaning of life and an unbiased logical meaning of God.
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Classics Of Spiritual Philosophy And The Present http://www.philosophy-of-religion.org.ua/
Fundamentals of world religious philosophy: Thoth-the-Atlantean, Hermes Trismegistus, Pythagoras, Bhagavad Gita, Tao Te Ching, Teachings of Jesus Christ, gospel of Philip, Quran and Sunnah, Agni Yoga, teachings of Sathya Sai Baba, Babaji, Juan Matus and others.
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Dionysus Forums http://www.dionysus.org/forums/
Welcome to the Dionysus Forums, where you can discuss issues about science, religion or, anywhere in between. It is the place to come though, if you wish to discuss the nature of your soul and, what it means to be spiritual.
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Jaq D Hawkins Website http://www.jaqdhawkins.co.uk
Official website of the author of the spirits of the elements series and dance of the goblins, first of a spiritual fantasy series.
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Shreenathji http://www.shreenathjibhakti.org/home.htm
Shreenathji is worshiped by the Pushtimaarg Vaishnawa Bhakts. His Sewa is performed as of a very young infant all through the 24 hours. It is in this form that he comes out to play with his devotees.
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Transforming The Mind http://www.trans4mind.com/transformation/index.html
Complete online book (or pdf download) by Peter Shepherd. With this knowledge we can transform our minds and awaken to our true spiritual potential.
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Walking The Path - The Eclipse Theory http://eclipsetheory.com
What if angels walked among us today, what would they tell us? Walking the Path is an inspired personal reflection on angels as divine beings and how they may intervene in our earthly affairs.
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About Spiritual | Spiritual Books | Read Books Online http://www.everymanedict.com/ebook/Inner-Space-The-Final-Frontier.pdf
My journey is personal for my being is unique. Unique is exactly what it means - the only one of its kind. Uniqueness is a quality we all share. Inner Space the Final Frontier is my contribution to a great awakening and it is my sincere wish that it may be of benefit to you.
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Ancient Keys Of Joy http://www.ancientkeysofjoy.com
Discover the secrets of authentic happiness.
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Beneficial Law Of Attraction: The Manifestation Teachings http://www.amazon.com/Beneficial-Law-Attraction-manifestation-teachings/dp/1439210039/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1260036074&sr=1-1
The law of attraction teachings of the eastern Goddess of compassion, Kuan Yin.
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Bible For You: King James Version http://www.bibleforyou.net
Welcome to the web portal of the Holy Bible where you can freely consult all the books of the New Testament, the Old Testament and the Apocrypha. The geographic section contains the list of locations mentioned in the books, integrated in Google Maps.
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Black Dot Publications http://www.blackdotpubs.com
We publish easy-to-understand books that point to the very heart of eastern non-dualism. "Enlightenment for the Masses!"
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Conscious Kernels Spiritual Ebooks And More http://www.consciouskernels.com
E-publisher of ebooks, audio books and ecourses on new thought, science of mind, and metaphysical topics. Spiritual music, spiritual retreats, e-greeting cards, discussion forum, free monthly enewsletter. Free sample book.
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Devi Press http://www.devipress.com
Publisher of books on spirituality, mysticism, devotional poetry, and spiritual practice.
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Djinn Angels And Demons http://djinn.ca/
Powerful spells to summon and control djinn. All wishes granted. teleportation, invisibility, power and fame. Each and every thing is possible.
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Earth Vision, A Travelogue http://www.evbooks.net/earth_vision_002.htm
Opens the treasurehold of the soul, as reflected in the multi-dimension of nature. In this volume the reader tracks a sojourn of 70 sites across north America. 72 black-and-white photographs, 150 pages.
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Earth Vision, Spiritual Ecology http://www.evsite.net/
Presents spiritual ecology and addresses environmental issues through books, news articles and networking. Five volumes by nature writer Josef Graf explore deep ecology through geography, seasons, reincarnation, art and humor.
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Ensouled! http://www.everymanedict.com/e16_ensouled.htm
Ensouled relates a life experience to a high truth: we have to grow in equal love.
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Everyman Edict http://www.everymanedict.com/
Individual and corporate training in personal and spiritual growth topics. Also offers a free ebook - Ensouled! "A good story about an ultimate truth we all need to practice." (ebook-reviews).
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Franz Bardon Books On Hermetic Magic Martin Faulks Yoga Kabb http://www.merkurpublishing.com
Spiritual books by Franz Bardon, the holy mysteries and the new revelation by Merkur publishing.
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Free Spiritual Publications http://www.pavelkastl.cz
Writings focused on religions, spiritual knowledge and deep philosophy of life.
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HonoringChrist - Bibles, Music, Books, And Sermons http://www.honoringchrist.com
We carry Christ honoring music that stirs the soul, books that move men and women to action for their savior.
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I Am Above - Poetry Book. http://www.iamabove.com
I am above is an online poetry book on sadness, life poems, death poems, love poems, spirit, gothic and dark poetry, and other topics by Zadok.
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Jesus Christ, Krishna, Lao Tse, Babaji, Juan Matus, Sai Baba http://www.godteachesus.org/
Selection of sayings of great teachers, who brought to the people of the earth the teaching from one universal God-the-father.
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Joseph B. Mullen Psychic Secrets http://members.aol.com/josephbmullen/index.html
Official information site for Joseph B. Mullen, author of "Psychic Secrets: Your Guide to Dreams, Hunches, and Spirit Contact", a new book published by Xlibris Corporation. Also offers free psychic questionnaire for download (Windows 95 or later), paranormal links, and metaphysical discussion forum.
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Klienwachter http://klienwachter.com
Information site for new age/new thought wisdom. Guest writers and orginal works by author roy e. Klienwachter, ebook store, free downloads.
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Punjabi Spiritual Sikh Book, Sukhmani Sahib http://www.heavenlygardens.org/sukhmanee/index-sukh.html
Punjabi songs of Sikh ,online spiritual images of punjabi script for celebration the music punjabi.
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Quest Books http://www.questbooks.net
A website for the not-for-profit theosophical publishing house in America. It exists to promote understanding among all people. To furthur one's knowledge of theosophy. To heal, enlighten, educate, open, and delight the mind, body, and spirit.
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Religious Books For God Seekers http://www.religiousbook.net
Free on-line books and materials illuminating way of self-perfection, spiritual growth, evolution and cognition of God.
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Sacred Magick - The Esoteric Library - http://www.sacred-magick.com/
Library of esoteric, occult and magickal documents for the global community ie. Grimoires, witchcraft, chaos, demonology, references, alchemy, Voodoo, AP, OBE, lucid dreaming, Kaballah, famous esoteric authors and more.
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Spiritual Ebooks, Many Free & Lots Of Fun For Kids http://www.absolute1.net/index.html
Self help and childrens downloadable books on line, with inspirational quotes, pictures & poems on a spiritual life filled with abundant success, miracles and health.
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The High Watch, A View Of God's Unfolding Divine Plan http://thehighwatch9.blogspot.com/
A free e-book, available soon as a pdf download, for all seekers of truth who are ready to know where they are on their own spiritual path, what's happened to get them to "now", what lies ahead and most importantly, why.
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The Living Word Of Kuan Yin http://www.amazon.com/Living-Word-Kuan-Yin-Prophecies/dp/1419646400
The spiritual teachings and prophecies of Buddhist Goddess of compassion, Kuan-Yin.
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The Living Word Of Kuan Yin http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1419646400?tag=bookweaver-21&camp=1406&creative=6390&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=1419646400&adid=19EQNSSM2XZ3RJG1J2FF
The authentic and inspirational words of the eastern Goddess of compassion: Kuan Yin.
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The Path Of Light http://channeling.net/channeling/path_of_light/
Fee channeled online book by Emmanuel with fundamental teachings about who and what we are, and why we are on earth, as well as information about karma, reincarnation, ESP, and the universe...
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The Religion Of Love http://www.thereligionoflove.net
The religion of love, the teachings of mother Rytasha, the angel of Bengal. "As There Is One God, With Unlimited Names, There Is One Religion, The Religion of Love".
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