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Native American Spirituality. Path Of Heart http://www.native-american-spirituality.info
Dedicated to the true spiritual culture of the Native Americans. On this site, divine indian spiritual chiefs tell about the path to perfection – the path to freedom.
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The Wolfs Den Creations http://www.thewolfsdencreations.com
Handmade Native American crafts, smudge fans, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, jewelry, crystals, shaman bag, medicine bags, drum beaters, hairclips, medicine wheels, spiral chi energy pendants, carved bison bone pendants, and carved fossil ivory pendants. Reiki energy and smudging is included.
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A Spiritual Ecology Of West Coast Rainforest http://www.evbooks.net/earth_vision_030.htm
A poetic prose survey of deep ecology aspects of the west coast rain forest.
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A SpiritWalker http://ASpiritWalker.Com
Books and services - about oneself, God, origins, spirituality, shamanism, how God came to be, aliens, UFOs, this week's forecast, the afterlife, the future or end.
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Aura-mystics - Aura Photography - The Spirit Talkers http://www.Aura-Mystics.com
Chevarro is of mixed-blood American Indian heritage, born in Montana. A psychic life coach who is renowned for his ability to connect with the auric energy of the clients he photographs, to give accurate insightful information to you during a reading.
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Beyond Meditation – Secrets Of An Ancient Powerful Technique http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKkoVhFKaSE
The shamanic journey is a technique for accessing higher mind levels to get answers on questions that are important to you, to gain insights and achieve profound understandings. It is a great tool also to use for training the body and mind to enter deep states of total relaxation.
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Camp Eaglebear http://campeaglebear.com
Earth-based spirituality and shamanistic practice. Classes and workshops about shamanism, self-empowerment, and nature. Labyrinth and vision quests available. Pennsylvania area.
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Embera Village Tours http://www.EmberaVillageTours.com
Visit the Emberá Indian tribe that still live in traditional villages in the jungles of Panama.
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Experience Your Hidden Power At Any Time, Any Place http://unlimitedinnerpower.com/journeylaunch/
In this step-by-step guided audio, you will learn how to access your higher mind powers as you journey deep within to find answers and get guidance on any area of your life that’s important to you.
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It's The Same Thing http://www.TheBicyclingGuitarist.net/studies/samething.htm
An essay meant to honor the Mescalero Apache people. Describes their base metaphor, a quartered circle, with some history and cultural context.
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Minister http://shamansdreamquest.tripod.com
Using soul retrieval and shaman's touch healing I assist one in finding the causes of mental, emotional and spiritual dis- ease and helping them to heal at the deepest level possible.
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Native American Music http://www.nativeamericansmusic.com
Native American flute music performed by Eagle Warrior, one the premiere masters and performers of American Indian music.
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Rebecca In Thoughts And Words http://beccas-corner.tripod.com
Personal poetry and quote website with Native American quotes and poems.
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Su Maya Online http://www.energygrid.com/spirit/su-maya/
Nearing the end of her path of purification and enlightenment, su maya provides clear insight into the nature of reality and can have a profound impact on your way of seeing. Private sessions by phone.
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Yolanda Martinez http://www.yolandasdrums.com
Native American hand drums, ceremonial drums, music - drumming & chants, etc. Yolanda Martinez, Apache from New Mexico, is a 2004 Nammy winner for best female artist. A master drum maker, her drums are sought world wide.
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