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A Certified Esoteric Astrologer : Clayten W. Tylor http://www.ClaytenTylor.com
Personal development consulting through esoteric astrology. Clairesentient psychic. Spiritual healing.
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Act Now For Free Consult With Spiritual Coach http://www.jasonnelson.info
Jason Nelson is a spiritual coach who can help you on your spiritual journey. Visit his website to receive your free spiritual phone consultation.
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Dream Symbolism And Dream Interpretation http://www.dreamsymbolism.info
A dream guide to help you discover what has triggered your dream.
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Hypnoresults Hypnotherapy http://www.hypnoresults.com.au
My name is Lorna Simmons and I am a profesional clinical hypnotherapist. My clinic is located at Browns Plains, Brisbane Qld.
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Intuitive Life Coach http://www.abslifesols.com
Creative problem solving solutions by your own personal intuitive life coach. Coaching you to make your own miracles and to design your own future.
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Intuitive Spiritual Counselor http://elizacarroll.com
Eliza Carroll MS, Portland, Oregon, USA in-person or by phone. Spiritual counselor/aura healer. Help with depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationships. Spiritual emergency. Spirit releasement, depossession.
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Joe Simmons Metaphysical Life Coach And Speaker http://www.JoeSimmons.org
Joe Simmons is a metaphysical life coach, public speaker, and talk show host. He leads conversations and coaches from a metaphysical perspective to give us freedom and fulfillment in personal and business endeavors. The result is a happier, richer and spicier life.
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Life Coach, Spiritual Counseling, Space Clearing, Soul Coach http://www.energy-shifter.com
Life coach, spiritual counselling and space clearing to help you find your souls purpose and shift the energy in your life.
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Magic Spells Charms Talismans http://www.mightyspells.com
Resource for magic spells, love spells, money spells, protection spells, success magic spells, sex spells, magic talismans and magic charms.
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Max Highstein Intuitive Consulting http://maxhighstein.com
People call me when they?re ready to make a change. I use my intuitive counseling skills and affinity with inner guides to help you ?get unstuck? when you feel stuck, & take the next step along your path. When we work together, you can expect to experience a sense of discovery, resolution & freedom.
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Psychic Sense Genuine Natural Born Empathic Psychics http://www.psychicsense.org
Psychic Sense genuine natural born empathic professional psychics making sense of your future.
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Shreenathji http://www.shreenathjibhakti.org/home.htm
Shreenathji is worshiped by the Pushtimaarg Vaishnawa Bhakts. His Sewa is performed as of a very young infant all through the 24 hours. It is in this form that he comes out to play with his devotees.
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Spiritual Horizons Organisation http://www.spiritualhorizons.org.uk
Spiritual angelic organisation which strives to deliver local Derbyshire workshops, angel readings, channellings and healing services.
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Spiritual Teacher And Adviser David Cunliffe. http://www.davidcunliffe.com
Spiritual teacher and adviser David Cunliffe is widely consider to be one of the leading spiritual mentors in the UK today. David has guided individuals with matters of the soul for decades, and has increasingly become a respected figure in spirituality.
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1111 Spirit Road http://www.1111spiritroad.com
Provides a warm and safe environment to help you move forward on your spiritual journey. Articles, ask Joseph, counseling, free audio, more.
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A Spiritual Message From Above http://spiritualmessagefromabove.blogspot.com/
My name is Marie. I'm a 45 years old French woman and I've been a natural spiritual medium for more than 20 years now. I receive personal spiritual messages that I deliver to people. If you have any questions or if you want to know if you have a message, feel free to contact me..
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Accurate Psychic http://NoelaniRodriguez.com
Featured on Women's Radio. Phone and email readings. Try a phone reading and get 20 bonus minutes.
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AndyPsychicTime http://andypsychictime.com
Offers telephone and email readings linking into all mind body and spirit paths. Calming, emphatic and inspiring confidential life readings for relationship areas of your life- there is a way forward.
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Angels Everlasting ~ Elizabeth Barnett http://www.angelseverlasting.com
Gifted master psychic & medium (multi discipline) with over 24 years of professional & respected experience including many TV & radio appearances. Readings by phone, in person or email for people or their pets. Psychic parties & lectures also available.
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Authentic Online Readers Psychic Network http://www.hark.net.au/index.htm
Information and guidance using palmistry, numerology, tarot and astrology. Articles on spiritual issues and personal growth, plus free horoscope, psychic events calendar and more.
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Brett Dupree - Spiritual Life Coach http://www.joyousexpansion.com
Spiritual life coach Brett Dupree will work with you to bring awareness to how to implement your spirituality into your real life.
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Catherine Auman, MFT http://www.catherineauman.com
Licensed psychotherapy for spiritual people.
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Celestial Vision By Dl Zeta & Peter Phalam http://www.celestialvision.org
We are intuitives, astrologers, life coaches, channels and metaphysical authors. We help people transform their lives and become spiritual teachers.
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Certified Personal Coach & Shamanic Practitioner http://www.whitefirecoaching.org
Leia is a certified personal & professional coach. She is published every other month in Rising Women Magazine and offers more than 14 years experience mentoring in the areas of relationship, career, wellness and personal empowerment.
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Cheryl Booth, Psychic Medium, Hypnotherapist & Author http://www.cherylbooth.com
Cheryl Booth is a psychic medium, hypnotherapist, and spiritual teacher located in Northern California near Folsom & Sacramento. Specializes in mediumship & past life work. Phone readings as well as in-person sessions.
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Cornerstone Astrology: Discover The Key To Who You http://www.cornerstone-astrology.com/
High quality in-depth astrology and numerology reports written by a real astrologer. Each report reveals your life path and destiny, your compatibility with your partner and what's going to happen in the next twelve months. Try a free life path and destiny sample report today.
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Creating Sanctuary: Body-mind-soul http://www.creatingsanctuary.net
Provides online counseling, support and education. I encourage natural soulful living. You can learn to trust your instincts and follow your intuition - the ease of an authentic life.
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Curious Curandera http://www.curiouscurandera.com
Concha is an authentic Curandera that provides services to those in need. Services include spiritual consultations and tarot card reading divination with specialty in spiritual cleaning. Donations accepted.
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Dilani Diva - Famouse Eastern Psychic http://www.dilanidiva.com
Kind compassionate authentic reader. Has helped many relationships, and given clarity to many. Specializes in matters of the heart.
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Dolly Mae Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis http://www.dollymae.com
Dolly Mae, bankrupt at $25 million, found real ways to choose joy again. She shows us an amazing look at an alternative way of living. Counseling sessions are a unique blend of serenity and energy (you have to experience it to understand) that shock you out of complacency into joyful living.
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Dr. Rachel S. Kohler, Llc http://www.spiritualconsultations.com
International medium,clairvoyant, spiritual life coach with documented 95-100% accuracy. All sessions via phone or e-mail.
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Healing For Mind, Body, Emotions And Spirit http://users.tpg.com.au/eleonore//Wholistic2021a.pdf
A unique site offering counselling, body work, and energy work to promote healing at all levels of mind, body, emotions and spirit. Crystal, colour, past life therapy, flower essences and tarot readings also by appointment. Courses and workshops available available.
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Healing From Within http://www.healingfromwithin.com
Counseling for personal growth and empowerment, intuitive Tarot readings, Reiki healing and trainings. Tools for positive change. Online and phone sessions available. Holistic and compassionate.
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Inner World Healing � Aura Sound Reiki Therapy http://www.innerworldhealing.com
Lisa Liza Callen from inner world healing is animal communicator psychics past life medium aura reader holistic health sound healer who communicates telepathically with experienced cosmic healing for society religion spirituality life and does long distance personal online sessions.
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John Arthur - International Psychic Medium http://psychicmediumonline.com
Psychic medium, John Arthur, spiritualist medium, clairvoyant and afterlife expert. Helps you contact lost loved ones in the spirit world. Life path readings.
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Karma Corner http://www.keen.com/groups/homepage.asp?TID=REMwRTM0
Your source for devine communication. Qualified, experienced and ethical readers are available to answer all of your questions, even those unasked.
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Lifeattract http://www.lifeattract.com
Exploring the non-duality of Christ consciousness.
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Live Now Association http://www.livenowassociation.com
Mental health and spiritual counseling, spiritual growth, spiritual enlightenment, success counseling & life coaching.
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Love Spells http://freelovespells.ca
Potent love spells from one of the top in the world for spell casting. There are resources for love spells, spell casters and people who need help to bring back their lovers.
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Mary Ashley http://www.maryashley.freeuk.com/
Mary Ashley, one of the UK's leading spiritual teachers and intuitive counsellors. Knowledge. Experience. Expertise. Integrity. Meet and personally interact with your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, the Universal Mind and 'All that is'. Spiritual development. Tarot Consultations.
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Michael Paul Stephens http://www.michaelpaulstephens.com/home.html
British spiritual author, reiki practitioner and corporate coach currently residing in Phuket, Thailand, Michael is dedicated to writing inspirational spiritual books, wellness workshops and retreats that offer people practical experience of how to create genuine happiness in life.
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Psyschic Readings http://www.asknow.com/
Providing psychic readings by truly gifted psychics. Love, money and other important life decisions can be made easier and more effectively with the power of our psychic community. Psychic readings, tarot readings and free horoscopes can be found here.
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Rev. Jeff - Clairvoyant Readings, Angels, Spirit Guides http://www.frontiernet.net/~bovina/index.html
Rev. Jeff offers psychic/spiritual readings using natural clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. He also receives messages from spirit guides and angels. Tarot readings available. 15-years experience and member, Ethical Readers Association.
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Rick Wood Intuitive Life Coach http://rickywood.net
Rick Wood is a Psychic Medium and an Intuitive Life Coach. His goal is to look at all topics with humor, warmth, and conviction.Rick's career is currently being covered in the new book "They're Not Gone" .
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Roohulamin http://www.roohulamin.com
We are providing spiritual services like astrology, numerology, Islamic spirituality. We also teach spirituality.
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Sandramarie Boyet http://www.spiritconnections.org
Healing mind, body,spirit with the channeled energies of my loving master guides.
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Soul Path Center For Soul Healing http://www.LiveYourSoulPath.com
Soul Path therapy helps you to fulfill your soul mission, find and keep your soulmate, manifest your life’s work, create prosperity, navigate a life transition, heal past lives, and connect with your spirit guides. Sessions by phone, Skype. Experienced transpersonal counselor and channel.
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Soul Retrieval Shamanic Healing http://www.angelfire.com/moon/fae/index.html
Shamanic healing, soul retrieval, spiritual healer & counselor, totem animal retrieval & medicine, aura repair & cleansing, chakra clearing & balancing, past life regression, exorcism, psychopomp, seer, channel, medium.
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Spirit Guidance http://www.spiritguidance.com
Provides free help/spiritual guidance to anyone who needs guidance about common life issues.
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Spirit Of Sophia http://www.thespiritofsophia.co.uk
Helping you to make the most of your life. Holistic/spiritual coaching, stress management, free reiki healing, tarot readings, relaxation CDs and gemstone jewellery.
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Spiritual & Human Potential http://hometown.aol.com/sammyes
As a spiritual counselor, Sammye has been using her ability as psychic and trance channeler to assist individuals to make their life better through teaching and private consultations for over 18 years, with a client base that spans the globe.
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Spiritual Counselor And Energy Healer http://WWW.RONSPIRITUALCOUNSELOR.COM
People have credited our work together as saving their lives, and changing their lives for the better.
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Spiritual Counselor/Channel for the guides http://hometown.aol.com/starbritehgs26/myhomepage/business.html
I channel souls who have crossed over, spirit guides and healing energy. I am a spiritual counselor, Reiki master and hypnotherapist. I work between worlds. There are no problems, just solutions.
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Spiritual Life Coach, Counsellor, Soul Contract Readings http://www.reenagagneja.com
Reena is a spiritual life coach, counsellor, holistic healing practitioner and she also offers Soul Contract Readings. The latter shows you your karma, goals and talents in this lifetime as well as your life purpose.
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Spiritual Tarot, Astrology, Runes, Feng Shui, I Ching http://www.angelfire.com/mn/TAROTANDASTROLOGY/
Quality spiritual consultations by telephone from ordained ministers. Angelic guidance helps you achieve health, wealth and love in your life.
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Stuart A. Kaplowitz, Mft http://www.encouragingyourlife.com
Stuart A. Kaplowitz is a marriage & family therapist offering counseling to individuals, couples, families and children. Help with anxiety & stress reduction, relationships, depressions, anger, etc.
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Susan Pie' http://www.spiritfriend.com
Healing arts practitioner and spiritual medium in private practice since 1994. Akashic records clearing, energy clearing in homes and offices, distance readings, healings. Reiki attunements, introductory talks, advanced programs.
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The Sacred Symbols of the Ancients http://www.metasymbology.com
Experience an ancient and unusual method of card reading. Interactive free birthcard profiles.
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The Spiritual Awareness Center http://thespiritualawarenesscenter.yolasite.com
Metaphysical/spiritual counseling available on sliding fee scale. Flexible arrangements for fee's for services. Do not let fee's stop you from joining the center and living a truly vibrant life.
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Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries http://www.womensriteswomensmysteries.com/
Ruth Barrett and Falcon River offer workshops, resources and Dianic training programs for ritual and guardian priestesses in magick, psychic skills, and women's ritual arts.
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