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Christian Forums At GraceCentered http://www.gracecentered.com/christian_forums
Message forums for Christians to discussion the God, the bible, relationships and other issues.
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Christian Mysticism http://thinkunity.com
Christian mysticism is love and unity with everything in one pure, spiritual consciousness.
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Divine Love For The Soul http://divineloveforthesoul.blogspot.com
God's Gift of Love: Excerpts from a collection of true stories of soul awakenings, spiritual experiences, inspirational essays, and angel messages about God’s greatest gift to change the heart.
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Epsilon Kappa Ministries http://epkap.tripod.com
A site that talks about Christian topics.
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Free To Find The Truth! http://freetofindthetruth.forumotion.com/portal.htm
A new forum and chat site that focuses on finding ones own spiritual path to God. With a mixture of political agendas, the affects on one's spiritual growth, lies taught to Christians and followers of Christ. We dare to go into the unknown trusting only God to be our teacher.
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Jesusreligion http://www.jesusreligion.com/geeitsus
Break down Christianity's religious walls and find the truth of Christ within you.
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Myfunkyfish.com http://www.myfunkyfish.com
Funky Fish is an international community and Christian dating site combined - this is the site for modern Christians. Funky Fish offers free mail, chat, blogging, couch surfing, games, and videos.
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Real Christian Singles http://www.realchristiansingles.com
Helping Christian singles form dating relationships and maybe even find true love.
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Restoration People http://www.restorationpeople.org/
It is a site that is dedicated to developing a deep and meaningful prayer time while allowing for personal preferences and circumstances.
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Spiritual Teachings From Apostle Paul http://www.messagesfromapostlepaul.zohosites.com
Spiritual teachings channeled by the Apostle Paul of Tarsus to Diamantino Coelho Fernandes. Published in Brazil in 1970 as part of The New Order of Jesus and The Great Crusade of Elucidation.
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The New Bible Code http://www.thesecretcode.co.uk
A numerical code hidden within 9/11, popular culture and the NIV Bible delivers the most electrifying news in 2000 years.
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The Teachings Of Jesus Christ http://www.teachings-of-jesus-christ.org
Exposition of the teachings of Jesus Christ by subjects, with use of the apocrypha including the gospel of Philip. Contemporary sayings of Jesus' apostles, Jesus, and some adepts who traversed the entire path shown by Jesus Christ.
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Truth For All People http://www.truthforallpeople.com/
Messages received from from Jesus Christ, here you have the truth you've been searching for. Reveal to the world Gods gift of divine love. All may receive this great gift but alas, not many know of it. It has been waiting to be accepted since Jesus Christ revealed it some 2000 years ago.
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A Christian Start Page - Jesusfolk.com http://www.Jesusfolk.com/
A people friendly Christ centered Christian portal & online community with great links to bible tools, health, healing, heaven, hell, searches, chats, forums, testimonies, true life stories and more! Its your one stop Christian start page for spirit, mind & body.
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ABC Gospell Tracts http://www.abcgospeltracts.com
ABC Gospel Tracts for today people, youth, witnessing, evangelism, missions, English and foreign christian tracts.
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Abiding In The Healing Word http://www.savedhealed.com
An exciting site focusing on healing through the lord Jesus Christ and his word. Great testimonies, an extensive list of healing scriptures, short teachings, awesome quotes from powerful Christian leaders, inspirational poetry, book reviews, ministry links and so much more.
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American Ordination and Bible Study Ministry http://www.wcm.org
Ordination as Christian clergy by mail for sincere Christian who feel that seminary is too expensive or too denominational, Bible study courses, 20 years of Christian service.
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An Angel For Everyone http://www.gunnadan.com
Gunna Dan is an angel for everyone. He will help you find purpose and meaning in your life. He will help you to be braver and happier in all you do.
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Apocalypse http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/apocalypse.php
Most Holy Family Monastery is the most visited traditional Catholic website in the world.
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Artist Metalsmith Rocio Heredia http://www.rocioheredia.com/
The artist uses metalwork techniques of Chasing and Repouss? to raise intricate designs on tin and silver. View her beautiful sculpted metal-work reliefs. She infuses this unique medium with the passion of her deeply felt faith and poetic expertise. Gallery of icon covers and triptychs.
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Best Christian Readers http://www.keen.com/groups/homepage.asp?gid=5457
A group of 5 Star Christian readers. Call one of these God gifted readers today!
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Bethel Assemblies of God Church http://www.bethelagindia.org
Bethel Assemblies of God Church of Bangalore, India.
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Bible For You: King James Version http://www.bibleforyou.net
Welcome to the web portal of the Holy Bible where you can freely consult all the books of the New Testament, the Old Testament and the Apocrypha. The geographic section contains the list of locations mentioned in the books, integrated in Google Maps.
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Christian Dating Service Plus http://christian-dating-service-plus.com/
Site for single Christians seeking relationship tips, articles and Christian dating reviews.
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Christian Mysticism http://thinkunity.com/
Christian Mysticism will enhance the spiritual experience providing a solid foundation for any religion.
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Christianity Greeting Cards, Ecards From 123greetings http://www.123greetings.com/religion/christianity/
The glory of the love of God is manifested through the sacrifice Jesus Christ gave for us on the cross. Christianity gives hope,peace and joy to share with one and all. Reach out to everyone you know with these greeting cards.
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Dallas Marriage Counseling http://www.christaslifeministries.com/
Christ as Life Ministries offers non-profit marriage counseling.
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Exposing The Christian Churches Crime’s Against Christ http://www.exposing-pseudo-christianity.org
This biblical blog clearly tells of the many Christian principles in the new testament which are never preached in many churches, for the simple reason, if it did, their attendance and collections would be greatly reduced.
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Gamers 4 Jesus http://www.gamers4jesus.org
Online bible study group and free online Christian video games for teens and youth. Also a Christian forum, blog and news in a positive environment for kids.
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Gay Christian Ministry http://www.truthsetsfree.net
Can you be a gay Christian? Does the Bible really condemn gays? Visit today for your free study on the Bible and homosexuality.
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Gnostic Jesus http://www.gnostic-jesus.com
A brief explanation of the meaning of gnosticism and the early years of Christianity.
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GODphm - Social Prayer Request And Spiritual Journal http://www.godpleasehearme.com
A social prayer request site that helps people build a relationship with God, submit their prayers, and prayer for others. At GODphm its users are able to document their prayers from day to day and keep track of their prayers.
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Historical Jesus Christ http://www.jesusjersey.com/
Know about our lord Jesus Christ and his life. The messenger of God, a fighter and a caring soul. The message of Jesus Christ.
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In The Wheat: Songs In Your Presence http://cingolani.com/enterwt.html
Spirituality of a young monk.
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Jonathan's Corner: A Glimpse Into Eastern Orthodoxy http://JonathansCorner.com/
A collection of creative work that draws on philosophy, art, literature, religion and spirituality, and other eclectic offerings designed to provide a small window to see the spiritual world met by eastern orthodoxy.
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Journey To Enlightenment http://www.belzebuub.com
Belzebuub is renowned internationally as an enlightened spiritual teacher and author. Since 1990 he has taught extensively throughout the world, through his books, courses, lectures, study centers and retreats.
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Ketubah http://jessyjudaica.com/
Jewish marriage contracts, Hebrew name jewelry, and Jewish gifts.
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Magdalene http://magdaleena.suntuubi.com
Ecumenical, inclusive ministry, both locally (Finland) and globally. With open mind and big heart. You are welcome as you are, regardless of sexual orientation, among other things.
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More Of The Same From The High Watch http://moreofthesame9.blogspot.com/
Articles, essays and links to all things spiritual. Shifting consciousness and metaphysical philosophies that demonstrate our eternal one-ness with God and the commonality of world religions to a degree of inclusiveness that can be nothing less than his unconditional love.
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Mt. Ararat Baptist Church http://www.mt-ararat.org/
Predominantly African-American church located in Pittsburgh, PA pastored by Dr. William H. Curtis. We are a church determined to know Christ.
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Museltof Christian Ministries UK http://www.ourchurch.com/member/m/museltof/
A site of huge resources for Christian study and research, plus an active 'new prayers' page where visitors may enter their own prayer request.
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Oasis Church NJ http://oasis-church-nj.com/
Non-denominational New Jersey Christian church with contemporary Christian music, small groups and singles events.
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Pentecostal Bible Studies And Free Sermons http://www.jimfeeney.org
Free pentecostal bible studies and sermon outlines by pastor Jim Feeney include speaking in tongues, gifts of the holy spirit, divine inspiration, pro-life vs. pro-choice, divine healing, apostles today, and Christian prophets.
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Purpose Of Life http://www.alphausa.org/
Explore the meaning of life by looking closely at the person of Jesus Christ in a relaxed, informal, no pressure setting. Examine Jesus Christ and ask: Is it real?
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Request Prayer http://www.holylandprayer.com
Offers all Christians send prayer requests to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Holy Land.
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Revelations And Revelatory Topics http://www.godshew.org/index.htm
Three wishes: grace mercy peace. A full proof ministry with a full monty shewdown of law vs grace to know which is witch.
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Serendipity Koinonia Kafe http://gypsisoul.50megs.com
For ongoing Bible study, soup for the wild woman's soul and investigation into the evidence of Jesus.
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The Dwelling Place http://www.dwellingplace.com
A retreat, prayer, and small-conference center in Mississippi. Come home to the quiet and solitude of the hermitage experience at The Dwelling Place.
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The Flint Spiritual Church http://flintspiritual.com
An independent, progressive, non-traditional, Christian church founded upon the sacred teachings of the Holy Bible; to bring mankind the understanding of spirituality according to the fundamentals of spiritualism.
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The High Watch, A View Of God's Unfolding Divine Plan http://thehighwatch9.blogspot.com/
A free e-book, available soon as a pdf download, for all seekers of truth who are ready to know where they are on their own spiritual path, what's happened to get them to "now", what lies ahead and most importantly, why.
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Truth Ministries http://freewebs11111.webs.com
This is a site displaying the true meaning of life. It has information on how to become a Christian, how to grow as a Christian, and evidence for Christianity.
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Your Inner Voice http://www.your-inner-voice.com
Inspiration, spirituality, income, a mission for global peace and prosperity.
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