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21st Century Tarot http://www.tarot-reading.net
Absolutely free tarot card readings online by lyn shea, world renowned tarot expert and metaphysical astrologer.
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A Certified Esoteric Astrologer : Clayten W. Tylor http://www.ClaytenTylor.com
Personal development consulting through esoteric astrology. Clairesentient psychic. Spiritual healing.
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A Circle of Light http://Circle-of-Light.com/
Psychic angel readings by psychic clairvoyant Rev. Cassandra, who channels three angels, Uriel, Metatron, & Yannie. Discounts & gift certificates available. Free: astrology charts, biorhythms, & tarot readings. I send you love.
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A Healing Place http://www.a-healing-place.com
In my energetic healing/massage practice I can see clients in person as well as do distant healing sessions if you are out of my area. I also do chaldean astrology chart readings, offering very insightful information from your solar and natal charts.
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A Soul Vision Psychic http://www.soulvisionpsychic.com
Psychic readings by phone or email. Choose from over 100 topics or create your own. Love, job, angels, dreams, past life, direction, health. Professional, caring psychics. Free psychic reading offers.
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Above And Beyond Holistic Services http://www.spiritualitybeyond.com
Spirituality beyond's dyanne yellowlight is an internationally certified clairvoyant, an ordained holistic minister, and life coaching specialist. Let her unlock your future in love, finance, and life.
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Absolute Soul Secrets http://www.absolutesoulsecrets.com.au
Offers accurate psychic phone readings by professional Australian master psychics, astrology reports and horoscopes, sms and email readings, tarot, self help ebooks and more.
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Accurate, Online Psychic Readings http://www.whispy.com/aboutlilly.htm
Amazingly accurate & detailed online psychic readings delivered with honesty, integrity & compassion by phone, chat, email. Arrange a free reading today.
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Accurate, Online Psychic Readings http://www.whispy.com
Truthful, authentic, comprehensive, accurate psychic readings - love & money, work & relationships - amazingly accurate & detailed personal psychic readings delivered with honesty, integrity & compassion by phone, chat, email. Free readings available.
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Advanced Channeled Readings By Gerrit http://www.channeled-psychic-readings.com
Readings for those who seek spiritual growth, channeled by an experienced medium. Messages come from higher beings of light. These readings are usually very carefully phrased to respect your free will, allowing you to choose.
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Aloha From World Psychic - Lisa Long http://worldpsychics.com/
Real psychic reading from a psychic and spiritual medium. Psychic phone reading advice on love relationships and spiritual awakening. Spiritual articles, advanced insight and guidance. Past lives explored.
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Angels At Work http://angelsatwork.be
Katharina, professional tarot card reader & astrology. Home practice, e-mail consults for tarot readings and horoscopes.
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Anthon St Maarten Psychic Medium http://anthonstmaarten.com
International psychic advisor, clairvoyant medium and destiny coach. Get your personal psychic reading today from one of the world's leading online psychics. Consultations available by phone, webcam, text chat, email and in person.
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Betty Malicoat http://www.healercounselor.com
Betty’s spiritual work with clients spans nearly four decades and has always been by word-of-mouth. In 2006, at the request of several clients, she went public with her services and now works with clients worldwide.
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Catherine Macdonald - Spiritual Psychic Medium http://www.spiritualcat.com
Accurate psychic readings, a available for parties, corporate events, workshops and for psychic training and spiritual healing instruction. In-person, online, telephone, email psychic readings for low cost.
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Complete Life Healing ~ Guaranteed! http://www.completelifehealing.com
Erin Heaven offers clairvoyant readings, energetic healings, chakra clearings, communications with the other side. 140 testimonials. Money back guarantee. Paranormal discussion forum with renown author Janina Renee'.
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Crystal Harmony http://www.crystalharmony.co.uk
Crystal Energy cards set, Element of Harmony book on crystal healing, wide selection of rough crystals/minerals for psychic and spiritual development - all inside crystal harmony.
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D And J Spirit Energy http://www.dandjspiritenergy.com
Pioneers of the innovative and powerful four-hand Reiki! Offering service in Orange County, CA and to people worldwide! For any metaphysical need! Also specializing in space and aura clearing, intuitive/psychic readings, spirit releasment, angel and crystal therapy, astrology, etc.
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DivineLoveLight Love Spells http://divinelovelight.com/
Unique, secret love spells. Whatever your situation, we believe in your success with our quality love spells. You will feel so powerful and successful. Also offering psychic readings and free prayer service.
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Draw Me A Tree Reading http://www.colormedivine2.com/drawmeatree.htm
Draw Me a Tree reading by Rev. Mary, a tree-reading expert, spirit message artist and handwriting analyst has helped many find out what their tree reveals about themselves. Tree readings can yield astonishing information about a person, their life and where they are headed. So, draw me a tree.
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Goddess Flight Divination http://www.goddessflight.com
Offers powerful, insightful and affordable psychic, tarot, astrology, numerology, compatibility and biorhythm readings. Free e-cards, mini-readings and daily horoscopes are also available.
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Guiding Light Psychics http://guidinglightpsychics.net
Professional psychic and clairvoyant phone readings and spirit mediums. "Readings with soul for your life path". Our caring psychics are available day and night 7 days a week.
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Guiding Star Developers http://www.guidingstar.co.uk
Guiding star offer software versions of the two most popular classical methods of divination oracles: the I Ching and the Tarot. We also offer a parental control content filter application. Free versions are available for all of our products. Download from our website.
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Instant Witchcraft And Voodoo Spells For Love And Money http://madame.faithweb.com/main.html
Love spells, gambling spells, luck and money spells! Expert in witchcraft, voodoo and santeria. Psychic tarot readings, voodoo dolls and love potions available.
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Lily's Psychic Readings http://www.psychic-telephone.co.uk
Psychic readings are offered for your psychic concerns by psychic telephone readings, email readings, psychic visits face to face in Scotland via the reading and guidance of spirits by a qualified certified and experienced medium.
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Marie Simpson http://www.mariesimpson.com/
Marie simpson provides readings, mediumship, classes, sessions for stress management and self-esteem, financial and business consultation, psychological consultation and is available for public speaking and parties.
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Max Highstein Intuitive Consulting http://maxhighstein.com
People call me when they?re ready to make a change. I use my intuitive counseling skills and affinity with inner guides to help you ?get unstuck? when you feel stuck, & take the next step along your path. When we work together, you can expect to experience a sense of discovery, resolution & freedom.
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Mediums http://www.paragnost-info.nl
Info site about famous English and Dutch Mediums.
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Mystic Blogs http://www.mysticblogs.com
Get your very own psychic, new age, metaphysical, spiritual or holistic health blog free. Become a blogger and share your thoughts with the world today.
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Nj Psychic Medium http://www.njpsychicmedium.net
Sincere, compassionate and detailed psychic medium readings in Miss June's Victorian reading parlour, Lafayette, NJ. psychometry practiced, photos welcome. Skype video readings also available.
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On Life's Path... Psychic Parties & Life Path Readings http://www.lifepath.webs.com/
Christine is a genuine life path intuit, motivated to increase personal awareness through her unique insight on the pre-written life path. Individual, group or online services available.
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Paul The Seer Psychic Medium http://paultheseer.co.uk
Paul the seer top uk medium and psychic and his talented hand picked team, Paul have featured on TV and Radio and now offers psychic readings and services through the website.
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Psychic Anthon St Maarten http://psychicreader.weebly.com
Discover the truth, follow the correct path, take action, find real answers. Anthon St Maarten is a fifth generation psychic empath and spiritual healer. Personal psychic advisor. Get your reading today.
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Psychic Bloggers http://psychicbloggers.com
The official blog of the PsychicAccess psychic advisors team. We are all about sharing information and we like to be at the cutting-edge of the online psychic community.
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Psychic Medium http://www.intuitivepsychic.com
Connect with departed loved ones. Using the gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and psychometry, I pass on detailed messages from the afterlife. Visit my site for more info on private consultation, lectures, and psychic fairs.
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Psychic Reading Online http://www.hongjoseph.com
Joseph helps you to make your personal and professional life better. He provides accurate insights into life's many questions, including relationships, career and family through modern and traditional western astrology, I Ching and his intuition.
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Psychic Sweden http://www.evaeriksson.com
Free reading of your past. It's impossible to know in advance if the psychic you turn to is the real thing, especially if she or he doesn't provide you with a free past reading in detail before you even decide if it feels right for you to book me for a full session of your future.
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Psychic, Medium - Tamara Hawk http://www.tamarahawk.com
Tamara comes from a long line of psychics and has been psychic since birth. She provides psychic readings worldwide by phone, in-person or by e-mail. She will assist you in making your own informed decisions about your path in this lifetime.
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Psychicoracle http://www.psychicoracle.com
Professional, compassionate, straight-forward psychic and spiritual readings. Our readers' goals are to assist with self-awareness, creating abundance, providing clarity, and assisting on spiritual journeys. Readings available via phone, chat or email.
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Readings By Shelby Lynn http://www.shelbylynn.org
Shelby is a natural psychic medium. Readings provided in person by phone and email. Holistic energy healing offered in person and remotely. Classes, reading parties, monthly events and other intuitive services.
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Real Clairvoyant Psychic: Authentic Psychic Medium Readings http://www.realclairvoyantpsychic.com
Rev. Jordyn Morrison Clason, Ph.D. Offers: real clairvoyant psychic readings, authentic medium readings, psychic training classes, spiritual counseling. Free initial consultations. Free psychic ability testing. Documented skills. Excellent references - Real clairvoyant psychic - real results.
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Real Psychic Readings By Cherry Sage http://www.cherrysage.com
You want real psychic answers now, looking for the truth not imaginative stories. Cherry Sage, a prominent psychic intuitive, will always be honest, you will be amazed by her abilities and proven accuracy. Visit to read actual testimonials from literally hundreds of her loyal followers.
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Soul 151 Readings http://www.soul151readings.com
I am an intuitive guide who uses claircognizance and the Tarot to help people discover their deepest interests, needs and abilities, and the steps they need to take to put these into action.
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Soul Psychics By Global Psychics Reader Lisa Caza http://www.soul-psychics.com
Most accurately detailed compassionate psychic and angel readings on the net. Online chat, email and phone readings available. Take advantage of our monthly special offers. Read our articles,blog and visit the bookstore.
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Spells Cast http://www.love-spells-magic.com/
If you have had love spells cast for you before and have received no results, or only a partial outcome - here you can get help.
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Spirit 2 Spirit Communications http://www.spirit2spirit.com
Professional psychic readings on relationships, love, career, money, business, past lives, spiritual healing, spirit guides.
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Spiritart http://spiritart.com
the next best thing to a photo and phone call from the other side! psychic husband and wife, michael parry & marti baker, team together to give you portraits and messages from passed loved ones and spirit guides. positive proof of life after death!.
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Starcana http://www.starcana.com
Mystical and spiritual readings to organize your life.
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Sun Angel - 123 Free Numerology Reports http://www.sun-angel.com/numerology/index.php
Unlimited free numerology name meaning reports, birth date destiny readings and daily - monthly - yearly numerology horoscope personal forecasts.
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The Cards of Destiny http://www.destiny-cards.co.uk
This cards' science is the oldest known to man and encompases astrology, numerology and divination of the ancient order of The Magi. You will be amazed at the accuracy of this system.
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Transcendental Temple http://transcendentaltemple.co.uk
Online temple of psychic information to transcend your mind and body and connect your spirit.
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Tree Of Life Metaphysical Books And Gifts http://www.treeoflifestore.com/index.html
Pagan wiccan online supply catalog for all wicca, pagan, nature, or earth religon needs.
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Voice Of The Angels.com By Dyan Garris http://www.voiceoftheangels.com
Psychic readings with real psychics. Free psychic reading for new clients. Free angel card readings online. Free tarot, free astrology.
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Whispering Spirits - Psychic Readings http://www.whisperingspirits.co.uk
Psychic readings from the heart- uk based psychics, clairvoyants, tarot readers and mediums read for you by phone email and text. Psychics with info you need to hear.
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Witchaven http://www.witchaven.com
A collective site specifically?designed for support, inform, equip and educate witches and craft followers.
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Work Your Mojo http://workyourmojo.blogspot.com
Here you will find information on hoodoo, rootwork, and catholic folk magick, free spells, astral projection courses, mojo bag courses, tarot readings, and more.
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1111 Spirit Road http://www.1111spiritroad.com
Provides a warm and safe environment to help you move forward on your spiritual journey. Articles, ask Joseph, counseling, free audio, more.
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99% Accurate Psychic Readings Without A Word From You. http://www.Foreverlovespell.com
All i need is your name. I specialize in love & relationships. One call will amaze you with accuracy in all areas love,finances, & more. Let me show you your true destiny.
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A "Heart Centered" Life Coach http://www.upliftcoach.com
Intuitive readings and coaching from a caring psychology professional. Relationships, career, health, spirituality, life. Get to the heart of the issue quickly. Learn spiritual psychology and emotional healing techniques for personal growth and fulfillment.
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A Caring Channel, Psychic Medium, And Healing Facilitator http://www.gaylekirk.com
Gayle Kirk is an experienced, international, honest & caring psychic medium, healing facilitator, and channel. She offers telephone and in-person mediumship / psychic / channeled readings.
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A Free Psychic Reading on Your First Call http://www.123freepredict.com/telephonepsychics.htm
Free live psychic reading by phone. Our select group of psychics to help you create happy relationships, love soulmate, career. Online & on the internet. A free $5.00 towards your 1st call.
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A List Of Tarot Decks http://www.soul-guidance.com/tarotdecks/index.htm
List of unique and artistic tarot decks. Our most popular deck is the illuminated tarot. We also have chakra decks, and astrological chart paintings.
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A Psychic Alley http://www.psychicalley.com
Intuitive, numerologist, medium, poet. Access your own psychic abilities. Find your life purpose. Get specific answers to relationship, health, career concerns. I work with archangel Metatron to contact loved ones who've passed on.
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A Psychic Reading By Rev. Jeff Clairvoyant http://www.revjeff.com/index.html
Rev. Jeff offers psychic readings using clairvoyance, clairaudience, messages from angels & guides, tarot. 15-years experience giving readings and teaching. Also: win a free reading; free spiritual healing, doctor Crow's page - authentic hoodoo man; best spiritual books at great prices.
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Accurate And Genuine Psychic Reading http://www.genuinepsychic.com
Genuine psychic reading provides you new insight and breathes new life into the clients. Our psychic offer accurate and genuine psychic advice and guidance.
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Adrienne http://www.readingsbyadrienne.bravehost.com/index.html
A little about me and my spiritual work. Plus links through to my paranomal discussion group and paranormal insight.
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Advice Divine http://www.angelfire.com/az3/advicedivine/
Do you need answers? Get accurate psychic tarot readings, always hand drawn via email, live chat, or message board with membership. Unlimited Tarot for 30 days only $15.00! Many spreads offered and numerology reports are also available.
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Adviser Valerie Morrison - Psychic Medium http://www.ValerieMorrison.com
Valerie Morrison psychic counselor and medium as seen recently on Court TV's "Psychic Detectives" and heard on radio stations WVLT 92.1 FM and WOGL 98.1 FM where listeners may call in for a mini psychic reading. Valerie offers office and telephone consultations.
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Advisors Highway http://www.keen.com/groups/homepage.asp?gid=1549
Advisors to help each and everyone find their path through life. 1st call receives 3 free minutes.
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Alan Curtis International Psychic Medium http://www.alancurtis.co.uk
I am a psychic medium/teacher. I work throughout the world I am also a teacher and take various workshops for spiritual development. I am available for one to one readings in person or on the telephone. No premium lines I use my own telephone number.
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Alaria: Clairvoyant, Empath, Seer, 30yr Exp, Accurate Details http://www.angelfire.com/psy/alaria
Alaria, gifted caring clairvoyant & empath gives quick accurate psychic readings with details. Top advisor on Keen.
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Albert Greco ~ Psychic Medium http://albertgreco.6te.net
Albert Greco is a respected psychic medium conducting spirit sessions for a grieving family to speak with a deceased loved one, pet spirit sessions for pet owners to speak with a deceased pet, as well as guardian angel, past life, or soul mate sessions for those seeking spiritual guidance.
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Angel Connections With Sharon May http://www.sharonmay.co.uk
Making your angels accessible to you, angels made simple, understandable and real. Told ?as it is? no mysteries or complicated instructions. Professional medium, for 25 years; providing the connection to your loved ones, angels and spirit guides.
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Angel Of Wisdom - Psychic Visions http://angelfire.com/stars4/angelofwisdom/index.html
Angel Of Wisdom is here to guide you to the right path in love, and happienss.
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Angel Tarot Guidance http://www.angeltarotguidance.com
Psychic readings, reiki healing, hypnotherapy & past life regression. Manchester based practice, all services done by Susan Angel.
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Angel Wishing Moon Psychics http://www.angelwishingmoon.com
Naturally gifted readers who are sincere and have a genuine desire to help you. They will give you insightful guidance and clear solutions to your love and life questions. Our astrologers, clairvoyants, spiritual mediums, psychics and tarot readers are chosen because they are the best to be found.
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April's New Age Evolution http://newageevolution.tripod.com/spiritual/
Your one stop spiritual shop! Everything from crystals to psychic readings. Come, be merry and blessed!
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Apsychic http://apsychic.net
I am a psychic medium with 38 years of experience. Please contact me for a reading if you want to know about a loved one who has passed or where your life is going. Love and light Sherry.
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Ask Real Psychics http://www.askrealpsychics.com
Read real reviews of the Internet's top psychic networks. Everything from Psychic Source, Keen Psychics, AskNow Psychics and more. Find a real psychic now.
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Ask Zuri - Intuitive Guidance - Life Coach, Psychic, Healer http://www.askzuri.com
Psychic and spiritual advice through tarot, crystal pendulum, numerology, reiki distance healings & angelic guidance. Accurate answers to love, career, family, money and life path issues.
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Astro Ciri - Psychic Spiritual Counselor http://members.aol.com/AstroCiri
I am a psychic, clairvoyant, empathic, intuitive, as well as, a mediator, tarot reader, numerologist & more. I have been reading professionally since 1983 and on the internet since 1992. I will give you honest answers to your most personal questions.
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Astrology 101 by Suzan Hayden http://www.astrology101.com/
Astrology magazine by Suzan Hayden with monthly horoscopes, pet corner, celebrities, new age resources, links, phone readings, computerized reports & much much more.
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Aura-mystics - Aura Photography - The Spirit Talkers http://www.Aura-Mystics.com
Chevarro is of mixed-blood American Indian heritage, born in Montana. A psychic life coach who is renowned for his ability to connect with the auric energy of the clients he photographs, to give accurate insightful information to you during a reading.
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Authentic Online Readers Psychic Network http://www.hark.net.au/index.htm
Information and guidance using palmistry, numerology, tarot and astrology. Articles on spiritual issues and personal growth, plus free horoscope, psychic events calendar and more.
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Awakening Tarot Course http://www.oephebia.com
One to one tarot tuition. Tarot correspondence course. Self development using tarot cards. Info about the meaning of colours, crystals and more.
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Awareness Intuitive Counseling http://www.intuitivemind.net
Relationships, business, money... Since 1988, intuitive counselor Gary Chatham has brought spiritual guidance to his clients, bringing insight, and steps to take to change their lives. Also, a Reiki master, Gary assists them in clearing energetic blocks, leading to change.
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Barb Mallon Psychic Medium http://www.BarbMallon.com
Barb is a psychic medium (connecting to your people in spirit) who conducts readings by telephone, instant message chat and in-person if you are located in the northern Virginia area. Featured in the Toronto Star.
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Barb Powell http://www.barb-powell.com
Providing psychic medium readings worldwide by phone, in-person or by e-mail. She will assist you in making your own informed decisions about your path in this lifetime.
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Barb Powell - Psychic Medium http://www.sacred-connections.us
Psychic medium readings by phone, in person, or by e-mail. Assisting you to make your own informed decisions about your life path.
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Barry And John http://www.barryleemedium.com
Barry and John are international mediums of many years standing.
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Best Christian Readers http://www.keen.com/groups/homepage.asp?gid=5457
A group of 5 Star Christian readers. Call one of these God gifted readers today!
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Bonethrower http://www.bonethrower.com
African medium - Shani divines for you. This psychic is guided by the wise advice of her ancestors together with the application of the ancient art of bonethrowing.
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Botanica San Expedito http://www.BotanicaSanExpedito.com
Botanica San Expedito specializes in spiritual readings and healing, bath salts, religious imagery and publications, candles, crystals and much more. We have an extensive multi-cultural array of spiritual products and services designed to bridge the gap between you and your spiritual connection.
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Brujeria http://www.witchesbrew.builderspot.com/page/page/716732.htm
Brujo negro's room of folk magik witchcraft, shamanic healing and divination. Emphasis on mexican brujeria, and its shamanic aspects and the practice of conjuration aka hoodoo; spiritual readings and spiritual work offered: see my virtual necromantic museum of necromantic paths practiced.
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C. N. Rodgers Psychic Spiritual Counselor http://www.healingstargate.com
Clear information and healing are offered by C. N. Rodgers. After a near death experience in 1976 I began my work. Phone counseling by appointment. Classes in Usui Reiki are available to those that are ready for the next step in their development.
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Catherine Adams, Clairvoyant Reader, Healer and Channel http://www.litespirit.com/
Catherine is a gifted, empathic, experienced clairvoyant who uses her abilities to answer questions, clear your aura, do clairvoyant energy healing on the physical body and consciously channel spirit guides and those on the other side. She also specializes in helping Star Children adjust to their life here. See monthly channeled articles at her site, as well.
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Change Yourself & Change Your Life http://leesaellis.com/shop/
Intuitive reading & ThetaHealing™ session available by experienced Diana Cooper Foundation Angel Teacher Leesa Ellis. Skype and phone sessions available. Free MP3 recording of your session sent to you by email. Check out my Dip in the Ocean session and Deep Dive session in my online Shop.
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Channeled, Psychic, And Crystal Ball Readings http://www.anitaburns.info
Anita, a 40 year veteran of metaphysics and spirituality, offers channeling, psychic, tarot, and crystal ball readings in person or on the phone. Clear, no-nonsense advice from your higher self and guides. Visit the website for more info and to schedule and appointment.
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Channeling Spirits http://www.channelingspirits.com/
World renowned spirit medium teaches you how to develop your mediumship skills. Her best-selling book, conversations with the spirit world: Souls who have ended their lives speak from above is available on this site.
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Channeling St. Germain In The New Energy http://www.i-channeler.net
New energy channeler Tommi Makela connects with the ascended master St. Germain and the client's higher self providing practical answers and clarity to different life situations.
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Charley Castex Psychic & Tarot Consultant http://www.charleycastex.com/
Charley's sixth sense counseling goes to the heart of the matter. His guidance is centered on big picture self improvement and transformation, He has been spotlighted by the New York Times and ABC, CBS & NBC news.
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Cheryl Scheinin, Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant, Author, Teac http://www.angelfire.com/planet/cherylscheinin
My name is Cheryl Scheinin, I am a healer, clairvoyant, and spiritual medium. My spiritual gifts have opened my heart and helped me to see who I really am. The challenges i’ve overcome in my life and having the proper teachers guide me to fine- tune my spiritual gifts has helped me.
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Cindy Marie - Psychic http://www.cindymarie.com
Natural born gifted psychic communicates directly with your deceased loved ones. Her clients seem to support her claims.
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Clairvoyant, Psychic & Spiritual Church Medium http://myclairvoyant.co.uk
Psychic readings with clairvoyant, spiritual church medium, psychic, mental medium and healer Brian Marland based in Hastings, UK.
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Claudia Psychic / Healer http://www.askclaudia.com/
Welcome to a site which just might change your life. Claudia offers accurate Psychic Readings, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Counseling, and many forms of Alternative Healing for healing on all levels.
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Comet's Place http://www.angelfire.com/mn/comets
Spiritual website offers online classes and readings, learn how to connect to your angels and guides. Meditation, pyschic, past lives, reiki, tarot, numerology, aura's, totems, help in all areas! You will love our chatroom!
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Concious Channel - Avatar - Healer http://angelicinfusion.com/
Concious channel of guardian angels, hypnotist trained by world renowned psychic Sylvia Browne, healer, speech and language pathologist 20+years.
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Crystalballreaders http://www.crystalballreaders.net
Let crystalballreaders help you on the right path of life.
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Curious Curandera http://www.curiouscurandera.com
Concha is an authentic Curandera that provides services to those in need. Services include spiritual consultations and tarot card reading divination with specialty in spiritual cleaning. Donations accepted.
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Daily Tarot Girl http://www.daily-tarot-girl.com
Learn how to use your Tarot cards for personal growth with fun Tarot card spreads, Tarot card meanings, how-to videos and a daily Tarot card readings blog. Private Tarot readings are also offered.
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Dan Frost Healing http://www.danfrosthealing.com
Dan Frost is an intuitive clairvoyant medium, empath, Reiki master healer, teacher, and real life ghostbuster offering personal, private readings. He offers a variety of alternative healing services to help his clients achieve wellness and an understanding of their own life’s journey.
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Dan your guide to the spirit world. http://betz11.tripod.com
Let Dan guide you on your path to enlightenment. Past, present, and future makes us what we are today. Find out about yours.
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Dawn Alexandra Morgan http://www.dawnmorgan.com
Dawn Alexandra Morgan is called one of the “best psychic mediums” and “amazingly accurate” by her clients, Dawn reads Tarot & is also certified as a Reiki Master & in Matrix Energetics. Dawn reads for clients anywhere via the phone or Skype video.
added 03 Feb 2012 - Report Error

Deborah Levin Clairvoyant http://www.deborahlevinpsychic.com
Deborah Levin is a Canadian clairvoyant, based in Toronto, Canada. Her psychic abilities allow her to intuit and predict past, present and future events in areas such as spirituality,wellness,relationships,family and career. She is available for both telephone and in person readings.
added 27 Sep 2002 - Report Error

Destiny Tarot® http://www.dstnytarot.com
With natural psychic and intuitive gifts and over 30 years of practice and study, Dona Murphy has developed Destiny Tarot® as an ethical, honest approach to intuitive counseling focused on empowerment and insight for her clients.
added 23 Apr 2008 - Report Error

Dilani Diva - Famouse Eastern Psychic http://www.dilanidiva.com
Kind compassionate authentic reader. Has helped many relationships, and given clarity to many. Specializes in matters of the heart.
added 12 Jun 2009 - Report Error

Earthshod Tarot Readings http://www.earthshod.com
Affordable tarot readings in-person or online. You are in control of your own destiny.
added 18 Jan 2006 - Report Error

Embrace Australia http://www.embraceaustralia.com.au/psychics/reader-profiles/
Embrace love, life and each other. Australia's feel good psychic marketplace, hosting some of the most talented and powerful psychics in the industry. Our services include Psychic mediums, Tarot readers, psychic clairvoyants, Intuitive readers, life coaches, energy and spiritual councellors.
added 02 Feb 2017 - Report Error

Esmerelda's Psychic Readings http://www.angelfire.com/magic/natasha1/index.html
I am a licenced psychic in Ca. I give angel readings, tarot cards, and psychic readings. I will be honest with you and I wont tell you what you want to hear! I will tell you what I see and feel.
added 06 Jun 2003 - Report Error

Ethical Tarot Readers on Keen.com http://www.keen.com/groups/homepage.asp?gid=2673
We are tarot readers who believe that ethical reading practices are a fundamental component in providing a supportive service to our clients and in unlocking the transformation, healing, and insight potential of the cards.
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Exploring Psychic Readings http://www.exploringpsychics.com/
Explores the realm of psychic readings including astrology, palmistry, tarot, and many other forms of psychic divination.
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Free Online Oracles https://www.onlineoracles.com
Online readings using a variety of divination resources.
added 31 Jul 2013, modified 01 Jun 2021 - Report Error

Free Psychic Network https://www.freepsychicnetwork.com/
Free online psychic and tarot readings online and via email.
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Free Psychic Reading http://freepsychic-readings.com
Find here your free psychic readings online. Tarot, horoscope, I Ching, You can find all you want here and many more. Get informations about psychic readings on the net.
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Free Tarot Reading 411 http://freetarotreading411.com/
We provide absolutely free tarot reading. For the past few years we have provided over four million readings to tarot enthusiasts.
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Free Tarot Readings By Jules http://www.tarot-card.net/
Free tarot readings, tarot card meanings, and astrological features.
added 13 Dec 2010 - Report Error

From The Angels With Love http://www.FromTheAngelsWithLove.com
Compassionate services to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and soothe and comfort your spirit. Discover the profound joy of talking with your angels, gain self-worth and empowerment through spiritual counseling, and increase your prosperity by receiving the diamond of prosperity attunement.
added 21 Jun 2008 - Report Error

Future Endeavours http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FutureEndeavours
The official newsletter of Tarot Canada International. Available quarterly.
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Genuine Readers. Psychic Chat. http://www.genuinereaders.com
Psychic chat rooms online - 10 minutes free for new members. Get accurate psychic readings from genuine readers to help guide you with your business, relationship, career, friendships or your life's direction.
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Get your free psychic reading with FreePsychics! https://www.freepsychics.com/
Get your free psychic reading! Choose from tarot, medium, love & fortune teller readings. No card needed! Chat to free psychics today.

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Ghost Eliminators http://ghosteliminators.googlepages.com/
Are you troubled by spirits (ghosts)? we are 2 gifted psychics available for house cleansing/blessings and private/group readings. Working with spirit guides and with the ability to trance channel we tap into the spirit world for answers to your problems.
added 20 Jun 2008 - Report Error

Gypsy Chicks http://www.gypsychicks.ca
New Age store offering divination supplies, fantasy art, collectables & gifts. Psychic readings available as well as workshops.
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Indian Horoscope http://www.soothsayers-india.com
Authentic manual Indian horoscope readings by best astrologers of India.
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Insightful Psychics http://www.insightfulpsychics.com
We are a family of truly gifted psychics here to help you with answers to questions about love, money, career, relationships and help guide you down the right path in your life.
added 10 Apr 2006 - Report Error

Intuitive Consultant - Nancy Wagaman, MA http://www.NancyWagaman.com
Imagine a mirror you can look into and see what you otherwise would not.. Self-defeating patterns, limiting beliefs, greatest strengths and potential. Learn consciousness tools to transform inner blocks and attract the experiences you want in your life. Open your mind and use it.
added 14 Nov 2011 - Report Error

Intuitive Consulting with Lynn Robinson http://www.lynnrobinson.com/
Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed., author of Divine Intuition. Intuitive business consulting, intuitive readings and motivational speaker. Offers seminars, audio tapes, articles and free intuition newsletter. Best psychic.
added 19 Aug 2000 - Report Error

Intuitive Readings And Spiritual Wellness Counseling http://www.angelfire.com/tn/moonlodge/readings.html
A divination site offering services and card readings and couseling.
added 16 May 1999 - Report Error

iSpirita http://www.ispirita.com
We offer psychic, astrological and tarot readings from gifted psychics.
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Jan Meryl, Medical Intuitive and Psychic Consultant http://www.janmeryl.com
Jan Meryl offers medical intuitive telephone readings, articles detailing the medical intuitive process, book, meditation tape, workshops & links to archived radio interviews.
added 08 May 2002 - Report Error

Jeanne's Tarot And Numerology Readings By Email http://www.tarotbyjeanne.com/
renown psychic offers unique tarot readings and spiritual guidance readings by email. also free readings. compatibilities (relationships), profiles, numerology, metaphysical articles. advice column, angels. read and submit your own paranormal stories. free horoscope and love match.
added 28 Jul 2000, modified 10 May 2003 - Report Error

Jocelyn's Angel Intuitive Readings http://www.aireadings.webs.com
Angel Intuitive readings offered at competitive prices, learn about past lives, spirit guides, animal totems, career, life themes and love.
added 11 Aug 2009 - Report Error

Karma Corner http://www.keen.com/groups/homepage.asp?TID=REMwRTM0
Your source for devine communication. Qualified, experienced and ethical readers are available to answer all of your questions, even those unasked.
added 16 Jul 2003 - Report Error

Kooma ? Spiritual You http://www.kooma.co.uk
Clairvoyance, spirit mediums, tarot, healer and angel cards, all reading done in person over the telephone. Choose from a variety of readers with a variety of psychic skills.
added 18 Oct 2006 - Report Error

Leila Medium Psychic Healer http://www.mediumpsychichealer.com/about/
Leila is a dedicated psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient, spiritual development teacher, healer and a medium that has been assisting others in contacting their loved ones on the other side and offering transition assistance for the departed. She communicates closely with the angelic realms.
added 02 Nov 2011 - Report Error

Leila Medium Psychic Healer http://www.mediumpsychichealer.com
Leila is a psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient, spiritual development teacher, healer, and a medium that has been assisting others in contacting their loved ones on the other side and offering transition assistance for the departed. She communicates closely with the angelic realms.
added 18 May 2010, modified 19 Sep 2014 - Report Error

Live Psychic Readings http://www.psychicsource.com
One of America's most exclusive communities of psychics, offering meaningful insights, practical advice and personalized support by phone. We don't tell fortunes or predict your future - we provide a deeper understanding of events and activities happening in your life.
added 10 Oct 2008 - Report Error

Live Psychic Readings http://psychicrealm.com/
Get live psychic readings, online tarot cards, astrology and more.
added 07 Dec 2004 - Report Error

Lost & Found Psychic Readings http://www.thelostfound.com
Linda dalton is an authentic, professional psychic counselor. Gain spiritual insight from her reading of the tarot, as well as practical advice from her life experience.
added 24 Feb 2004 - Report Error

Lunar Cafe http://www.lunarcafe.com/
LunarCafe provides free daily horoscopes, online tarot readings, zodiac sign, Chinese astrology, Mayan astrology, numerology, zodiac signs, sun sign.
added 07 Aug 2014 - Report Error

Madame G's Tea Room http://www.MadameGsTeaRoom.com
Genuine old-fashioned tealeaf & tarot readings e-mailed to you. Enter my monthly true ghost story contest to win a free reading of your choice. Visit the Psychic Shoppe for tarot decks, books, candles and more.
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Magikal Store http://magikaljourneys.com
Magikal store of pagan, wicca and occult supplies. Ritual and new age supplies for all spirtual paths large metaphysical, witchcraft, magikal, occult store with books, tarot, cauldrons medieval and fantasy.
added 11 Mar 2007 - Report Error

Major Tom's Tarot http://www.majortom.biz
Tarot readings and classes from a world class professional. Creator of Major Tom's Tarot of Marseilles and publisher of the Tarot Lovers' Calendars.
added 13 Oct 2002, modified 27 Nov 2011 - Report Error

Maria Whitworth http://www.mariawhitworth.com/
Medium psychic, animal communicator, clairvoyant, medical intuitive, channeled ebook Marilyn Monroe My Story My Life and Journey of the Sphinx.
added 10 Feb 2011 - Report Error

Mary Ashley http://www.maryashley.freeuk.com/
Mary Ashley, one of the UK's leading spiritual teachers and intuitive counsellors. Knowledge. Experience. Expertise. Integrity. Meet and personally interact with your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, the Universal Mind and 'All that is'. Spiritual development. Tarot Consultations.
added 28 Oct 1999 - Report Error

Mary O's Celestial Whispers http://www.celestialwhispers.com
World renowned psychic medium Mary O. has helped thousands of people find peace after losing a loved one. Visit her site to schedule an appointment, or just read some of the incredible validating stories her clients have posted.
added 10 Aug 2001 - Report Error

Matt Fraser - World Renowned Psychic & Medium http://www.MeetMattFraser.com
Official website of world renowned psychic Matt Fraser. Psychic readings, events & seminars. As seen on CBS Radio, NBC News, Fox Providence & more.
added 17 Oct 2011, modified 05 May 2013 - Report Error

Megan Riley http://meganmriley.com
Psychic, medium, pet communicator and ghostwhisperer. Available for phone or in person readings. Her mission: to have you see and align with your true self and soul's purpose, the essence that knows anything is possible.
added 27 Sep 2008 - Report Error

Michelle Arbeau - Celebrity Numerologist http://www.MichelleArbeau.com
Michelle Arbeau is a celebrity numerologist, author, inspirational speaker and radio/TV host. She has a Hollywood clientèle base that includes Twilight vampires, Big Bang Theory actress, Pirates of the Caribbean actor, NBC director, celebrity stylist and many more.
added 03 Sep 2012 - Report Error

Michelle Walsh: Psychic Reader http://www.spiritofjoy.50megs.com
San Francisco based clairvoyant/clairaudient psychic reader. Biography, essays, testimonials, messageboard.
added 29 May 2001 - Report Error

Ms. Shawn M. Cohen, Psychic Metaphysics Classes http://www.tarotbyshawncohen.weebly.com
Ms. Shawn Cohen has been working as a psychic, medium, tarot reader, astrologer and teacher of metaphysics for over 25 years. A gifted psychic with much knowledge. Experience plus education equals expertise.
added 20 May 2007, modified 30 Nov 2010 - Report Error

Natal Charts - Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) Services http://www.natalcharts.biz
Vedic astrology (Jyotish) services such as horoscopes through email and consultations with astrologers on various aspects of life. Natal Charts uses a verisign certified payment gateway.
added 15 Apr 2004 - Report Error

Neoagrippa: Astrology, Horoscopes, Tarot And Angelic Magick http://www.neoagrippa.com
Website specialised in astrology and magick. Free horoscopes.
added 03 Aug 2011 - Report Error

New Age Online Store http://www.spiritualquest.co.uk
Exceptional quality products including tarot, angels, crystals, incense, books, wands & wicca. Also find out more about palmistry, mediumship, space clearing, success coaching and other therapies.
added 27 Feb 2007, modified 28 Feb 2007 - Report Error

New Orleans Psychic Healer http://neworleanspsychichealer.wordpress.com/
Psychic healer Tara has been helping clients all over the world for 20yrs. Love and relationship readings, career and investments. Aura readings and cleansing, removing blocks and healing to bring in positive changes.
added 20 Jun 2010 - Report Error

New Orleans Voodoo Crossroads http://www.neworleansvoodoocrossroads.com
An authentic Voodoo priestess and medicine woman in the New Orleans tradition with over 30 years experience reveals your past , present and future. Discover positive paths, remove obstacles, In depth, personal, compassionate and wise.
added 24 Sep 2002, modified 05 Oct 2002 - Report Error

Northern Lights Advisors http://www.keen.com/groups/homepage.asp?gid=2936
Northern lights advisors is a group of psychics and astrologers who have been tested and proven to have a true gift of insight and intuition. Call one of these advisors today!
added 20 Feb 2002 - Report Error

Numberquest Numerology http://www.numberquest.com/
Offering 7 free online numerology readings and many in-depth reports. Name meanings, baby names, true love compatibility calculator, soul mate synergy, celebrity love test, numerology lessons and more.
added 18 Jan 2007 - Report Error

On Raven Wings http://onravenwings.bravehost.com
Tarot, rune, and cartomancy readings via email. Dream interpretation available. Readings tailored to your needs. 10 years experience. No hourly charges. Advice and help through email, live chat, and my forum.
added 10 Nov 2006 - Report Error

Online Psychic http://www.psychiclight.com/
Receive a detailed and accurate psychic or tarot reading from our team of online psychics and clairvoyants at Psychic Light.
added 16 Mar 2010 - Report Error

Online Psychic Reading https://onlinepsychicreading.net
Tips and recommendations for online psychic reading. Reviews and best sites to get free, cheap and quality psychic services.
added 19 Aug 2018 - Report Error

Online Psychic Readings http://www.psychicguild.com/readings.php
Psychic readings and psychic reports provided by Universal Psychic Guild, immediate answers to your questions whether on love, health, career and more.
added 10 Jan 2012 - Report Error

Online Psychic Readings http://www.online-psychic-reading.co.uk
Genuine gifted telephone psychics. 24 Hours a day. UK based.
added 05 Dec 2008 - Report Error

Online Psychic Reviews http://www.onlinepsychicreviews.com/
Reviews and articles to help people receive the best psychic reading. Reviews of the top 10 psychic networks and a complete network guide to help consumers avoid fraud.
added 19 Feb 2010 - Report Error

Online Psychic Telephone Readings http://online-psychic-reading.co.uk
Genuine telephone psychics, 24 hours a day. Call to discuss love, health, money.
added 27 Apr 2009 - Report Error

Online Tarot Reading - Tarot City http://www.tarotcity.com
Tarot reading online & free tarot card reading 'card of the day'. Advice & guidance on love & romance, predictions on future relationships and careers. Tarot card meaning & history.
added 26 Apr 2004 - Report Error

Oralin Psychic Development & Metaphysical Education http://www.oralin.com
Over 100 videos on psychic development & metaphysical education. No experience necessary. Personal coaching available. Readings by ethical, professional readers. Articles, guided meditations, practice exercises and more designed to help you on your spiritual path.
added 18 Jan 2010, modified 01 Nov 2012 - Report Error

Paramount Solutuons Inc. http://www.thepsychicline.com
We offer high quality psychic readings. All of our psychic readers are tested & we offer a 5 minute guarantee with every reading. We also offer new client specials.
added 06 Oct 2008 - Report Error

Patrick Gamble - Psychic and Spiritual Artist http://www.patrickgamble.com
Patrick Gamble, psychic artist, was given his gift through a spiritual experience that changed his life. He is able to share this gift with us through his unique and inspiring work which acts as a catalyst to help us consciously connect to those aspects of life which are usually unseen and ignored.
added 15 Nov 2001 - Report Error

Phoenix Paton http://ahiphoenix.wix.com/phoenix-connection
I use an individualised process in being a conduit for you and those around you in helping provide answers for your highest good.
added 12 Feb 2013, modified 13 Feb 2013 - Report Error

Phone Psychic Online Psychic Readings http://www.psychicpulse.com/phone-psychics/
Recommended phone psychics for accurate online psychic readings and advice.
added 08 Sep 2010 - Report Error

Polaris Rising http://www.polarisrising.com
Polaris is a higher plane being which is composed of some beings known to many: Seth and Michael. Their wisdom is grounded and practical. Private sessions available.
added 25 Nov 2008 - Report Error

Portal Psychic http://www.portalpsychic.com
Automated psychic readings using tarot cards.
added 15 Dec 2004 - Report Error

Psy Crystalball Readers http://www.angelfire.com/psy/crystalball_readers
The old site of crystalballreaders is now located at the address above pastlife in runes, tarot plus more.
added 31 May 2004 - Report Error

Psychic & Spirituality Blog ~ A Spiritualist's Perspective ~ http://www.monicawho.com/psychicblog.html
Exploring psychic and paranormal, spirituality, dream interpretation, personal growth, love and relationships, divination, and other topics. Written by Monica Who, clairvoyant spiritual psychic.
added 20 Jan 2009 - Report Error

Psychic Amanda, Atlanta's Best Psychic http://PsychicAmanda.com
Best psychic in Atlanta. Psychic Amanda is Atlanta's most accurate and experienced psychic. She is a love spell and reuniting specialist. All readings are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Amanda's readings tells past, present and future and answers all questions.
added 20 Oct 2009 - Report Error

Psychic Astrology And Tarot Readings, Live Via Your Phone http://www.psychic-astrology.co.uk
Over the years Malcolm has given many psychic, astrology and tarot readings helping and advising people internationally with: relationships - health - finance - career moves - spiritual direction.
added 17 Dec 2004 - Report Error

Psychic Ball http://www.psychic-crystal-ball.com
Are you curious about the future? On this page you will find several free divinations for the future. Tarot, astrology or oracle. Free psychic ball online reading.
added 10 Jun 2010 - Report Error

Psychic Development Courses http://psychicdevelopmentcourses.com
Provides courses, guided meditations, and discussions to help you develop your psychic powers.
added 07 Jul 2011, modified 23 Jan 2014 - Report Error

Psychic Elements http://psychicelements.com/
At Psychic Elements we offer authentic psychic reading. Our psychics are carefully evaluated and selected to help you with the best information to enhance your life.
added 07 Aug 2014 - Report Error

Psychic Fred - Listen to Psychic Readings http://www.psychicfred.com
Psychic offering answers for your past, present, and future with psychic readings that include astrology, tarot, past live regressions, psychometry, and new age events / parties.
added 26 Oct 1999, modified 26 Jan 2002 - Report Error

Psychic Hotlines - Listings And Reviews http://www.psychichotlines.net
List of the most popular psychic hotlines. Based on forum feedback and BBB reporting we review psychic hotlines. Does the network screen psychics, provide refunds, alter user feedback etc.?
added 18 Feb 2010 - Report Error

Psychic Kingdom http://www.psychickingdom.co.nz
New age spiritual site. My psychic work includes clairvoyant mediumship, past lives, healing, aura readings and personal empowerment. This site has some free reports and readings you can try out. Tarot, astrology, numerology readings and ESP test also available.
added 01 Dec 2008, modified 17 Aug 2012 - Report Error

Psychic Medium Christina http://www.psychicmediumchristina.com
Christina is a psychic medium who utilizes medical intuitive,mediumship & clairvoyant skills to provide accurate & grounded readings. Readings available in person & via telephone.
added 09 Jun 2001 - Report Error

Psychic Medium Cindy Shelton http://www.wix.com/mediumreadingbycindy/journeyforthesoul
I help others to communicate with your loved ones on the otherside. This is a passion for me as I want everyone to know that our loved ones have not left us and are very much a part of our lives. I work with my guides and my loving Jace who passed before me.
added 26 Nov 2011 - Report Error

Psychic Medium Jean Foster http://www.jeanfoster.com
Midlands-based renowned psychic medium and healer. Also provides Bach flower therapy, evenings of clairvoyance, workshops, energy clearing, spiritual counselling, animal communicator.
added 09 Aug 2009, modified 02 Mar 2011 - Report Error

Psychic Medium Readings, Seminars http://intuitivepower.ca
A complete range of psychic, medium, channelling, spiritual, educational services are offered and performed by Olga Bugiel.
added 12 Mar 2003 - Report Error

Psychic Reading Rooms http://www.psychicreadingrooms.com/
Psychic reading rooms is a unique company with over 200 psychics, mediums, tarot readers and astrologers.
added 02 Apr 2014 - Report Error

Psychic Readings http://www.meryem.com/
Psychic readings are supposed to be taken from a gifted accurate professional psychic reader and it will be even good if he or she can prove to be perfect clairvoyant medium as well. You can take reading from Meryem through face to face, online chat and telephone mediums.
added 05 May 2011 - Report Error

Psychic Readings http://www.ravenhawke.net
Formerly tarot by Penny. Psychic, tarot, palmistry readings, private, phone, parties, ghosts, healing, space clearing, classes & workshops.
added 30 Dec 2007, modified 07 Mar 2008 - Report Error

Psychic Readings http://www.spiritreader.co.uk
Top UK psychic Hayley Spirit Reader, face to face in London and phone, email and Skype for international clients.
added 29 Oct 2011, modified 09 Dec 2011 - Report Error

Psychic Readings & Psychic Classes - Psychic Medium Joy Star http://www.psychicjoystar.com/
Joy Star is a spiritual lighworker and psychic medium offering online psychic development classes & readings. She channels guidance from spirit guides, angels and those crossed over. Many testimonials and psychic articles on website.
added 20 Sep 2004, modified 11 Mar 2009 - Report Error

Psychic Readings - Live Psychics UK http://www.livepsychics.co.uk
Over 50 trusted psychics, clairvoyants, clairaudiants, clairsentients, life coaches, reiki healers and mediums at your disposal. All kinds of popular divination used including: Tarot cards, numerology, astrology, runes, crystals, oracle cards, angel cards and pendulm readings available.
added 04 Jun 2014 - Report Error

Psychic Realm http://www.psychicrealm.com
Site offering live psychic reading, tarot reading, numerology, astrology, horoscopes, runes, i-ching oracle, palmistry, dream interpretation, biorhythms and more.
added 16 Sep 2001 - Report Error

Psychic Sessions http://psychicsessions.tripod.com
My site offers people the chance to get a reading at a very low affordable price. I can connect with loved ones from the other side as well as do tarot card readings. Skeptic? You won't be for long!!!
added 18 Dec 2002 - Report Error

Psychic Solution Website http://www.psychicsolution.com
Psychic Doctor Marco specializing in love matters. Free psychic consultation, fast amazing results! Luck-love-success. Free psychic healing magno-force. Free daily horoscopes. Helps all problems.
added 03 Jun 2001 - Report Error

Psychic Visions Network http://www.keen.com/groups/homepage.asp?TID=aXJ6P_O9TudN156Rg5RW7g==
We have a wonderfully gifted group of psychic readers, who are spiritually oriented, with a culmination of hundreds of years of experience. These are Keen's most highly regarded psychics. Reach out and touch one (on the telephone, of course) and they will touch your heart and soul with gifted insight.
added 24 Nov 2000 - Report Error

PsychicGurus https://www.psychicgurus.org
PsychicGurus helps people find a real psychic reading with practical advice on how to avoid scams and reviews on the best online psychic networks.
added 05 Aug 2018 - Report Error

Psychicoracle Readings By Havenne http://www.psychichavenne.bravehost.com
Psychic, clairvoyant, spirit medium, relationship/love readings, and tarot readings, channeling the ascended masters, angels, guides, and spirits crossed over.
added 16 Mar 2006 - Report Error

Psychics 4 Today https://www.psychics4today.com
Psychics 4 Today ranks and reviews the best online psychic networks.
added 29 Jul 2018 - Report Error

Psychics And Psychic Readings http://www.psychic.com.au
Psychic and clairvoyant readings - psychic solutions for love, finance and relationship problems from our gifted psychics and mediums.
added 17 Nov 2005 - Report Error

Readings By Astro Fyre http://www.astrofyre.com
10 plus years experience. Former Astronet reader on AOL. Readings include soul mates, past life, family, love, career. I was rewarded "Certificate of Excellence - Astronet Reader Achievement Award - highest producer of E-mail Readings" in 2000.
added 03 Jun 2009 - Report Error

Readings By Melissa http://MelissasReadings.tripod.com
Tarot card readings by a certified professional tarot card reader, Melissa. Readings can open the doorway to your future and close some doors of the past. Want to know if that certain someone is out there waiting for you? This is the place to find out. All readings are kep strictly confidental and no email address is sold or distributed for any purpose.
added 29 Oct 2001 - Report Error

Real Spells That Work Fast http://www.seductivespells.com/
Love spells casters that are heavily experienced, highly effective with their magic, and truly reliable. Love spells, money spells, and more. Our spells are guaranteed to work.
added 15 Apr 2008, modified 08 Feb 2013 - Report Error

Rev. Jeff - Clairvoyant Readings, Angels, Spirit Guides http://www.frontiernet.net/~bovina/index.html
Rev. Jeff offers psychic/spiritual readings using natural clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. He also receives messages from spirit guides and angels. Tarot readings available. 15-years experience and member, Ethical Readers Association.
added 01 Dec 2002 - Report Error

Rose Ledbetter - Psychic and Master Healer http://www.rosehealer-sedona.com/
Clairvoyant, psychic, and healer. Advisor to Hollywood celebrities and clients worldwide.
added 27 Jan 2001 - Report Error

Salem Sight Psychic Readings http://www.salemsightpsychicreadings.com
Online, telephone, and live psychic readings and tarot readings with clairvoyant medium Kyri Spencer.
added 14 Jan 2011 - Report Error

Savina Thompson, Psychic Medium http://www.mediumreadings.com
Savina Thompson is a professional psychic medium, medical intuitive & animal communicator who's been a guest on L.A. radio station KBIG 104.3's nightly show, "Radio Medium," E. Entertainment TV's morning show & has appeared on radio & in print throughout the world.
added 24 Feb 2011 - Report Error

Selectpsychics: Helping You Find Truly Authentic Psychics http://www.selectpsychics.com
As an independent organization, we simplify the task of finding authentic psychics by providing free, objective information on and referrals to authentic psychics who we and consumers globally have thoroughly researched on your behalf- raising the credibility of the psychic community globally.
added 09 Jan 2007 - Report Error

Serendipity http://www.readings-at-serendipity.co.uk/
Free psychic, angel, tarot, oracle readings. I don't charge for my services.
added 13 Jul 2008 - Report Error

Sexual Astrology http://www.sexualastrology.com
Sexual astrology and love horoscope - read how the stars influence your sex life. Sexual compatibility between astrological signs, free yearly, monthly, and weekly horoscope and forecast. Chinese astrology and horoscope archive.
added 13 Aug 2006 - Report Error

Skype Psychic Readings http://www.Gypsy-Mystics.com
Empowering accurate psychic readings, with honesty and compassion for career, relationship advice, life and coaching by a third generation Gypsy intuitive and respected professional psychic medium.
added 03 Oct 2011 - Report Error

Sonia: Clairvoyance-Medium http://www.soniaklising.com
Clairvoyance - medium, Tarot reading, voyance, numerology, Sonia is a European clairvoyant.
added 21 Jun 2001, modified 21 Dec 2001 - Report Error

Soulcalendars, Inspirational Messages http://www.soul-calendar.com
For your very individual soul calendar or soul poster I receive the information out of the Akasha chronicles. You can also find inspirational greeting cards, books, photos and year-calendars as well as personal consultation.
added 14 May 2012, modified 19 May 2012 - Report Error

Sourceenlighten http://sourceenlighten.com/
Learn how to use your Tarot cards for personal growth and professional readings. Access Tarot card meanings, Tarot spreads and Tarot blog.
added 29 Jan 2017 - Report Error

Spellspace Tarot for Living https://spellspace.com
Free tarot readings, that can be shared with guides and recommended spells, completely free. Spellspace tarot for living.
added 09 Mar 2008, modified 21 Jun 2015 - Report Error

Spirit Circle http://spirit-circle.org
Spiritual community of light love and learning. Classes, spiritual healing, psychic services, any positive spiritual path welcome.
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Spiritual & Human Potential http://hometown.aol.com/sammyes
As a spiritual counselor, Sammye has been using her ability as psychic and trance channeler to assist individuals to make their life better through teaching and private consultations for over 18 years, with a client base that spans the globe.
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Spiritual Medium - Intuitive Consultant - Medical Clairvoyan http://TaraBroughten.com
Spiritual medium, intuitive consultant, medical clairvoyant.
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Spiritual Pathways of Light http://members.tripod.com/~Rev_Jenni/readings.html
Spiritual readings by Rev Jenni Brangle using clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Personal, distance or phone readings available.
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Spiritual Tarot, Astrology, Runes, Feng Shui, I Ching http://www.angelfire.com/mn/TAROTANDASTROLOGY/
Quality spiritual consultations by telephone from ordained ministers. Angelic guidance helps you achieve health, wealth and love in your life.
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Spiritual, Metaphysical Consultant, Tarologist, Occult Links http://drkioni.com
Metaphysical site, new age, new thought, mojo bags, spirituality, tarot reading, love, money and protection spells.
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Star Magick Spiritual Centre http://www.starmagick.co.uk
Centre for spiritual transformation, clairvoyance and healing. Channeling star beings, angels and spirit guides. Clairvoyant, tarot and angel readings. Reiki healing, star energy healing and earth healing. Raising vibrations and linking to other dimensions.
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Stardude http://stardude.cjb.net
Honest & affordable psychic readings, absolutley no 900 charges. I offer flat rates for all my readings.
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StormJewel's Psychic Readings http://www.stormjewelspsychics.com
Please visit my psychic portal for accurate readings by my friendly and gifted team of psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, tarot readers, & more. We can help you with any love, family, business problems, or just tell your future. There's also psychic info & free online mini readings.
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Streams of Light http://www.streamsoflight.com/hello.html
Deborah?s compassionate clairvoyant empath insights reveal the core issues creating patterns, beliefs, truths fragmenting emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wholeness. She reads the Akashic records to see past, present and future of karmic bonds / spiritual lessons learning and how to resolve the energy to make changes in your highest good.
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Tamara Psychic To The Stars http://www.tamara3.com
Seen on "Hard Copy" and "Strange Universe". 95% accurate. Call toll free 1-888-382-6272. Credit cards accepted. Call now.
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Tarot by Woodsong http://www.woodsongtarot.com
Sign up to receive free weekly tarot readings.
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Tarot Canada International http://TarotCanada.tripod.com
We are an organization dedicated to presenting a true Canadian face in the international tarot community. Only God can count the apples in a seed.
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Tarot Canada International Discussion List http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TarotCanadaIntl
This is the Tarot Canada International discussion group. Small, friendly and the discussion is not restricted to tarot. You can choose to view the messages only on the group site.
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Tarot, Palmistry. Past Lives. Psychic Readings http://www.jfinternational.com/psy/homepage_psychic.html
Tarot and palmistry psychic divination. Services are extended to past lives interpretation and psychic healing readings. All readings done by email.
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Teresa Communicates http://www.Teresacommunicates.com/
Teresa is a spiritual medium gifted since the age of four, who communicates with loved ones, angels, teachers and guides on the other side.
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The Circle http://www.thecircle.com/
A psychic, sometimes called a fortune teller, has the ability to see a place or events in the past, future or present from a distance and is able to interpret their meanings due to their heightened psychic development. The places or events that a psychic sees take on the form of visions and dreams.
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The Free True Love Calculator http://www.truelovecalculator.com/soulmate/truelove.php
Try soul mate synergy's free online love test to see if your relationship has soulmate ties. You can see how our growing list of celebrity couples have rated too.
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The Intuition Age http://intuitionage.wordpress.com/
A weekly tarotscope reading, crystal healing solutions and psychic readings.
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The Moodmender http://themoodmender.com
Astoria Brown is a natural born psychic intuitive that provides honest and revealing truths concerning your inquiries. Clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathic, shaman, & tarot readings are available.
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The Oracle http://ww.theoracle.cjb.net
World class psychic, author, speaker, healer, instructor, minister, and media personality brings a collection of thoughts, philosophies, and great information together in an exciting manner.
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The Psychic Eye Book Shops http://www.pebooks.com
We offer psychic readings via instore, email and phone. We have 14 retail stores and 1 webstore. We offer over 1000 items.
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The Psychic Schoolhouse http://members.aol.com/Fanplayer/school1.html
Learn how to tap into your own God-given psychic abilities (including the gift of prophecy) at "The Psychic Schoolhouse." Free, fun lessons for beginners.
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The Psychic Touch http://thepsychictouch.com/
Improve your own psychic abilities with The Secret, the Law Of Attraction, includes quotes, videos, books. Offering tarot love reading, daily tarot reading, tarot reading online, phone psychic readings.
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The Sacred Symbols of the Ancients http://www.metasymbology.com
Experience an ancient and unusual method of card reading. Interactive free birthcard profiles.
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The Secret Garden Healing Oasis - Mystic, Ct http://secretgarden.mysticnaturals.com
The secret garden was created as a comfortable, healing oasis to reawaken and nourish our inner spirit. Offering intuitive readings, reiki, hypnotherapy, chakra balancing, nutritional and health counseling, ear candling, life coaching through journaling.
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The Shrine Of Hope http://www.shrineofhope.com
Please join us for Spiritual chat, spiritual mediums, healing , prayer cirlce, and Lots of love!! Free for all In Love And Light, Jan
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The Tarot Association of the British Isles http://www.tabi.org.uk
A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to establishing ethical standards of Tarot reading and training. TABI aims to be a source of information, support and networking for UK Tarot readers. Offering free Tarot readings, Tarot training and mentoring, a newsletter, regional contacts for readers, articles, deck/book exchange page, forums and useful links and resources.
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TheEmeraldLight http://www.keen.com/memberpub/homepage.asp?user=TheEmeraldLight
I am a psychic using tarot cards to access my angels. I also do compatibility charts. I am honest and caring. Be wise and know the truth, for the truth will set you free.
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Themis - Tarot Readings & Empowered Amulets http://hometown.aol.com/themistarot/myhomepage/business.html
In-depth tarot readings & empowered amulets, accurate and confidential (15 years experience), vision quest tarot readings, totem animal readings, empowered amulets utilising the magical power of animal symbolism and semi-precious stones.
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Timesmithing Astrology Services http://www.timesmithing.com
Certified astrological professional. Trained tarot reader. Clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, intuitive. Predictions, new-full moon monthly predictions, political predictions, celebrity astrobiographies, horoscopes - birth charts, synastry, uranian, future trends, asteroids, rectification.
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Trudie Moore http://www.soulsurgery.net.au
Features description of a unique dynamic method of psychic clearing called 'Soul Surgery'. Clears chakras, relationships and past life issues hindering present. Meditation CDs available from on-line shop
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True Psychics Network http://www.truepsychicsnetwork.com
Truepsychicsnetwork is an advertising site dedicated to promote the most gifted psychics in the world. Our carefully screened team offers psychics readings, spiritual healings, spirit art and other metaphysical services at very reasonable rates.
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Violet Psychic Medium http://www.violetpsychicmedium.com
Explore the possibilities of your life with our psychic network, Our platform puts you in touch with the best psychics and top mediums around the world, providing online, telephone and chat readings.
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Vosh http://www.owl-lady.com/psychic/
Working in the psychic field for over 20 years, Vosh is dedicated to helping people find their true paths and peace.
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Voxx, A Psychic http://www.voxxthepsychic.com
Voxx is featured in the book, "The Top 100 Psychics in America." An ordained high priestess, Voxx is a tarot interpreter.
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Whitney's Poetry & Gifts http://babybilick.tripod.com/
I've been a Psychic and Writer since childhood.
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World Channelers Directory http://channeling.net/channelers/
The world wide directory for channelers, psychics, akashic record readers. Listed by region.
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