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Aeclectic Tarot http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/
Tarot cards from hundreds of tarot and oracle decks, plus tarot reviews, books, articles, resources, and an active tarot forum.
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Affordable Tarot http://www.lindawood.1colony.com
I offer free tarot readings,oracles,email,thoughts,discussionand message groups and more.
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Aloha From World Psychic - Lisa Long http://worldpsychics.com/
Real psychic reading from a psychic and spiritual medium. Psychic phone reading advice on love relationships and spiritual awakening. Spiritual articles, advanced insight and guidance. Past lives explored.
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Catherine Macdonald - Spiritual Psychic Medium http://www.spiritualcat.com
Accurate psychic readings, a available for parties, corporate events, workshops and for psychic training and spiritual healing instruction. In-person, online, telephone, email psychic readings for low cost.
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Dream Signs http://dreamsigns.bravehost.com/index.html
Through our dreams, we can receive messages, and even premonitions. We hope to help you find the answers to the mysteries of these messages from the spiritual realms and the subconcious mind.
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Elizabeth Harper Sealed With Love http://www.sealedwithlove.com
Author and spiritual intuitive Elizabeth Harper offers free angel and color oracles, online and in person intuitive counseling, in addition to psychic, healing, color intuition, and wishcrafting workshops.
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Free Tarot Card Readings http://www.free-tarot-card-readings.net
Free tarot readings, cartomancy, tarot card meanings, and personal birthday tarot cards.
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Goddess Flight Divination http://www.goddessflight.com
Offers powerful, insightful and affordable psychic, tarot, astrology, numerology, compatibility and biorhythm readings. Free e-cards, mini-readings and daily horoscopes are also available.
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Guiding Star Developers http://www.guidingstar.co.uk
Guiding star offer software versions of the two most popular classical methods of divination oracles: the I Ching and the Tarot. We also offer a parental control content filter application. Free versions are available for all of our products. Download from our website.
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Haiku For Thought - An Oracle http://haikuforthought.com
A collection of one writer’s Haiku compiled as a deck of cards for the purpose of uplifting & inspiring readers. When used as a tool for self-discovery, this deck has the potential to inspire profound results. Conveniently poker sized, you can take them just about anywhere for use any time.
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Kabbalah Insights http://kabbalahinsights.com
Tools for personal guidance. Enchanted gifts according to the secrets of the Kabbalah: Artistic amulets, spiritual Kabbalistic art by Orna Ben-Shoshan, King Solomon tarot cards, the Wheel of Wisdom, the 72 Names divination cards, and more.
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Leggere I Tarocchi Per Crescere! http://www.leggere-i-tarocchi-per-crescere.com/index.html
Site in Italian about the Tarot as a tool for meditation and personal growth. Impara a leggere i Tarocchi e usali per la crescita personale e la meditazione.
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Shanara, Old Souls http://www.shanara.bravehost.com/index.html
As an angel intuitive, empath, wise one and dream interpreter, it is my wish to help bring understanding to all who wish to learn, through the guidance of our blessed angels.
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Sun Angel - 123 Free Numerology Reports http://www.sun-angel.com/numerology/index.php
Unlimited free numerology name meaning reports, birth date destiny readings and daily - monthly - yearly numerology horoscope personal forecasts.
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Wejee's Metaphysical Super Store Free Psychic Readings http://www.wejees.net
Wejee's is your magickal online, one stop, shopping connection for all things metaphysical, new age, pagan and wiccan! try our free tarot, rune, i-ching, numerology and more! Free psychic readings.
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78 Notes To Self: A Tarot Journal http://78notes.blogspot.com
A professional tarot reader offers insight and random musings about tarot as well as readings.
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A List Of Tarot Decks http://www.soul-guidance.com/tarotdecks/index.htm
List of unique and artistic tarot decks. Our most popular deck is the illuminated tarot. We also have chakra decks, and astrological chart paintings.
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A Rainbow Of Spirituality http://a-rainbow-of-spirituality.com
A Pagan hosted store supplying ritual items, jewelery, tarot decks, oils, herbs, teas, books, altar tools and much more.
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A Sacred Soul http://www.asacredsoul.com
Divinely gifted and compassionate psychic medium from North Carolina, T Arlivia is known as a "gate keeper" on the other side.
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A Site Of The Soul http://www.siteofthesoul.com/magicball.htm
A site of spiritual and personal growth. Explore the consciousness of the soul and your spirituality on many levels, including asking the oracle, or the magicball a question. Visit the prayer room, temple, and purification room. Much more soul and spirit.
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Advice Divine http://www.angelfire.com/az3/advicedivine/
Do you need answers? Get accurate psychic tarot readings, always hand drawn via email, live chat, or message board with membership. Unlimited Tarot for 30 days only $15.00! Many spreads offered and numerology reports are also available.
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An Enchanted Spirit http://www.AnEnchantedSpirit.com
Greetings and welcome to An Enchanted Spirit. I am here and ready to assist you on your path to creating a happier and more fulfilled life. I look forward to speaking with you.
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Angel Message 4 U http://www.angelmessage4u.com
Just visit & click on the angel to receive your message.
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Astrology and Spirituality Mantra http://www.AstrologyMantra.com/index.htm
Vedic Indian astrology for health, wealth, happiness through horoscopes; spirituality through rudraksha, meditation, yoga, music & books for soul; problem-solving through vedic upayas, gems & stones, mantra, tantra, yantra, vaastu.
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Astrology by Star*Charts http://www.astrostarcharts.com/
Astrology information, charts and interpretations for greater insight into love, romance, family and a richer life. Free horoscopes and transit forecasts with reports.
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Astroved http://www.astroved.com
Vedic astrology is an age-old science from India that provides a perfect assessment of one's past, present and future. Astroved uses cutting edge technology to create your horoscope and give you the information you need to meet life's challenges.
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Chinese Zodiac http://www.chinesezodiac.com
Overview of the Chinese zodiac signs and how they relate to Chinese astrology.
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Cosmic Conspiracies http://www.ufos-aliens.co.uk
One of the worlds largest UFA and paranormal websites over 100 pages many exclusive articles and photos and film footage top secret bases, moon hoax, NASA coverups, ghosts, aliens, chupacabra, abduction, alien species, and lots lots more.
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Crowley-Thoth http://www.crowley-thoth.com
Provides free readings with Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris' Thoth tarot deck using original card descriptions from the Book of Thoth.
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Essential Astrology http://www.essentialastrology.co.uk
Find your astrological channeling. See how the universe surrounds and guides you through life.
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Free Divination http://www.freedivination.com
Covers all your do-it-yourself online fortune telling needs with 8 great divination tools including tarot cards, runes, and I-Ching - providing over 20 spreads or layouts to use for each online oracle.
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Free Online Oracles https://www.onlineoracles.com
Online readings using a variety of divination resources.
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Free Psychic Network https://www.freepsychicnetwork.com/
Free online psychic and tarot readings online and via email.
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Free Psychic Reading For A Deeper Insight http://www.mysticboard.com
Free psychic reading has become more popular than ever before. Researches reveal that an individual can develop psychic power and work on it for offering psychic reading.
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Free Tarot Reading from Trusted Tarot https://www.trustedtarot.com
Our accurate psychic readings use real Tarot card shuffled by hand.
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Heaven's Child Astrology for babies & children http://www.heavenschild.com.au
Astrological advice for parents, extensive section on the ages of childhood. Question and answer board.
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I Ching Readings And Resource Centre http://www.onlineClarity.co.uk
Authentic free I Ching readings and guaranteed professional readings. Free membership includes complete beginner's I ching course and membership in I Ching community forums.
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Love Spells http://www.love-spells.info
Avoid fake spell casters by learning where to find real spell casting. Genuine spell caster for love spells and bringing back your lover.
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Love Spells http://freelovespells.ca
Potent love spells from one of the top in the world for spell casting. There are resources for love spells, spell casters and people who need help to bring back their lovers.
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Numberquest Numerology http://www.numberquest.com/
Offering 7 free online numerology readings and many in-depth reports. Name meanings, baby names, true love compatibility calculator, soul mate synergy, celebrity love test, numerology lessons and more.
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Occult Tarot Reading https://occulttarot.com
Free tarot reading for fans of the old classic tarot decks. Readings are available with the Oswald Wirth deck, the Rider-Waite, Crowley-Thoth, the Visconti-Sforza, and the Tarot de Marseilles.
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Owl Lady's Magickal Garden http://www.owl-lady.com/
A variety of runes in the garden, as well as readings by Vosh.
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Paul Wade - Astrologer http://www.astrologywizard.com/
Astrologer Paul Wade offers free horoscopes, astrology resources, interactive tutorials, sign analyses, cool games, and personal link recommendations.
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Psych-Hub https://www.psychhub.com.au/
We are a spiritual healing service dedicated to helping those in spiritual crisis. We have customized our services so no matter what financial circumstance you are in you are able to source affordable help. We are available via the phone or email. Our psychics are all verified and real.
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Psychic Visions Network http://www.keen.com/groups/homepage.asp?TID=aXJ6P_O9TudN156Rg5RW7g==
We have a wonderfully gifted group of psychic readers, who are spiritually oriented, with a culmination of hundreds of years of experience. These are Keen's most highly regarded psychics. Reach out and touch one (on the telephone, of course) and they will touch your heart and soul with gifted insight.
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Revelation 13: Astrology and Prophecies http://revelation13.net
Predictions of future world events by astrology, prophecies, and New Age ideas.
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Rider-waite https://rider-waite.com
Do readings using the Rider tarot deck by A. E. Waite and Pamela Colman Smith. Study card meanings from Waite's Pictorial Key to the Tarot.
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Salem Sight Psychic Readings http://www.salemsightpsychicreadings.com
Online, telephone, and live psychic readings and tarot readings with clairvoyant medium Kyri Spencer.
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Simplified Tarot: A Brief Introduction to the Cards http://home.universalclass.com/i/crn/3840.htm
Simplified Tarot is a basic course in Tarot reading. It is designed to give the new reader a sample of what Tarot is and what you can learn from the cards. There will be many opportunities to practice reading Tarot.
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Spanish Translation Of Kuan Yin's Spiritual Quotations http://www.luisprada.com/Protected/kwan_yin_nada_puede_herirme.htm
The authentic and inspirational quotations of the eastern Goddess of compassion: Kuan Yin. Website in Spanish.
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Spiritual Midwifery http://www.spiritualmidwifery.com
Engage in this journey to enhance and promote spiritual awareness. Indulge in rich philosophies, resources, and guidance for this exploration of self.
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Spiritual Pathways http://www.RevSherriBarclift.com
Ordained minister, spiritual healer/teacher offering services of healings, readings, classes and workshops. Please visit my website for more information.
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Tarot & Related Wonders http://tarot.judithlaura.com/index.html
Tarot site of Judith Laura contains her article on how tarot works as a symbolic language connecting us to spirit; original card spreads; definitions of psychic words; info on readings by phone, online chat, and in person, and on classes in Washington DC area.
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Tarot Reading https://tarotsmith.net/tarot
Online readings using the cards of artists who are students of the occult. Featured decks include Rider-Waite, Crowley-Thoth, Surrealist Tarot, the Diary of a Broken Soul, and the Langustl Tarot.
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Tarot Reading http://www.tarot43.com
Discover in the same tarot reading website many things about tarot card meanings, about free tarot reading method and much more here in one website were reader can discover a lot about psychic readings and paranormal.
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Tarot Readings http://www.spellboundreadings.com
Each reading is done by me personally. Free sample readings are available so you can check out my style prior to committing to a paid reading.
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Tarot Totes - Tarot Cards, Bags, Cloths, And Futhark Runes http://www.tarottotes.com
Are you taking care of your tarot cards? better check our huge selection of tarot bags and laycloths. Prefer the futhark? we also carry stone rune sets and wood runes too.
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Tarotica Free Tarot Reading https://tarotica.com
Do free readings using the Rider-Waite and Crowley-Thoth or a variety of other decks by contemporary tarot artists.
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Tarotsmith Fast Divination https://tarotsmith.net
One-click divination resources designed for your convenience. Featured decks include the Crowley-Thoth, Rider-Waite, Surrealist Tarot, and Diary of a Broken Soul.
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The American Book Of The Dead http://theamericanbook.blogspot.com
A history of the future: world war iii, ufos, and life after death, written by someone who has witnessed it all firsthand.
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The Free True Love Calculator http://www.truelovecalculator.com/soulmate/truelove.php
Try soul mate synergy's free online love test to see if your relationship has soulmate ties. You can see how our growing list of celebrity couples have rated too.
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The Golden Oracle http://www.myspace.com/thegoldenoracle
Ask us a question if you dare. We are always free.
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The Horoscope Junkie http://thehoroscopejunkie.webcentre.ca
Hundreds of links to the webs best horoscope sites. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, teen & pet horoscopes!.
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The Living Word Of Kuan Yin: Edition Il http://www.mobipocket.com/en/eBooks/BookDetails.asp?BookID=34448&Origine=1532
The beautiful story of how the spoken word of the eastern Goddess of compassion: Kuan Yin was channeled by a mother of three.
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The Psychic Detective http://the-psychic-detective.com
Psychic readings by email from Jeffry Palmer for just $19.95. Unlimited questions. Money back guarantee.
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Themis - Tarot Readings & Empowered Amulets http://hometown.aol.com/themistarot/myhomepage/business.html
In-depth tarot readings & empowered amulets, accurate and confidential (15 years experience), vision quest tarot readings, totem animal readings, empowered amulets utilising the magical power of animal symbolism and semi-precious stones.
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What The Lady Knows http://www.whattheladyknows.com
A personalized online tarot and rune reading site. Get a reading via email, or make an appointment for a "live" online chat reading with Amber or Donna.
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Wisdom Beyond Beings http://wisdombeyondbeings.com
This site is an eye opener. Whilst doing automatic writing in deepest sleep messages are being channeled by the unseen, many topics have been covered. A must for every one.
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Zone 31 - Knowledge And Conversation https://zone31.com
Read between the lines as you speak with the 7 deities using this unique method of divination.
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