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Affordable Tarot http://www.lindawood.1colony.com
I offer free tarot readings,oracles,email,thoughts,discussionand message groups and more.
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All Natural Cleansing For Home, Body, Health & Wellness http://allnaturalcleansing.tripod.com
Information site for all-natural products containing melaleuca [tea tree oil] for home, health, body & wellness through a home-based business with lifetime residual income and links to sites of spiritual interest.
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Ascension Gateway Portal http://www.ascensiongateway.com
Spiritual portal with a range of motivational resources and information online. Includes inspirational quotes by famous authors, motivational articles, and spiritual directory.
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Cosmic Ordering Website http://www.thecosmicorderingsite.com
Online cosmic ordering service. Place free online cosmic orders. Learn to use the power of your cosmic connection to the universe to get whatever you want.
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Courses Vedic Astrology On The Basis Of Your Own Chart http://www.dirah.org/vedic-astrology.htm
Courses applied Vedic astrology based on your own chart, also Vedic astrological software and Jyotish online bookstore.
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Do You Need Insight Into Your Love's Astrology Love Signs? http://www.serendipity-astrolovers.com
This site is dedicated to astrology lovers. Astrology love signs and how they relate. What turns zodiac signs on. What turns zodiac signs off. Here is where you will discover what's going on with your guy or girl astrologically.
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Free Cosmic Ordering Form http://www.cosmicorderingform.com/
Don't just wish for a positive lifestle change, order it using the power of the cosmos and positive thought. Place multiple free and totally confidential cosmic orders using the free cosmic ordering form.
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Law Of Attraction Info http://law-of-attraction-info.com/index.html
Informational site about the law of attraction. Learn how to attract what you want in life using this universal law. Free e-books, articles, free e-zine, magnetic news. And quality resources.
added 18 Nov 2004 - Report Error

Laws Of The Universe http://www.universallawstoday.com
Laws of attraction and deliberate creation and how to apply them for success and happiness. Lots of free courses, articles, and links to great websites.
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Living Arts Originals http://www.livingartsoriginals.com
Find extensive symbolism information including flower symbolism, animal symbols, color meanings, religious symbolism and popular symbols. Learn how to use symbolism to enhance your life.
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Michael Bellon-Collection "Les Arcanes Majeurs Du Tarot" http://www.artactif.com/bellon
22 paintings of personal inspiration, reserved for cultural exposures, without sale, since 1981.
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Moonrust http://www.moonrust.co.uk
A new age shop dedicated to providing an ever expanding range of new age products, to a continually growing new age community. Our catalogue includes candles, healing crystals, incense, jewellery, voodoo dolls and much more.
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Motivational And Inspirational Quotes http://www.inspirational-quotes.info/index.html
A handpicked collection of inspiring quotes and words of wisdom.
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Mystic Blogs http://www.mysticblogs.com
Get your very own psychic, new age, metaphysical, spiritual or holistic health blog free. Become a blogger and share your thoughts with the world today.
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Psychic Clairvoyant Readings http://psychicclairvoyantreadings.com
Psychic clairvoyant readings.
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Spiritual How To http://spiritual-how-to.com
We provide answers and direction to those just awakening to their spirituality, along with transformational healing books, inspirational poems and definitions.
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Unique Gifts http://www.mountainvalleycenter.com
Mountain Valley Center specializes in a wide selection of unique gifts and services for well being including unique gemstones, singing bowls, aromatherapy oils, fountains and more.
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Work Your Mojo http://workyourmojo.blogspot.com
Here you will find information on hoodoo, rootwork, and catholic folk magick, free spells, astral projection courses, mojo bag courses, tarot readings, and more.
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A Reconnecting http://www.areconnecting.com/
About the mind, body, spirit connection, our spiritual path and moving to a higher consciousness in all areas of life, including healthy eating, eating local food and coming together for world unity and humanitarianism.
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A Sepnetary Metaphysics Of Reality. http://www.metasphere.org
Book title: Metasphere - The Altered State of Word. If word has evolved as consciousness and consciousness as word, then consciousness through word will reveal a seven stage paradigm for describing consciousness as reality.
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Acneve http://www.acneve.com
Natural acne cures that help you to get rid of pimples in a holistic way - including lots of acne home remedies.
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ADD ADHD Help Center http://www.add-adhd-help-center.com/index.html
Information about attention deficit disorder, ADHD medications, side effects, ADHD symptoms, causes of ADHD and alternatives to Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta and Dexedrine.
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Alexander Blu http://www.alexanderblu.com
Download instrumental music.
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Angel Art And Gifts http://www.angel-art-and-gifts.com/
A site devoted to angel art and angel gift ideas. It also includes articles about angels and other spiritual topics.
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Angel Paths Tarot And Healing Forums http://www.angelpaths.com/phpbb3/
Friendly forums discussing tarot, healing, crystals and related spiritual topics.
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Astrology & Horoscopes Online Free http://www.findyourfate.com
Guide to analyse astrology, horoscopes, numerology, gemology, palmistry, gender prediction, love and death and more.
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BestSpirituality http://www.bestspirituality.com
Hundreds of carefully selected spiritual quotes, spirituality books, spiritual essays, spiritual movies and spiritual posters. You can rate almost everything on the site and get recommendations based on your ratings.
added 12 Sep 2004 - Report Error

Bezoarmustikapearls: Shamanic Animal & Plant Stones http://www.bezoarmustikapearls.com/
Bezoar mustika pearls: animal and plant pearls, bezoar stones and mustikas worn as talismans, amulets, charms and applied in magickal rituals in paganism and shamanism, animal totems.
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Breaking The Illusion- art by TC Weidner http://imagesbytcweidner.homestead.com/bti.html
A gallery of images by artist TC Weidner that explores the universe around us.
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Christian Myspace Layouts http://www.myfabfaith.com
This is one of the best sites for Christian myspace layouts, Christian myspace glitters, Christian myspace graphics, and Christian myspace comments.
added 30 Nov 2007 - Report Error

Clarity Of Sight http://www.clarityofsight.co.uk
Through our carefully selected range of crystals, pendulums, crystal balls, crystal healing wands, jewellery, birthstones, Herkimer diamonds, wish kits, Feng Shui, aromatherapy, tumblestones, healing kits, angel/tarot cards, Native American items, rune stones, singing bowls, chakra silk scarves.
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Coaching For Arts Professionals http://www.GatewaysToCreativity.com
Coaching clients to clarify and reach goals faster. Empower creativity, overcome obstacles, take actions now to produce results. 1/2 hour complimentary phone consultation. See website for in-depth profile.
added 14 Feb 2004 - Report Error

Custom Cloaks http://www.customcloaks.com
Custom cloaks and capes. You design, we create! choose fabrics, colors, length and clasps! Enter our monthly win a cloak contest too!
added 23 Feb 2004 - Report Error

Dallas Marriage Counseling http://www.christaslifeministries.com/
Christ as Life Ministries offers non-profit marriage counseling.
added 24 Jun 2010 - Report Error

Dolly's Tarot http://dolly_tarot.tripod.com
Tarot/psychic readings by certifited reader.
added 27 Sep 2002 - Report Error

Entity Clearing Worldwide http://entity-clearing.net
Angel worker and energy healer who can clear entities, hexes, curses and other dark energies Worldwide.
added 16 May 2012, modified 17 May 2012 - Report Error

Feng Shui Products http://www.fengshui-import.com/
Feng Shui Import offers feng shui products and feng shui tips or cures. Best buy feng shui supplies and Chinese gifts. Wholesale Asian gifts, jewelry items and water fountains.
added 12 Mar 2012 - Report Error

Free Tarot, Numerology And Alchemists Oracle. http://www.alldestiny.com
Members have unlimited free access to our tarot, numerology, alchemists oracle, our dream dictionary and Chinese astrology. All destiny is an online interactive spiritual magazine.
added 07 Jun 2003 - Report Error

Green Hotels http://www.aristi.eu/
Are you looking for green hotels or information about how to be a greener hotel guest? At Aristi Mountain Resort, we will help you to explore various ways to step up your green travel efforts, and make your holiday trip enjoyable.
added 11 Feb 2011 - Report Error

Internet Bible Truth http://www.godsbibletruth.com/index.html
Bible truth documents covering many topics, online bibles with dictionaries, commentaries and great bible search. Inspirational stories, downloadable posters and information about free Christian television.
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Into The Wilderness Trading Co http://www.wildernesstrading.com
Wholesale/retail supplier of flute, pipe, medicine, and crystal bags since 1988. Made in Wyoming. Supplier of shed elk, deer, and moose antlers.
added 05 Dec 2000 - Report Error

Intuitive Concepts Geomancy Feng Shui http://www.intuitiveconcepts.com
Want to create an environment and life you love? there are buildings that aren't good for people, and buildings not good for money. Evaluate energy patterns that may be working against you, and transform them into positive influences.
added 10 Jul 2003 - Report Error

Lightworker Career http://www.KarinLLightworker.com
Become an entrepreneur "Lightworker for America", plus make money as a distributor of my handbook "Who wants to be a Lightworker".
added 14 Sep 2004 - Report Error

Magnetic/ Infrared/Plasma Brain Stimulation http://groups.yahoo.com/group/magstim
The development of technology to stimulate the anterior cerebellar vermis, the brain part associated with affection.
added 26 Jan 2003, modified 31 Jan 2003 - Report Error

Metaphysical Software - Affirmations, Subliminal Messages http://www.affirmware.com.au/#nolte99
Amazing new software uses subliminal messaging, affirmation and meditation techniques to program your subconscious! Achieve life success and goals for 10 minutes per day.
added 23 Jul 2003 - Report Error

Metaphysics http://www.consciouscentral.com
The Conscious Central website provides only the best information and knowledge relating to consciousness and spirituality.
added 08 Sep 2011 - Report Error

Miracle Pain Relief http://www.miraclepainrelief.com
Learn how to achieve fast, long-lasting relief from back pain, headaches, joint pain and stress with the revolutionary Bowen technique. Gentle, painless, easy to learn. A wonderful self-healing tool you can use right away.
added 08 Nov 2002, modified 10 Nov 2002 - Report Error

Museltof Christian Ministries UK http://www.ourchurch.com/member/m/museltof/
A site of huge resources for Christian study and research, plus an active 'new prayers' page where visitors may enter their own prayer request.
added 27 Feb 2004 - Report Error

Natural Salt Crystal Lamps http://www.supersaltlamps.com
Largest manufacturer of natural salt crystal lamps, machine crafted Himalayan rock salt lamps, Himalayan rock salt candle holders, Himalayan salt crystal deodorant bars, crystal lamps in Pakistan.
added 14 May 2008 - Report Error

New Age Retailers http://www.newageretailers.com
Here you will find a concentrated group of new age, metaphysical, pagan, occult, witchcraft stores, supplies and services. We have wide selection of products, ritual tools, jewelry, art, statuary, clothing, athames, swords, bolines, and other items.
added 09 Jun 2004 - Report Error

OmPlace http://www.omplace.com/
Conscious living directory and alternative newsroom with many large databases of holistic healing, spiritual, environmental and conscious living websites and practitioners. Lively forum discussions, free spirit E-Cards, free e-mail and free webpages.
added 14 Feb 2001 - Report Error

Organic Botanics http://www.organicbotanics.com
A gorgeous range of vegetarian and vegan organic skin care made with certified organic ingredients including unrefined cold-pressed oils which are highly nutritious and have anti-ageing properties. The entire range is cruelty free and paraben free and is approved by The Vegetarian Society.
added 16 Jun 2008 - Report Error

Peace In Mind http://peace-in-mind-now.blogspot.com/
Spiritual thoughts, self help and motivation for your daily life. Posts are about Meditation, Ancient Rituals, 2012, Numerology, Angels, free pictures & quotes and much more.
added 07 May 2010 - Report Error

Pet Acupressure http://www.animalacupressure.com/
Offers comprehensive pet acupressure training along with an array of accessories such as books, videos, etc. And gives certification of the national certification board for therapeutic massage and body work (NCBTMB).
added 24 Mar 2010 - Report Error

Piccolo Mondo Antico Herbalist’s Shop - Natural Products http://www.prodottierboristerianaturali.it
“Piccolo Mondo Antico” herbalist’s shop: herbs and natural remedies, formulated with traditional criteria. Plus books and articles related on the subjects of good health, wealth, naturopathy, herbalist , nutrition in addition to different aspects of holistic disciplines and complementary therapies.
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Pick a Spiritual Quote http://www.katinkahesselink.net/squote/
Quotes from sufi-masters, zen-buddhists, theosophists and independent philosopers.
added 23 Dec 2001 - Report Error

Professional Website, Flash & Graphic Design http://www.itdefine.com
Specializes in web site design, web site development, flash multimedia works, graphic design, web marketing, search engine optimization, web site promotion etc.
added 11 Feb 2005 - Report Error

Psychic Treehouse http://forums.delphiforums.com/Psy2/start
A gathering place for people just embarking on their spiritual journey to elders teaching the young. Join us in our many discussions.
added 14 Oct 2002 - Report Error

Purpose Of Life http://www.alphausa.org/
Explore the meaning of life by looking closely at the person of Jesus Christ in a relaxed, informal, no pressure setting. Examine Jesus Christ and ask: Is it real?
added 08 Apr 2011 - Report Error

Rawleigh Products http://www.rawleigh-products.com/
Health and wellness products, natural remedies, spices, and flavorings that are the cornerstone of the company.
added 14 Apr 2007 - Report Error

Reading Solutions - Psychic San Diego HQ https://psychicsandiegohq.com
Intuitive psychic medium based in San Diego, CA. Reading Solutions have the most reliable readers and offer personal, business, paranormal services through out the California.
added 13 Sep 2019 - Report Error

Relationship Advice and Dating Advice at Love-Sessions http://www.love-sessions.com
Relationship advice, dating advice and sexual issues. Free relationship test as well as a wedding planner, create a date and e-sessions for personal help.
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Rudraksha Ratna: Rudraksha Beads, Vedic Gems http://www.rudraksha-ratna.com
Rudraksha Ratna offers rudraksha beads from 1 mukhi to 21 mukhis, Gauri Shankar rudraksham, Trijuti rudraksa. Certified & Blessed Nepal rudraksha, Rudraksha mala, Siddh-Indra mala Java rudraksh beads, Yantras, Gemstones & Hindu Puja items from India.
added 16 Dec 2011 - Report Error

Secret Society - Free Mason http://secretsociety-freemason.blogspot.com/
Blog about secret societies, free masonry, symbols, rituals, orders...
added 14 Aug 2006 - Report Error

She's In Recovery http://www.shesinrecovery.com
An online community with support, information and resources for women in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.
added 23 Aug 2004 - Report Error

Silent Evolution http://indigos.piranho.com
The site is about indigo children, crystal children and octarines. It has a scientific focus. There is also information on auras and other metaphysical topics.
added 06 Jan 2005 - Report Error

Smartshop http://www.onlinesmartshop.nl
We sell and inform about shamanic herbs.
added 12 Oct 2010 - Report Error

Spiritual Cinema Circle http://www.spiritualcinemacircle.com/?af=25041
Offers a service that's unique and deeply needed. The circle gives you a way to bring hours of inspiring entertainment into your life each month, while making an important contribution to the world.
added 03 Feb 2005 - Report Error

Spiritual Quotes http://spiritual-quotes.org
A growing collection of inspirational quotes and pointers from all spiritual traditions.
added 24 Apr 2013 - Report Error

Spiritual Quotes To Live By http://www.spiritual-quotes-to-live-by.com
Quotes and verse that are all positive, inspirational words of love and wisdom to uplift your spirit, personalised with family photographs and stories.
added 28 Oct 2010 - Report Error

Spirituality And The Brain http://www.shaktitechnology.com
Neurotheology. New information from brain science is creating alternative ways of seeing reincarnation, meditation, death & dying, romantic love and much more.
added 04 Jul 2002, modified 15 Feb 2014 - Report Error

Subliminal Tapes Self Improvement http://www.subliminal-tapes-self-improvement.com
Subliminal tapes for self improvement .
added 19 Jul 2003 - Report Error

Sunreed World Musical Instruments http://www.sunreed.com/
Quality singing" quartz crystal bowls, Native American drums & flutes, tuning forks, bamboo flutes, didgeridoos, shakuhachi, bamboo saxophones, clarinets, world musical instruments, sound healing tools, & music. Esoteric programs in spiritual development, sound healing and shamanic studies.
added 12 Dec 2000, modified 23 Apr 2013 - Report Error

The Bible Society of India http://www.bsind.org
The Bible Society of India
added 24 Mar 2003 - Report Error

the Llewellyn Encyclopedia http://www.llewellynencyclopedia.com/
This occult encyclopedia is an authoritative source for accurate and in-depth information on a wide variety of subjects.
added 08 Apr 2003 - Report Error

The New Intimacy http://www.thenewintimacy.com/
Value and respect for differences! That's The New Intimacy. Successful conflict resolution, real romance, personal growth, practical spirituality in dating, marriage and all romantic relationships.
added 05 Dec 2000 - Report Error

The Piscean-Aquarian Ministry For New Thought http://www.LessonsInTruth.info
The Piscean-Aquarian Ministry offers an introduction to new thought, the book "Lessons in Truth" by H. Emilie Cady, and other new thought resources including the publication of printed tracts.
added 30 Nov 2007 - Report Error

The Secret Of The Tarot https://thesecretofthetarot.com/
We provide spirituality tips on how to live a high-vibration, soul-aligned life, connected to the divine. Among the topics we cover are angel numbers, tarot and crystal meanings.
added 17 Jul 2018 - Report Error

The Seekers Of The Rainbow http://www.seekers-of-the-rainbow.org
A practical path to understanding the seven rays of energy through an analysis of world news.
added 22 Sep 2010 - Report Error

Thomas Merton In Auschwitz http://cingolani.com/entertm.html
A death camp as seen through the eyes of a monk.
added 14 May 2004, modified 21 Feb 2010 - Report Error

Triune Consulting Services http://www.freewebs.com/paragatekeeper2000
Alternative healing modalities, books for sale through the publisher, long distance consultations, readings, investigations, counselling, E.F.T., Reiki, A.E.T. tech. advisor, teacher, trainer, author, and more.
added 25 Jun 2007, modified 24 Jan 2008 - Report Error

Trusttouch baby massage techniques http://www.trusttouch.com
Information and benefits of baby massage. The work of registered massage therapist, Bonnie Peters teaching parents how to massage their babies for relief of colic, to calm or alleviate pain and to establish a bond of love and trust that can last a lifetime.
added 22 Jan 2002 - Report Error

Vedic Astrology Signs,indian Vedic Astrology Online http://www.vedicastrologysigns.com
Engaged in providing vedic astrology based on your moonsign including vedic astrology predictions/vedic Horoscope, vedic Astrological Predictions, online vedic astrological consultation with expert jyoitish acharya sapna.
added 01 Mar 2010 - Report Error

Westgate - The Original Necromantic Source http://www.westgatenecromantic.com
Macabre "Angel of Death" site. Since 1979, Westgate has been the world's premier source for Necromantic art and literature, with a specific focus on personifications of death and related Necromantic practice.
added 12 Dec 1999 - Report Error

Who is the Free Spirit Centre http://www.freespiritcentre.info
A virtual centre where like-minded free spirits connect from around the world.
added 18 May 2002, modified 19 May 2002 - Report Error

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