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A Healing Place http://www.a-healing-place.com
In my energetic healing/massage practice I can see clients in person as well as do distant healing sessions if you are out of my area. I also do chaldean astrology chart readings, offering very insightful information from your solar and natal charts.
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A Time To Heal Om Spiritual & Energy Distance Healing http://www.atimetoheal-om.net
Diane radha sivani is a reiki master and master alchemical spiritual healer. By skillfully combining unconditional love, shamanism, energy healing and alchemy, physical, psychological and spiritual healing may be realized.
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Accurate, Online Psychic Readings http://www.whispy.com/aboutlilly.htm
Amazingly accurate & detailed online psychic readings delivered with honesty, integrity & compassion by phone, chat, email. Arrange a free reading today.
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Actuate Over 200 Workshops http://www.powerattunements.com/index.html
Over 200 energy workshops for physical and spiritual evolution.
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Amethyst Rose Healing Arts Llc http://www.amethysthealing.com
Lisa practices Reiki at master level in Usui and SSR varieties. Lisa also teaches both Usui and SSR Reiki and has classes in crystal healing and energy healing techniques. Amethyst Rose Healing Arts empowers individuals to take charge of their well being through energy healing and education.
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Angel Card Readings http://www.myangelcardreadings.com
Comforting personal angel card readings by request, free angel messages, angel wisdom quotes, healing with the angels, the healing waterfall, living and healing with crystals, fantasy art and a lot more...
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Aromatherapy Products: Burdock Root, Tea Loose Leaf http://www.earthshoreherbalremedies.com
Herb plants and natural remedies have been widely used for centuries. We carry many types of fragrance oils, and natural products.
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Australian Healing Site http://www.angylion.com.au
Very effective spiritual healing site with Matrix Energetics, Shambhala and EFT. Remote treatments arranged.
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Awakening In Paradise Retreats http://www.awakeninginparadise.com/index.html
3 - 6 day retreats in Hawaii. Guided meditations, swim with dolphins, psychological, spiritual & creative programs, journeys to Hawaiian sacred sanctuaries. Beautiful accommodations overlooking the ocean. Conscious expansion and healthful eating and exercise practices.
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Awakening The Heart! Spiritual Healing And Mentoring http://www.TransformationalStudies.com
Offers advanced energywork, deep listening and verbal support to help bring inner peace, self-integration and wholeness. Your sessions will help you transform outdated beliefs, emotional trauma and help you attain self-mastery.
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Betty Malicoat http://www.healercounselor.com
Betty’s spiritual work with clients spans nearly four decades and has always been by word-of-mouth. In 2006, at the request of several clients, she went public with her services and now works with clients worldwide.
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Bioenergy-Services, Distant Healing, Energy Assessment, Chakra Balancing http://www.bioenergy-services.com
Unique distant healing, energy and physical organs assessment, chakra and energy balancing by experienced healers. Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D., are also authors of "Health by Bio-Energy and Mind" and "21st Century's New Chakra Healing."
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Bloch Healing Seminars In Cheshire & Manchester http://bloch-healing.co.uk
Whatever type of healing work you do, there are fundamental principles that you can bring to your work to make it more effective for your clients and more rewarding for you. These one-day seminars are opportunities for healers to come together and work on these principles.
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Boot Camp For Troubled Teens http://www.resolutionranch.com/
Welcome to resolution ranch, a therapeutic camp for teenage boys ages 13-17. Resolution ranch offers solutions to families dealing with the negative influences in today's teenage environment.
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Chinese Feng Shui Consultation For Modern Living http://www.redappletree.com
World of authentic chinese classical Feng Shui consultation for modern living.
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Crystal Harmony http://www.crystalharmony.co.uk
Crystal Energy cards set, Element of Harmony book on crystal healing, wide selection of rough crystals/minerals for psychic and spiritual development - all inside crystal harmony.
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Crystal Healing Pendants To Create An Abundant Life http://www.crystal-healing-necklace.com
The most powerful spiritual awakening tool in the world, money back guarantee.
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Crystals, Rocks And Gems http://www.crystalsrocksandgems.com
Online shopping center combining products, custom healing services and multi industry products from many different sites and professionals all in one location, making the search for different items from differnt companies much easier, they are all in one place.
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D And J Spirit Energy http://www.dandjspiritenergy.com
Pioneers of the innovative and powerful four-hand Reiki! Offering service in Orange County, CA and to people worldwide! For any metaphysical need! Also specializing in space and aura clearing, intuitive/psychic readings, spirit releasment, angel and crystal therapy, astrology, etc.
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Elizabeth Harper Sealed With Love http://www.sealedwithlove.com
Author and spiritual intuitive Elizabeth Harper offers free angel and color oracles, online and in person intuitive counseling, in addition to psychic, healing, color intuition, and wishcrafting workshops.
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Eternal Life Neodymium Rings http://www.antiagingtechnology.page.tl
Stop & reverse the aging process with Neodymium, a rare earth material & the world's most powerful magnet. As featured & highly recommended in New York Times best selling book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About" by Author Kevin Trudeau.
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Feng Shui Consultation That Work! http://www.fengshuithatworks.co.uk/
Feng shui consultation for home or office with feng shui master consultant Alan Stirling, the feng shui consultants consultant, with over 20 years experience we get great results for our clients.
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Free Reiki Healing - Healing Now http://www.freewebs.com/holistictherapyconsultant/healingnowaboutme.htm
Free Reiki healing, healing now, Reiki attunements. Information, advice and suggestions on how to improve your health and change your life, all simple, all free. Holistic therapy consultations.
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Gold Dragon Feng Shui http://www.golddragonfengshui.com.au
Professional Feng Shui consultations and training. Servicing Newcastle, Sydney and the Central Coast (Australia).
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Healing Crystals http://www.HealingCrystals.com
Metaphysical crystal shop selling healing crystals at discount prices, including tumbled stones, rocks & minerals, amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, merkaba crystals, vogel wands, & more.
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Healing Now - Free Reiki Healing For Life http://www.freewebs.com/holistictherapyconsultant/
Healing now, free reiki healing for life. Information, advice and suggestions on how to improve your health and change your life, all simple, all free. Information on holistic/alternative therapies.
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Healing Spiral Of Light Global Studies http://www.healingspiral.com
it is our aim to assist those who have the passion and desire to learn healing from the heart, mind and soul with the hope and desire that these sacred healing techniques and energies will be passed on to others.
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Health Benefits Of Yoga Asanas http://www.yogawiz.com/yoga-poses/yoga-asanas.html
Understand different types of Yoga asanas and balancing postures for therapeutic benefits of body and mind.
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High Country Reiki http://highcountryreiki.com
I offer private Reiki therapy sessions as well as Reiki training and certification in all levels of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.
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Hoffman Hypnosis & Healing http://www.HoffmanHypnosis.com
Using hypnosis and/or other healing modalities to help people overcome obstacles, issues, habits and compulsions for personal well-being and emotional freedom.
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Intentional Healing Site http://www.healingintention.org
Very effective spiritual healing site with Matrix Energetics, Shambhala and EFT. Remote treatments arranged. Excellent results.
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Kate Mcgovern, The Sedona Psychic http://psychicsedona.com/
A true psychic intuitive reader in Sedona, Arizona, offering spiritual counseling and energy healings. A direct connection to your spirit guides, angels and higher self. Sessions in person or by telephone.
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Kofutu Personal Growth And Spiritual Healing: http://www.kofutu.com
Access deeper levels of spiritual understanding through the use of kofutu symbols. Learn Kofutu techniques for healing yourself and others. Classroom and home study courses are available.
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Lourdes Holy Water Store http://www.directfromlourdes.com
Lourdes is a place of miracles there have been 2,500 unexplained healings since the first healing, of Catherine Latapie on the 1st of march 1858. We are dedicated to bringing to you the best religious gifts and holy water, all direct from Lourdes in France. We also offer a prayer service for free.
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Magic Spells Love Spells Money Spells Charms Talismans. http://www.spiritedguru.com
Magic spells, love spells, money spells, real magic, voodoo, witchcraft, charms and talismans.
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Magic Spells, Love Spells, Money Spells, Success Spells, Wit http://www.holisticspells.com
Magic spells, love spells, money spells, success spells, witchcraft, wicca, voodoo and more.
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Ms http://www.stormjewelsgifts.com
Visit my home in the Enchanted Woods for Pagan and Wiccan supplies, New age, alternative healing & divination tools, lovely jewellery, including Buddhist, Egyptian, and Celtic pendants. There's also good free stuff including software & a free online meditation.
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Mystic Healing Art http://www.mystichealingart.com
Incredible website, writings and art. Animated and spectacular in the form of paintings, writings, inspirations and poetry to be used as tools for deep meditation, inner transformation.
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Om Shmeiki Healing Foundation http://www.shmeiki.com
The Om Shmeiki Healing Foundation is dedicated to spreading the word of Shmeiki through humour, and joyful groups and seminars, using Shmeiki techniques, such as Shmantra and wasabi snorting.
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Popular Massage Chairs http://www.popularmassagechairs.com
Experience the ultimate line of Shiatsu massage chairs at the lowest prices. We are also a great resource for all your health, massage and information kneads. It's no wonder why we are so Popular!
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Reiki At Holistic Passages Wellness Center http://www.holisticpassages.com
Magye is the owner and director of Holistic Passages Wellness Center located in southern New Jersey. She is an experienced Reiki master teacher and holistic metaphysical practitioner providing Reiki therapy in person and at a distance.
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Sedona Pathfinders http://www.SedonaPathfinders.weebly.com
Vortex tours, meditation and sacred ceremonies among the red rocks of Sedona. Medicine wheel and labyrinth walks. Reiki, quantum touch, guided imagery, past lifes journeys. Connect with your healing angels and chakra balancing.
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Serenity Music To Awaken The Heart http://serenitymusic.com
Serenity is the world?s leading producer of quality healing music for the practicing health care professional and lover of fine music. Contains free audio downloads from each of the more than fifty titles in serenity?s constantly expanding catalog.
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Soul Sounds http://www.soul-guidance.com/soulsounds.htm
Singing bowls CD of a shamanic session for activating the kundalini, opening the chakras and clearing negative energies. Excellent for meditation, relaxation and to enhance rituals. Also two books with practical information about singing bowls.
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Spirit 2 Spirit Communications http://www.spirit2spirit.com
Professional psychic readings on relationships, love, career, money, business, past lives, spiritual healing, spirit guides.
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Spirit Light Healing http://spiritlighthealing.com
Reconnective Healing is a powerful new form of energy healing that connects us directly to the universal healing frequencies, which naturally restore balance to your energy field. Return to balance often results in many remarkable healings: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
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Spiritual Art Gallery http://spiritual-artist.8m.net
Channeled art to heal the soul, quiet the mind, and to awaken the spirit within. Spiritual abstract impressionistic watercolor paintings for your enjoyment or for meditation.
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Spiritual Healing - Counselling, Books, CDs, VCDs http://www.manyzone.com/index.aspx
Spiritual healing, counselling, astrology, horoscope, vedic astrology, numerology, aromatherapy and more.
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Spiritual Shamanic Healing Counseling Readings http://shamanicrelease.com
Resolve the core causes of your emotional, mental and physical health. Address all issues. Shamanic counseling, healing hands, medical intuitive.
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The Halls Of Reiki http://hallsofreiki.com
Extensive information on Reiki, hundreds of Reiki, alternative health, New Age, spiritual and metaphysical links, a book store, healing chamber, and hall of music where you can find music for healing, meditation, and yoga. We also offer Reiki training and correspondence courses.
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Think Well http://paulbunting.net
How I healed and heal myself, a personal story of sex, drugs, and spirituallity.
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Spiritual Healing Creates Multidimensional Health http://www.spiritualhealingpower.com
The healing power seeks to eliminate physical, emotional, etheric, mental blockages and negative cycles by restoring vibration and frequency of the energy field. Spiritual healing is scientifically proven.
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Wisdom Teeth Recovery http://www.wisdomteeth-recovery.com
Wisdom teeth recovery is not that tough as many people may think. As such, people often fear of the wisdom teeth removal, even if they undergo crucial problems associated with those teeth, and go on tolerating the problems with the help of pain-killers.
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'Glimpses of the Spirit' - The Music of Peter Vantine http://www.petervantine.com/
Instrumental music for healing and meditation. This premiere album speaks to the very nature of the divine spirit working through and in the midst of the human spirit.
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"Prayer for Healing" by Brother Aleksei http://www.brother-aleksei.org
A brief description of the "prayer and meditation tool" and a technique of effective prayer developed by Brother Aleksei, a nonsectarian monastic.
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A Course In Miracles Daily Email http://www.the-course-in-miracles.com
Resources for A Course In Miracles, including a teacher directory and our "course by email" daily lesson.
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A Large Selection Of Quality Dowsing Tools From Europe http://www.diviningmind.com
Quality pendulums and divining rods from Europe for the professionals and the beginners; alternative healing, water and mineral search; dowsing books, tips, classes, monthly updates. Access your untapped resources, boost your intuition.
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A Next Step - light center for emotional healing http://anextstep.org
Devoted to raising conscious awareness through tools, techniques & empathics. We teach everything we know. Healing in emotional, spiritual, mental physical with earth, air water, fire and ethers.
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Abiding In The Healing Word http://www.savedhealed.com
An exciting site focusing on healing through the lord Jesus Christ and his word. Great testimonies, an extensive list of healing scriptures, short teachings, awesome quotes from powerful Christian leaders, inspirational poetry, book reviews, ministry links and so much more.
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About Spiritual | Spiritual Books | Read Books Online http://www.everymanedict.com/ebook/Inner-Space-The-Final-Frontier.pdf
My journey is personal for my being is unique. Unique is exactly what it means - the only one of its kind. Uniqueness is a quality we all share. Inner Space the Final Frontier is my contribution to a great awakening and it is my sincere wish that it may be of benefit to you.
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Abundant Life Energy http://www.abundantlifeenergy.com
EFT, Reiki Seichem training and healing, workshops, reflexology, massage, self help.
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Activate Kundalini Safely http://www.kundalinireiki.com
Possibly the simplest healing and self-development system that exists ! By opening and strengthening the energy channels of the body, it is possible to channel healing Reiki energy to yourself and others, just by intention.
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Active Reiki Courses In Central London - Learn To Heal http://www.activereikicourses.co.uk
Learn to heal yourself and others using the Japanese energy healing therapy known as Usui Reiki Ryoho. This two day course teaches you how to heal effectively on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
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Acupuncture And Energy Medicine http://EvaChang.byregion.net
Acupuncture, energy medicine, herbs, homeopathics, hypnosis, detox, allergy elimination with naet, jmt. Eft. Bodywork. Bach flower essences. Pain relief, emotional issues, stress relief, repatterning your life.
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Advanced Theta Practitioner http://www.advancedthetapractitioner.com
Advanced theta healing practitioner, working with individuals and helping them heal body, mind and spirit issues. One of my sub specialties is working with others to increase their manifestation and abundance, prosperity and good fortune in all areas of their lives.
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Affirmations, Prayers And Quotations http://www.consciouslivingfoundation.org/quote-general_affirmations.htm
Affirmations, prayers and inspiring quotations to encourage us on our way.
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All about Reiki power http://www.reikipower.co.uk
It is my calling as a ReikiMaster/Teacher of the Usui system of natural healing to 'spread the light' which is why I am committed to offering low cost attunements. Information on Reiki & more.
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An Enchanted Spirit http://www.AnEnchantedSpirit.com
Greetings and welcome to An Enchanted Spirit. I am here and ready to assist you on your path to creating a happier and more fulfilled life. I look forward to speaking with you.
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Ananda Marga Wellness Center http://www.amwellness.org
A natural healing center and detox health spa retreat (resort) in Cebu, Philippines.
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Andy Porter - Psychic Surgeon http://www.andy-porter.co.uk
Andy Porter psychic surgeon working with spirit guide "Chen" offering healing and hope.
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Anglesey Healing Centre est 1989 http://www.angleseyhealingcentre.co.uk/index.html
Reiki healing and tuition, spiritual retreats and weekends exploring sacred Celtic sites in the beautiful rural landscape of the Island of Anglesey, North Wales.
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Art Of Living - Relating To Life http://falconblanco.com
Intentional community. Various projects. Selfhealing through alternative living, selfexpression, meditation, disease as a growing process.
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Arthritis Remedies http://arthritisrelieved.com
Holistic and natural arthritis treatments and remedies. The goal is to recover completely, not just get temporary relief, although that is provided as well.
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Ashram Of Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami-penukonda, India http://www.kaleshwar.org
The official website of Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami, one of India's most highly regarded living saints. It is his mission to make many powerful healers and spiritual masters to aid mankind in these critical times.
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Ask A Healer http://www.askahealer.com
Discover health with natural remedies and by aligning with spiritual frequencies that support good health. Learn the role of healing water, detoxing, emotional healing and spiritual healing in maintaining health.
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Awakening Heart And Soul http://www.awakeningheartandsoul.com
Empowerment, transformation and connection. People experience profound change. Metaphysical healing, hypnotherapy and past life regression. Energy healing, shaman, spiritual coach. Guiding others to be more aware, more conscious and more authentic.
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Biophysica Inc. http://www.biophysica.com
We provide professional consulting services and technologically advanced products for alternative medicine, water sciences, water disinfection ionizers, safe antimicrobial technology, energy medicine, and subtle energy related devices of a preventive, non-invasive nature.
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Black Magic Guru In Pakistan http://www.kamrankhanstore.com
Kamran Khan offers a number of different things including cure for black magic, casting spells, hypnosis, protection lockets, revelation service and many more.
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Bloch Healing Principles And Practice http://blochhealing.co.uk
This website contains a detailed description of the Principles and Practice of Bloch Healing in a website intended for therapists and for the educated layperson. Regular seminars are held in Cheshire and Manchester on the basic principles of healing for healers of all types.
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Body And Soul Healing, Llc http://www.bodyandsoulhealing.com
An intuitive healer, medium and teacher for over 25 years, Donna Murray offers intuitive energy healing, quantum biofeedback and spiritual regression sessions locally and long distance worldwide. She has helped thousands of people achieve their goals for a happier, healthier, richer life.
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Brighinda - Healingsounds http://www.brighinda-healingsounds.be
This site is about healing with sound, namely through the voice and the vibrations of crystal singing bowls. The healing of light, mudra's, crystals, flower-essences, reflexology, aura-soma and the transformation game are offered too.
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Bristol Healing Drop-in Group http://www.healingdropin.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk
The site provides information about the Bristol healing drop-in group, its aims to provide free spiritual healing, and many links to free healing and other useful sites.
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Carla Tara's Tantric Temple http://1tantra.com
Are you tired of everyday sex that brings you temporary pleasure followed by fatigue or boredom? I'm Carla Tara, and for 20 years I've helped people transform their sexual relationships into sources of pleasure, boundless energy, and deep connection.
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Carol Kulig - Spiritual Healer http://www.carolkulig.com
Home page for Carol Kulig, spiritual healer and 1995 graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.
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Change Yourself & Change Your Life http://leesaellis.com/shop/
Intuitive reading & ThetaHealing™ session available by experienced Diana Cooper Foundation Angel Teacher Leesa Ellis. Skype and phone sessions available. Free MP3 recording of your session sent to you by email. Check out my Dip in the Ocean session and Deep Dive session in my online Shop.
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Channeled Readings, Healings, Spirit Guides http://www.higherwisdom.com
Internationally respected medium and healer, offering channeled readings, hypnotherapy readings. Get answers to your life questions, perform soul-work, and become self-empowered.
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Clairvoyant, Psychic & Spiritual Church Medium http://myclairvoyant.co.uk
Psychic readings with clairvoyant, spiritual church medium, psychic, mental medium and healer Brian Marland based in Hastings, UK.
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Claudia Psychic / Healer http://www.askclaudia.com/
Welcome to a site which just might change your life. Claudia offers accurate Psychic Readings, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Counseling, and many forms of Alternative Healing for healing on all levels.
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Clear Mind Solutions, LLC. http://www.clearmindsolutions.com
Lynda Koenemann, J.D., C.Ht., metaphysical spiritual life coach provides success tools to help you live a happier, more fulfilled life, career or successful business. Services: metaphysical counseling, hypnotherapy, energy balance.
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Coherent Healing http://www.CoherentHealing.com
Medical intuitive and distance healer with 25+ years worldwide experience offers guaranteed pain relief over the phone. Holistic guidance, intuitive reading and healing enhancement also offered. Straight answers to hard problems.
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Colour Energy http://www.colourenergy.com
A leading source for colour and aura products, services and education.
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Communicate with the World of Spirit http://www.stevehermannmedium.land.tc
Communicate with the world of spirit with the internationally acclaimed spiritualist medium, Rev. Steve Hermann.
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Council of Love with Linda Dillon http://www.counciloflove.com
The Council of Love provides workshops, individual channeling sessions by Linda Dillon.
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Crystal Candle Shop http://www.crystalcandle-shop.com
Offers home altar supplies, ritual supplies, spiritual candles, metaphysical crystals and stones, mystical gifts, divination, tarot, sage, smudging supplies, handcrafted altar supplies and much more.
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Ctds - The Site For Connective Tissue Disorders http://www.ctds.info
Reviews alternative health treatments for symptoms common to connective tissue disorders such as tmj, frozen shoulder, scoliosis and sciatica. Therapies recommended include yoga, posture training, trigger point therapy and yoga.
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Cultivating A Succulent Life http://wealthofpossibilities.blogspot.com
Cultivating a succulent life is all about the journey. Enjoying it. Feeling it. Being it.
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Daniela Widera - Raising Global Consciousness http://daniela.faithweb.com/
Live your inner truth and let your light shine big! Teach love & understanding, help restructure the planet and raise global consciousness actively, persistently and knowingly. you are a very important link to manifest truth, peace and unity on mother earth!
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Dawn Alexandra Morgan http://www.dawnmorgan.com
Dawn Alexandra Morgan is called one of the “best psychic mediums” and “amazingly accurate” by her clients, Dawn reads Tarot & is also certified as a Reiki Master & in Matrix Energetics. Dawn reads for clients anywhere via the phone or Skype video.
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Depression Cure For Many Oppressed By The D-evil (law) http://www.godshew.org/Depression.htm
Depression is oppression, and the bible says oppression is of the devil, which is allegory for law. Jesus Christ went about healing all oppressed of the devil(law). Natural cure: flax seed oil. Spiritual cure: flush law as dung.
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Dolphin Energy Healing http://www.DolphinHealing.net
A deeply respectful, highly advanced form of spiritual energy healing.
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Ds Bead Balm, Jewelry For The Soul http://www.dsbeadbalm.com
Handcrafted natural gemstone jewelry, designed to soothe and empower the spirit.
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Earth Angel Spiritual Center http://www.earthangelspiritualcenter.com
We offer classes and personal services to facilitate your spiritual and physical healing. Including: Spiritual counseling / angel therapy, nutritional therapy, Reiki, yoga, Qigong, Hawaiian massage.
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Earth Message Press http://earthmessagepress.com/
Messages of love and guidance channelled by Kay Meade, a trance medium, from a group of beings who call themselves "The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy". Also Reiki healing, Reiki training and attunement services offered in Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast near Wellington, New Zealand.
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Educating Counseling And Healing With Nature http://www.ecopsych.com
Benefit from hands-on online courses and degrees that help individuals increase personal and environmental well-being. Natural systems are self-correcting and purifying. Improve how you think and feel by learning how to connect with their grace balance and restorative powers.
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Egyptian Rods http://www.rods.ru
Kovtun company about cylindrical Egyptian rods and the pyramid - ultra-modern technology, that strengthen up the whole organism and allow the psycho-physical abilities' evolution go faster. Hold the pyramids' energy in your hands.
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Emmasofia Klinikk - Psykolog Oslo http://emmasofiaklinikk.com/
Psychologist located in Oslo, Norway. Also provide healing. Adress: Nedre vollgate 1, 0158 Oslo Phone: 922 93 108.
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Energy Healer Toronto http://energyhealertoronto.com
Remote energy healer in Toronto, Canada. Many testimonials from very satisfied clients. Can work on anyone anywhere in the world. Please see the details on my website.
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Energy Therapy - an alternative medicine for natural health http://energytherapy.net/
Energy therapy reduces conflicting emotions and stress, and renews confidence, good health, and spiritual happiness. When the distortions are gone, the aura resumes integrating the body, mind, and spirit.
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Essence Bracelets http://www.essencebracelets.com
Handcrafted with natural gemstones and sterling silver. Continually reminding you of your inherent strengths and wisdom, each bracelet is a tool that works to align you to the truth of your being.
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Essential Healing Services http://essentialhealingservices.com
Provides energy healing, tarot/destiny card readings, & intuitive counseling, as well as a wellness product line consisting of essential oils, nutrition, & skin care.
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Fire Through Spirit http://www.firethroughspirit.com/
Working with angels, archangels and guides, we look at your challenges in a space that is safe, nonjudgmental and gentle. A place where you can receive and assimilate your guidance and healing in peace and joy. Aura cleansing and balancing, hands-on and distance energy work, spirit retrieval and reconciliation, intuitive readings.
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Flagstaff Center For Compassionate Communication, Arizona http://www.compassionatecommunication.org
Envisions a world where everyone's needs are met peacefully. Our mission is to facilitate the creation of life-serving systems within ourselves, our relationships, organizations, and social structures.
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Flower Essences And Aromatherapy From Tree Frog Farm http://www.treefrogfarm.com
All natural flower essences and aroamtherapy blends created on a micro eco-farm and wildlife sanctuary for the benefit of all beings.
added 01 Feb 2005 - Report Error

Freehealing http://freehealing.org
We offer free distant spiritual healing and/or reiki healing - depending on your choice of healing modality. Our site also includes a comprehensive section of healing testimonials.
added 28 Jul 2004 - Report Error

Good Works On Earth http://www.goodworksonearth.org/
Thirteen years of research into the art and science of the Lexigram has proven Linda Goodman's intuitions were absolutely correct in chapter 8 of her book, Star Signs. Our words carry more power than we have been led to believe, or dared imagine. Find out how our words, and our names, can heal us so easily.
added 28 Dec 2001 - Report Error

Grabovoi-petrov Based New Russian Knowledge Workshops http://www.azura-zenter.org/
Azura Zenter Thailand is offering 5-day/6-night all inclusive self-help workshops and seminars on organ and tooth regeneration and other powerful techniques, based around the concepts and teachings of the New Russian Knowledge founder Grigori Grabovoi and his student Arcady Petrov.
added 12 Mar 2011 - Report Error

Guided Meditation And Emotional Healing http://www.axelg.com
Let me share my insights and experiences with you. Download free guided meditations and establish yourself on your path to liberation.
added 21 May 2008 - Report Error

Healer And Composer http://www.mvdaily.com/articles/2003/01/barnard1.htm
I am a composer poet and healer. I work with contact and also distant healing.
added 18 Aug 2003 - Report Error

Healing / Paranormal Healer http://www.cybercomm.nl/~healing
Spiritual healing is related to the work of me, Gerrit Hulsbosch, in that both require contact with the spirit world. Spirit guides channel healing energies through the medium into the body of the patient. Many people in this world suffer from physical, mental and emotional illness and pain, and everyone has times when they need to be uplifted.
added 02 Apr 2000 - Report Error

Healing Circle Of Light http://www.trueimage.name
Healing is accepting your true identity in God. Healing is of God. It is the love in you which passeth all understanding because it just is.
added 11 Jan 2008 - Report Error

Healing Crystals http://crystalally.com
The Crystal Ally has been our web home and provider and distributor of rocks, minerals and semi-precious stones for over 10 years. Shop owner James Dillard has a special connection with all pieces he brings in to his store because of his natural gifts and has a family history in geology.
added 01 May 2016 - Report Error

Healing From The Heart http://www.healingone.net
Release pain, stress, and illness in an hour. Experience healing techniques, available only with healing from the heart. By phone, email, or in person. Also available, Reiki training.
added 16 Aug 2004 - Report Error

Healing Heart Acupuncture http://www.healingheartacupuncture.com
Acupuncture practice in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn. Offering traditional Chinese acupuncture, myofascial release therapy and facial rejuvenation acupuncture.
added 17 May 2011 - Report Error

Healing Words http://www.carengoldman.com/
Caren Goldman's website offers books, articles, quotations, affirmations, and other resources and research related to holistic mind, body and spiritual healing processes.
added 09 May 2001 - Report Error

Healings with Relying On Joy http://relyonjoy.tripod.com/healing.html
Healings can be sent long distances very effectively because the healing spirit is available anywhere at all times.
added 06 Dec 2001 - Report Error

Health Journeys http://www.healthjourneys.com/
Belleruth Naparstek's Health Journeys website offers visualization audiotapes, books, research and resources on guided imagery, a complementary medicine and holistic mind and body healing process.
added 19 Aug 2000 - Report Error

Heart Resonance http://www.heartresonance.com
A new consciousness shifting tool that helps align you to the ascension process. It is also a very powerful healing modality.
added 16 Jun 2010 - Report Error

Heartwalk http://www.sedonaheartwalk.com
Get the 'issues out of your tissues' with Integrated Energy Therapy®. Distant sessions available.
added 09 Jul 2008, modified 09 Aug 2013 - Report Error

Heeney Energetics http://heeneyenergetics.com
The Yuen Method is an alternative to the commonly-recommended drugs or surgery of today. A non-invasive and touch-free energy healing method used to accelerate relief from emotional, physical and mental issues. Consultations available over the phone and in-person.
added 16 Jul 2010 - Report Error

High Impact Healing Jewelery, With A Bang. http://q-linkproducts.com/site.php?r=1&sid=15150
Healing jewelry. Feeling worn out, try one for better health today. All purchasing requirements found at the site.
added 25 Apr 2008, modified 27 Jul 2008 - Report Error

Holistic Healing http://www.100megsfree3.com/holistic/
A group of holistic practioners are waiting to help you. We include reiki, eating disorders, relationship support, herbs, psychics and more. Get a free consultation today!
added 01 Mar 2001 - Report Error

Holistic Healing And Alternative Health http://www.healthynewage.com
Natural remedies, alternative health, holistic medicine, natural health, holistic health and healing.
added 11 May 2002, modified 10 Feb 2009 - Report Error

Holistic Healing With Universal Life Energy Charged Pills http://www.angelfire.com/alt2/subtle_energy_healin/ulfepills/
A new and unique way of natural holistic healing in humans, animals and pets by pills charged with universal life force energy (ulfe pills or reiki healing pills).
added 04 Dec 2010 - Report Error

Holistic Mindbody Healing http://www.holistic-mindbody-healing.com
Leading edge information and techniques in natural holistic healing for mind body spirit.
added 07 Apr 2010 - Report Error

Holistic WebWorks http://www.holisticwebworks.com/index.htm
An easy to use, comprehensive website for information and products supporting holistic health and alternative healing practices.
added 09 Jun 2006 - Report Error

Holy Mother Starlight Living British Avatar http://www.avatara.co.uk
Holy Mother Starlight is an avatar who lives and works in England. She helps people from all backgrounds with past lives and spiritual paths.
added 18 Jun 2000, modified 21 Dec 2001 - Report Error

Hypnodepot.com http://www.hypnodepot.com
Discover the secrets of hypnosis and experience the power of self-hypnosis. Free articles, video tutorials and an interactive email course available.
added 24 Feb 2009 - Report Error

Hypnosis Downloads http://www.hypnobusters.com
Top quality hypnosis downloads.
added 02 Jul 2008 - Report Error

Hypnosis For Self-Discovery http://www.discoveringresolutions.com
Through personal experience, I have found that the questions and the answers are within us. My program of "applied self-discovery" assists clients in discovering their own truth behind whatever has them "stuck".
added 29 Jan 2008 - Report Error

Illuminarte Collection http://www.illuminartecollection.com
Art for mind body soul. Art for healing. Brings beauty, inspiration, and healing to everyday life.
added 20 Jan 2009 - Report Error

Integrative Healing Solutions, LLC http://ihealingsolutions.com
A metaphysician, holistic life coach, and RoHun therapist, I help you to reach your potential by healing old emotional wounds and removing negativity so you can begin to reduce stress, experience joy, and attract positive experiences and people into your life.
added 22 Mar 2011 - Report Error

Intuitiv Tr?umen http://www.traum-meder.de
best of dreammaster Harald R. Meder
added 21 Jan 2001 - Report Error

Jeshua Channelings http://www.jeshua.net/index.htm
On this site we present channelled information by Jeshua, a spiritual guide. We started to receive information from him around the middle of 2002 onward. We experience Jeshua as a very sober, clear and true energy.
added 05 May 2003 - Report Error

John Of God http://www.gentletruth.com
Valynda Dupre’ specializes in John of God tours, crystal bed, life coaching, inner child & emotional release, spiritual coaching, Reiki, reflexology, massage, lymphatic drainage, fibromyolgia, chakra, balancing, table tipping, axiatonal alignment, aura cleansing, aura balancing.
added 27 Feb 2009 - Report Error

Joyas Reiki http://www.joyasreiki.com/index.htm
What is Reiki, initiations, symbols, seals, use and applications, meditation and energy healing. In Spanish.
added 07 Mar 2002 - Report Error

K2 Incense Verification Network http://www.k2verified.org
Verification network of retailers and distributors of Authentic K2 Incense Blends.
added 25 Jun 2010 - Report Error

Kathleen's Sedona Healing Sanctuary http://www.kathleenarmstrong.com
Energy healing, Reiki, reflexology, hypnotherapy, intuitive counseling offered in a safe, nurturing healing environment. Reflexology classes & Reiki classes.
added 08 Jan 2008, modified 08 Feb 2010 - Report Error

Kuthumi Hands http://www.kuthumi-hands.com
Christ energy healings at a distance provided by the source of my being, lord Kuthumi.
added 16 Dec 2007, modified 27 May 2008 - Report Error

Laurel McKeever Gillis http://home.earthlink.net/~gillishouse/index.html
Remarkable book of channeled "sharings" of nonplanetary committee members with Joy Jones, who sought help when diagnosed with leukemia. Detailed messages pertain to healing, self-improvement and the nonplanetary life.
added 29 Mar 2001 - Report Error

Leila Medium Psychic Healer http://www.mediumpsychichealer.com/about/
Leila is a dedicated psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient, spiritual development teacher, healer and a medium that has been assisting others in contacting their loved ones on the other side and offering transition assistance for the departed. She communicates closely with the angelic realms.
added 02 Nov 2011 - Report Error

Life Divine http://www.lifedivine.net
The work of ray baskerville - dedicated to evolutionary liberation through the embodiment of spirtual consciousness.
added 03 Apr 2003 - Report Error

Life Of Learning Foundation http://www.guyfinley.org
Nonprofit life of learning foundation in Merlin, Oregon was founded by best-selling author Guy Finley to help individuals realize their true relationship with life through higher self-studies. Regular weekly meetings are open to all who weary of life’s burdens and long to awaken the eternal within.
added 14 Jan 2007 - Report Error

Light Axis Healing http://www.lightaxishealing.com
Healing for your body and your life. Heal physical and emotional disease and trauma. Heal addictions, chronic pain, fears, depression, money issues, having more of what you want. Highly advanced healing technique. Try it for yourself.
added 09 Aug 2010 - Report Error

Listen To And Purchase Guided Meditation MP3s And CDs http://www.mindful-meditations.com
Brad Austen specialises in guided meditation for relaxation, healing and self-discovery. You can listen to and download meditations in MP3 format and in CD format.
added 12 Aug 2011, modified 28 Nov 2012 - Report Error

Maxine Friend Clairvoyant Divination Healer http://www.maxinefriend.com
Voted as most popular psychic in Vancouver, Maxine specializes in tarot card readings, various divination techniques, tea leaf readings and reiki healing.
added 14 Aug 2009 - Report Error

Medium Stockholm http://stockholmmedium.se/
Psychich medium in Stockholm. We provide a wide variety of services. Among them are healing, channeling, yoga, meditation courses and therapy. Contact us to learn more.
added 23 Aug 2019 - Report Error

Merovee's Child http://meroveeschild.wordpress.com/
My views on life and spirituality.
added 06 Mar 2010 - Report Error

Mind Training http://www.mindtraining.net
A self help and mental training site for life, business and sports.
added 07 Nov 2002 - Report Error

Minerals & Witchcraft Store Online Discount http://www.minerals-witchcraft-store.com
Witchcraft store, crystal healing stones & minerals supplies, occult shop online, incenses, jewels, herbals, metaphysical discount.
added 03 Feb 2010 - Report Error

Miriam's Milestones http://crystalsbymiriamsmilestones.com
Pendants wire wrapped of crystals & gemstones with a 4 page info card: healing properties, zodiac, numerology & spiritual guidance on the path of life: Aura Crystals, ruby, moonstone, topaz, iolite, amethysts hearts, butterflies, dragonflies & more.
added 01 Sep 2011 - Report Error

Money Spells http://www.moneyspells.ca
Those who need more money, trying to achieve financial freedom or are seeking money spells should visit this spell caster. Find your spiritual healing for getting out of debt.
added 03 Aug 2008 - Report Error

Music Of Joy: The Spiritual Healing Music Of J. R. Brito http://www.musicbrito.com
Music that promotes spirituality and enjoyment. Inspiring meditation music. Free listening. CDs can be ordered online. You can download DRM-free single songs or full albums directly from the artist's site.
added 15 Apr 2008 - Report Error

Mustika Pearls Healing Crystals Fossils & Shaman Stones http://www.mustikapearls.com
Enhance your mystical development and magickal power by the use of magickal pearls and stones. Use these powerful crystals to amplify magickal spells and rituals. Develop mystical abilities whilst working with nature elemental spirits.
added 06 Feb 2008 - Report Error

Natural And Spiritual Healing Portal Radionics Dowsing http://www.biolifestyle.org/en
Natural and spiritual healing portal includes descriptions of many modalities such as reiki, kinesiology, shiatsu and feng shui. Includes online courses for radionics dowsing and divining system. In multiple languages.
added 02 Dec 2005 - Report Error

Natural Healing http://www.universalonehealing.com/
You have an amazing ability to heal. Discover natural health information and resources based on the art and science of healing the natural way. This site is user friendly with practical, relevant spiritual health information.
added 01 Sep 2011 - Report Error

Natural Health And Acupuncture In Clearwater, Florida http://pathways-to-health.com
Natural health and healing in Clearwater, Fl. Acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, bodywork, energy medicine, bach flower essences, naet, jmt, eft. Hypnosis. Detox programs.
added 04 Oct 2004, modified 20 Mar 2015 - Report Error

Naturopatiaonline - Fm - The Voice Of Wellness http://www.naturopatiaonline.fm/wp/en/
Naturopathy and other holistic natural disciplines told in a different way; easy-going, original and entertaining through podcasting.
added 06 Sep 2010 - Report Error

New Orleans Psychic Healer http://neworleanspsychichealer.wordpress.com/
Psychic healer Tara has been helping clients all over the world for 20yrs. Love and relationship readings, career and investments. Aura readings and cleansing, removing blocks and healing to bring in positive changes.
added 20 Jun 2010 - Report Error

Nightingale Spiritual Healing http://www.nightingalehealing.com
Spirit baby readings (communication with one's future children) fertility hypnosis, past life regression.
added 25 May 2002, modified 11 Jul 2011 - Report Error

NYC Massage http://www.jenawellness.com
The massage sessions performed at the Jena Wellness in NYC alleviate pain, tension and stress in the body and boost energy, and are deeply relaxing to body and mind.
added 20 Mar 2009, modified 26 Mar 2009 - Report Error

Ontario Hypnosis Centre Clinic And School http://www.ont-hypnosis-centre.com
A warm and welcoming place to learn and grow through the power of hypnosis and past life regression.
added 18 Apr 2004 - Report Error

Opening Doorways to Heal http://www.dianaewald.com
The therapies I am trained and certified in are all first and foremost those which change your energy and vibration to change your life, such as spiritual response therapy, craniosacral therapy and Reiki in addition to using Star Flower Essences.
added 23 Jun 2002 - Report Error

Oracle Of Compassion: The Living Word Of Kuan Yin http://www.amazon.com/Oracle-Compassion-Kuan-Eternal-Wisdom/dp/1439225060/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1279385692&sr=1-2
While hypnotizing her client, Lena Lees, Hope Bradford was witness to her spontaneous channeling of Eastern Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin. The Deity's primary messages were that we do indeed create/attract reality and we are on earth to learn compassion.
added 19 Jul 2011 - Report Error

Orange County Reiki Center http://chiflows.com
Reiki, Tai Chi, Qigong & Taoism. Serving Orange County and southern California areas. Group workshops, events and personal coaching available. Using ancient Far Eastern principles, optimizing energy flow for human expressions & health.
added 30 Mar 2003 - Report Error

Oshana Enlightenment Now http://www.oshana.org/
An enlightened teacher shares the secrets of enlightenment, transmission and no-mind awakening via enlightenment intensives, interactive dialogues, satsang and energy-work.
added 06 Oct 2004 - Report Error

Past Forward: Past Life Healing http://www.healpastlives.com/
Are you being harmed by past lives? Find out... At 250+ pages, Past Forward is the one of the biggest sites on past lives you'll find in this lifetime! Our free exercises can help you... enjoy vibrant health! Know more love! Become more abundant in wealth and happiness. You can heal your life today by unlocking the secrets of your past lives now.
added 29 Nov 2000 - Report Error

Past Life Exploration http://www.pastlifereadings.com
Donna Ciaciarella, a visionary of past lives, offers past life readings and information on karma and reincarnation. She includes many soulful letters on her site from people who have had their past lives read and the processes they went through in clearing.
added 30 Mar 2013 - Report Error

Past Life Regression Qhht https://pastliferegressionqhht.com
Your place for energetic healing of the body through a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session. Discover who you really are by connecting with your Higher Self.
added 03 Aug 2017 - Report Error

Past Life Regression with Shala F. Mattingly, Ct.H. http://www.past-life.com
Past life regression therapy is a powerful, safe and inexpensive technique to access your subconscious mind for self-understanding and self-healing.
added 17 Aug 2001 - Report Error

Permanent Allergy Elimination http://www.angelfire.com/space/diode-stone-med/welcome.html
Naet is a technique based on biomagnetic energy which eliminates all types of allergy and related disease.
added 27 Sep 2002 - Report Error

Positive Beginnings http://www.positive-beginnings.com
Great outcomes come from positive beginnings. We offer hypnotherapy, nlp, reiki, life coaching, and more in the raleigh nc area. We are pagan-owned and operated, and alternative lifestyle supportive. We offer seminars periodically and have private sessions. We also offer evening and weekend hours.
added 24 Jul 2004 - Report Error

Posture Alignment Therapy http://www.posture-alignment.com/
Just 20-60 minutes a day using proven Egoscue E-Cises®, (simple exercises), will alleviate pain.
added 23 Jun 2011 - Report Error

Psychic Medium http://livingthroughspirit.net
Tesa Johnston uses her gifts as a psychic medium to allow spirit to work through her. Tesa specializes in emotional healing and finding your soul's true purpose so you can further develop who you are spiritually to live in the light.
added 18 Apr 2010 - Report Error

Psykolog Oslo http://oslospsykolog.no/
Psychotherapist in Oslo, Norway. With healing.
added 15 Feb 2019, modified 15 Feb 2019 - Report Error

Psynergy Wellness - Sallie Keys http://psynergywellness.com
The Akashic records details your past life and this life lesson. Remove negative energy and learn how to manifest a happy life through the Akashic records.
added 03 Jan 2012 - Report Error

Quan San Healing http://famousrowena.tripod.com/
Spiritual healings, crystal healings.
added 20 Jul 2006 - Report Error

RavenCircle http://www.ravencircle.org
Ceremony unites participants with the mysteries of nature, spirits and creation. It is an opportunity to step oustide of ordinary time, beyond language and reason into a sacred realm of understanding, healing and wisdom.
added 21 Jul 2007 - Report Error

Readings By Tiffany http://www.readingsbytiffany.com
Providing respectful, confidential readings via phone, in-person or email. Utilizing channeling, tarot & mediumship. Reiki II practitioner. Located in Mn. Monthly articles. Weekly poll. Enter monthly drawing for a free reading!.
added 07 Jun 2003 - Report Error

Reiki 4 Well Being http://www.reiki4wellbeing.com
As a trained Reiki master/teacher I offer workshops in the Usui system of natural healing and hands-on and distance healing sessions in Atlanta GA. Beneficial for everyone, Reiki is a wonderful healing art for reducing stress and anxiety, promotes physical and emotional healing and relieves pain.
added 30 Jun 2010, modified 02 Jul 2010 - Report Error

Reiki Attunements http://www.hypnosis.demon.co.uk/reiki/index.html
Reiki remote attunements and distance healing. Available in the west midlands.
added 01 Jul 2003 - Report Error

Reiki Healing And Course http://www.spiritconnectionart.com/catalogue
Spirit Connection Art has a wide range of reiki and other energy healings, distant healings, attunements and reiki courses available.
added 09 Jan 2009 - Report Error

Reiki Healing Glastonbury Uk http://www.reikiuk.net
Reiki Healing Glastonbury Uk covers all aspects of Reiki healing. Also covered are, astrology, absent healing and more.
added 20 Mar 2000 - Report Error

Reiki Master Melissa http://pinkgypsy.com/newage/reiki.htm
Reiki master based in Los Angeles available for treatments and classes.
added 27 Sep 2001 - Report Error

Reiki Seichim Masters Of Australia http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com
Reiki Seichim master healer and teacher. Healing and attunements at very reasonable rates.
added 09 Aug 2002, modified 18 Dec 2008 - Report Error

Renamixtech http://www.angelicwords.ca
Self-healing resources, ordained minister of healing, angels, web design.
added 29 Nov 2011, modified 28 Jan 2012 - Report Error

Request Prayer http://www.holylandprayer.com
Offers all Christians send prayer requests to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Holy Land.
added 17 Mar 2010 - Report Error

Rev. Karen Kober http://www.divineheart.org/index
Inspiration for spiritual living. Psychic/medium sessions. Holographic healing energy offered. Guidance of personal spiritual journey - mentor.
added 03 Feb 2011 - Report Error

Rob Scorpio's Spiritual Training Site http://www.scorps8075.4t.com
Rob disscusses various healing techineques and offers many other options on spiritual healing.
added 24 Sep 2004 - Report Error

Romiley Reiki Healing & Psychic Centre http://www.mike-ireland.com
We are a Reiki healing & teaching centre in Cheshire we also do crystal and stone healing psychic clairvoyant readings. We teach Reiki 1 & 2.
added 04 Nov 2007 - Report Error

Rose Ledbetter - Psychic and Master Healer http://www.rosehealer-sedona.com/
Clairvoyant, psychic, and healer. Advisor to Hollywood celebrities and clients worldwide.
added 27 Jan 2001 - Report Error

Sacred Haven http://www.sacredhaven.co.uk
Free online spiritual website offering free development classes. Free healing sessions, free registration, everyone welcome.
added 07 Feb 2009 - Report Error

Samaya Ashram http://www.ashraminthebush.org.au
Samaya Ashram is an experimental school for life open to young spirited men and women who are ready to learn to live their life at the maximum of joy, creativity, sensitivity and awareness with passion and a deep connection to nature.
added 05 Jul 2011, modified 09 Apr 2012 - Report Error

Savina Thompson, Psychic Medium http://www.mediumreadings.com
Savina Thompson is a professional psychic medium, medical intuitive & animal communicator who's been a guest on L.A. radio station KBIG 104.3's nightly show, "Radio Medium," E. Entertainment TV's morning show & has appeared on radio & in print throughout the world.
added 24 Feb 2011 - Report Error

School Of Intuition & Healing http://www.intuitionandhealing.co.uk
Workshops and courses in healing, psychic development, mediumship, medical intuition, spirit release, psychic attack, past lives, dreams, feng shui, channelling, animal healing, guides & angels etc.
added 03 Aug 2010 - Report Error

Sedona Soul Adventures: Personalized Spiritual Retreats http://www.sedonasouladventures.com
Spiritual retreats in stunning and sacred Sedona, AZ.
added 10 Jun 2009 - Report Error

Self-hypnosis Made Ez http://www.selfhypnosismadeez.com
Learn how to hypnotize yourself with our self hypnosis online training tutorial. There is also a free audio induction you can listen to.
added 18 Jun 2007, modified 18 Jun 2007 - Report Error

Soul Clearing Akashic Field Therapy(sm) With CJ Martes http://www.cjmartes.com
CJ Martes is a gifted psychic, mystic and healer who helps release negative patterns using akashic field therapy(sm) soul clearing.
added 12 Feb 2005 - Report Error

Soul Healing - Divine Healing - The Grace Of Shirdi Sai Baba http://evananda.net
Our past karmas can be learning tools, with guidance it is possible to navigate even the most difficult passages in life. Through soul healing and by looking deeply into your past lives and past karmas the veil of suffering is lifted. And the mind and body are then healed.
added 29 Aug 2008 - Report Error

Soul Retrieval And Shamanic Healing Arts http://shamanichealingarts.com
Long-distance soul retrieval and shamanic healing. Illness and difficulty in one's life are often due to a spiritual cause. Shamanic healing simply restores one's vital essence through soul retrieval, and removes spiritual influences that result in difficulties, blockages, or illness.
added 02 Jan 2007 - Report Error

Soul Wisdom's Remote Holographic Psyche Healing http://www.soulwisdom.net
One session of remote holographic psyche healing therapy is many times more effective than multiple sessions provided by body work and/or psychotherapy. If you insist on emotional well-being and joy, drop by our site to learn how to obtain relief from subconsciously-held trauma !
added 15 Feb 2000 - Report Error

Spirit Guidance http://www.spiritguidance.com
Provides free help/spiritual guidance to anyone who needs guidance about common life issues.
added 14 Mar 2000 - Report Error

Spirit Of Sophia http://www.thespiritofsophia.co.uk
Helping you to make the most of your life. Holistic/spiritual coaching, stress management, free reiki healing, tarot readings, relaxation CDs and gemstone jewellery.
added 27 May 2009 - Report Error

Spirit Pathways http://www.spiritpathways.co.za
Kate is a spiritual healer, teacher, channel and writer. Her own personal path of healing lead her to create this website, and to develop educational and healing processes for helping others.
added 12 Oct 2008, modified 02 Aug 2010 - Report Error

Spiritual Counselor And Energy Healer http://WWW.RONSPIRITUALCOUNSELOR.COM
People have credited our work together as saving their lives, and changing their lives for the better.
added 18 Dec 2011 - Report Error

Spiritual Growth - Tantra Workshops http://alegraluz.com
These unique and exceptional Tantra and Tantra massage workshops focus on your life force energy.
added 14 Feb 2007 - Report Error

Spiritual Healing http://members.tripod.com/~Rev_Jenni/healing.html
Submit your healing request and/or assist in the healing of others
added 20 Jan 1999 - Report Error

Spiritual Healing Ireland Monica Walsh Laser Dynamic Healing http://www.monicawalsh.com
Ireland's foremost spiritual healer, tested by RTE-TV in Kenny Live "Gift Healers" progs. Patient testimonies featured on many TV progs. Spiritual/ emotional/ mental/ physical. Spiritual teacher & healer-trainer. Registered Healer & Member Doctor-Healer Network, UK.
added 30 Aug 2006 - Report Error

Spiritual Path For Health And Well Being http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com
Online counseling for your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health using channeled guidance from God, the archangels and spiritual guides for a balanced state of health and well-being.
added 14 Feb 2011 - Report Error

Spiritualist Center http://www.spiritualistcenter.org
Healing ministry, with certified healer, mediums & trance-mediums for over 30 years. Channeled sessions on tape now available. Many services offered.
added 02 Mar 2002 - Report Error

Starorchid http://starorchid.net
Dedicated to the Great White Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light,the Ascended Masters, etc as realized by Li Lan Chan El-Lah-Rah. Describes Li Lan's healing work - MSST method of healing , Matrix Plus (M+) and M+ Modules, and how to make soul contract changes, do karmic releases.
added 06 May 2012 - Report Error

Stillpoint Institute & School of Advanced Energy Healing http://stillpoint.org
Noted medical intuitive and author, Meredith Young-Sowers, provides training for intuitive healing coaches at the Stillpoint School of Advanced Energy Healing. Free angelic messenger card readings on web site. Visit the Stillpoint Community.
added 01 Mar 2000 - Report Error

Susan Pie' http://www.spiritfriend.com
Healing arts practitioner and spiritual medium in private practice since 1994. Akashic records clearing, energy clearing in homes and offices, distance readings, healings. Reiki attunements, introductory talks, advanced programs.
added 23 Nov 2008 - Report Error

Tai Chi Society http://www.taichisociety.com
Tai Chi & Qigong classes in Australia. Tai Chi & Qigong instructional DVDs. Tai Chi Society has been teaching Tai Chi for six generations.
added 12 Feb 2007 - Report Error

Tarot Card Reading - Guided Meditation - Healing Portraits http://www.sinceretarot.com
Accurate and precise tarot card reading website. Megan Jackson is an experienced and caring reader specialising in love tarot, offering affordable readings; guided meditation and healing portraits.
added 19 Sep 2011 - Report Error

Teresa Communicates http://www.Teresacommunicates.com/
Teresa is a spiritual medium gifted since the age of four, who communicates with loved ones, angels, teachers and guides on the other side.
added 05 Jul 2001, modified 20 Feb 2002 - Report Error

The Aetherius Society http://www.aetherius.org/
The aetherius society, founded in 1955 by the late western master of yoga, Dr. George King, is a worldwide spiritual organization comprised of people dedicated to help heal and uplift humanity through spiritual action.
added 09 Sep 2006 - Report Error

The Aumara Light & Healing Circle - A Place For Healing And Inspiration http://www.aumara.com
Embark on a spiritual journey with distant healing, choose your personal healing crystal, join us in global meditation, browse through our inspiration gallery and on-line bookstore, and much more.
added 24 May 2000 - Report Error

The Dragon And Phoenix Healer http://www.drleakelley.com/
Experienced holistic doctor, licensed acupuncturist, chiropractor, herbalist. Offering holistic, needle-free facials, homeopathy, sports injury rehabilitation, microcurrent color light, auriculotherapy, neuro emotional technique, blood chemistry/nutritional analysis and eeg neurofeedback.
added 02 Oct 2008 - Report Error

The Force Of Transformation http://www.forceoftransformation.com
Beautiful, other-worldly flash site with cool multi-dimensional content. Spiritual weblog, articles, cartoons, artwork (mandalas, paintings, drawings, digital imaging, web design, animation, music), healing.
added 16 Jul 2003, modified 21 Feb 2008 - Report Error

The Healing Light Institute Of Spirituality http://www.healinglightinstituteofspirituality.com
Dedicated to the promotion of spiritual development and personal well-being based on the universal spiritual principle that is ‘God is Love.’
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The Healing Weekend At Secret World, Somerset http://www.thehealingweekend.co.uk
The Healing Weekend 2013 at Secret World Wildlife Rescue, Somerset 12th,13th,14th July 10am to 6pm. Admission £5 (children under 14 free). Around 180 stands, workshops, talks, performances, activities for children, evening shows & more. Camping, free parking & great food.
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The Holistic Web Complementary Health Directory http://the-holistic-web.co.uk
The Holistic Web is the most comprehensive dedicated online alternative health directory in the UK - find holistic therapists & complementary medicine practitioners in your town/city.
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The Living Word Of Kuan Yin: Edition Il http://www.mobipocket.com/en/eBooks/BookDetails.asp?BookID=34448&Origine=1532
The beautiful story of how the spoken word of the eastern Goddess of compassion: Kuan Yin was channeled by a mother of three.
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The Oracle http://ww.theoracle.cjb.net
World class psychic, author, speaker, healer, instructor, minister, and media personality brings a collection of thoughts, philosophies, and great information together in an exciting manner.
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The Psychics Blog http://thepsychicsblog.blogspot.com/
Personal thoughts and experiences regarding the psychic perspective.
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Tony Samara Humanitarian Alliance http://www.tonysamara.org
Tony Samara is visited by people from all parts of the world and from all walks of life, seeking spiritual guidance or simply the experience of being in his presence. He is a mirror of what is possible, a bridge leading us away from our limitations to the essence of who we are.
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Travelling the Sacred Sound Current: Keys for Conscious Evolution http://www.soundcurrent.net
"In a world thirsting for harmony a new song will unfold" New sound healing book/cd - a treasure of spiritual sound teachings "Rresonates with deep beauty, peace and truth" Amazon "The everything you ever wanted to know about sound book" Napra Review
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Triggers Of An Asthma http://asthmamedix.livejournal.com/
Causes of asthma that affects every part of the body and mind,but precautions and asthma medications can pose a risk of such dieases.
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True Tantra... Ignite Your Sacred Sexuality, Amsterdam & Spain http://www.truetantra.eu
Experience and learn at the same time Kahula ancient techniques on the hands of a Tantrika. Private sessions, workshops, training and retreats.
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UK Animal Healer Reiki For Animals http://www.ukanimalhealer.co.uk
Pet healing, Reiki healing & crystals for all animals by Niki. Cats, dogs, horses. Sheffield, excellent testimonials and only positive reports from my clients. I have over 20 years experience in healing work, on people please see my website.
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Vedic Astrology Signs,indian Vedic Astrology Online http://www.vedicastrologysigns.com
Engaged in providing vedic astrology based on your moonsign including vedic astrology predictions/vedic Horoscope, vedic Astrological Predictions, online vedic astrological consultation with expert jyoitish acharya sapna.
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Vedik Healing http://www.vedikhealing.com/
Holistic health services for promoting balance, vitality, stress relief, pain relief and mental clarity. Located in Encinitas, CA.
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Violet Rose Reiki http://violetrosereiki.com
I am a certified Usui Ryoho Reiki master/teacher & Karuna Reiki © master giving healing sessions and teaching levels 1 through master on Long Island, NY. For me, Reiki is not just energy, Reiki is love, unconditional, pure, healing, restorative love.
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Vivid Existence http://www.vividexistence.com
Turn up the volume on your radiance. Vivid existence combines the movement, therapeutic and healing arts to awaken us to our oneness with life. Connect to body and heart with leela?s gentle private sessions or experiential group workshops.
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Waking Up Groggy http://wakingupgroggy.wordpress.com/
Support to help you through your awakening/ascension process. Resources and information provided to assist you in healing yourself including a blog with current energies and happenings.
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World Blessings Spiritual Healing And Prayer http://www.worldblessings.com
Offers free prayer and spiritual healing support for people of all faiths. Daily meditations, inspirational prayer list, guided meditations, spiritual guidance for personal & planetary transformation.
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Yoga http://knowledge.shorturl.com
Yoga is for those who try to understand.
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Yoga Vidya Centers and Ashrams in Germany http://www.yoga-vidya.de/
Yoga classes and courses, German Yoga teacher directory, hundreds of online articles and online books, webshop. Huge link list. A wealth of information on Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, spirituality and alternative health.
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Yongiway http://www.yongiway.com
Master Yong Teng Lim has enlightened and helped many across the world with his simple and effective teaching methods (the YongiWay methods). Yong?s healing is free, including spirit/psychic surgery for which he is world renowned.
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Zentactics - Child Abuse Recovery http://www.zentactics.com
Are you having trouble with anger, depression, self-esteem, or relationship issues? Find the practical personal development skills to help you deal with these problems and others caused by child abuse.
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