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Bloch Healing Seminars In Cheshire & Manchester http://bloch-healing.co.uk
Whatever type of healing work you do, there are fundamental principles that you can bring to your work to make it more effective for your clients and more rewarding for you. These one-day seminars are opportunities for healers to come together and work on these principles.
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The Hearts Center Community http://www.theheartscenter.org
We offer up-to-date inspiration from the ascended masters for spiritual seekers. Learn about the ascension, meditation and more.
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Asia Yoga Conference http://www.asiayogaconference.com
The conference will be on 1-4 June 2007 and will be Asia’s largest yoga conference with over 40 of the world’s most respected Indian, western and local yoga masters.
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Isha, The Consciousness Revolution http://www.isha.com
Isha is a modern visionary. As a contemporary woman who has reached enlightenment, Isha offers no belief system; she simply shares her own experience. ˝ the experience of someone who has broken through the illusion of duality and perceives the eternal truth that lies beyond.
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Joan Ocean's Dolphin Connection Seminars http://www.joanocean.com
Joan Ocean has been connecting people with dolphins,whales and ETs for over twenty years with events and seminars.
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Mind Spirit Network http://www.mindspiritnetwork.com
Live online 24/7 mind body and spirit festival. Create or attend workshops, talks, readings, events and shows using webcams voice and text.
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Your New Way Forward http://www.anewwaynow.com/
1 day life tools intensive addressing the major life issues of love, work and money from a position of strength and understanding... and a little fun. Sunday, May 23,2010. Sacramento, CA.
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