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Christian Forums At GraceCentered http://www.gracecentered.com/christian_forums
Message forums for Christians to discussion the God, the bible, relationships and other issues.
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Dionysus Forums http://www.dionysus.org/forums/
Welcome to the Dionysus Forums, where you can discuss issues about science, religion or, anywhere in between. It is the place to come though, if you wish to discuss the nature of your soul and, what it means to be spiritual.
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Free To Find The Truth! http://freetofindthetruth.forumotion.com/portal.htm
A new forum and chat site that focuses on finding ones own spiritual path to God. With a mixture of political agendas, the affects on one's spiritual growth, lies taught to Christians and followers of Christ. We dare to go into the unknown trusting only God to be our teacher.
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Real Christian Singles http://www.realchristiansingles.com
Helping Christian singles form dating relationships and maybe even find true love.
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Sikhism Philosophy Network http://www.sikhphilosophy.net
An interfaith Sikh discussion forum critically analysing philosophy of Sikhism and world religions, offers live Gurbani Kirtan, Sikhism articles, Sikh news, live chat, community gallery, free fun games. Come and explore your understanding of spirituality and Sikh philosophy.
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Spiritboard - The Web's Leading Spiritual Forum! http://www.spiritboard.net/
Spiritual forum with a wide variety of categories and topics, including ascension, body and earth changes, channeling, meditation, obe, dreams, spirts, and many more. Instant, automated sign up, nice features, e.g. subscriptions to topics can be selected.
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A Mystical Wonders Group http://mysticalwonders.org
A group for people of all fields to converse and share info on a wide range of topics - magick, mind power, manifestation, radionics, psionics and alot more.
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Akashic Temple Of Wisdom: Psychic And Magick Forum http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Akashic_Temple_Of_Wisdom/
New age and spirituality group. Feel free to post about psychic abilities, angels, near death experiences, ghosts, soulmates, spirit guides, past lives, the tarot, magick spells and more!
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Angel Paths Tarot And Healing Forums http://www.angelpaths.com/phpbb3/
Friendly forums discussing tarot, healing, crystals and related spiritual topics.
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Astral Hearts http://astralhearts.com
Personal ads and classifieds for people around the world who share spiritual and metaphysical interests from astrology to yoga. Categories include romance, friendship and business.
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Blazing Hearts Castle http://blazingheartscastle.forumotion.co.uk/
Virtual spiritual castle community. Discussion of life from spiritual angle. Online workshops, events and interfaith services.
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Esoteric Spirituality http://northernway.org/weblog
Join us to discuss esoterica and the broader mysteries of the western wisdom tradition, crack the mysteries of the Davinci code, restore the sacred feminine to Judeo-Christianity from which she was yanked, study the sacred union teachings of Mary Magdalene, Sophia, the Knights Templar and much more.
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Freespirits Forum http://freespirits.forumup.com/index.php?mforum=freespirits
International spiritual forum.
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Heaven's Child Astrology for babies & children http://www.heavenschild.com.au
Astrological advice for parents, extensive section on the ages of childhood. Question and answer board.
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Jehovahs Witnesses Forum And Recovery Site http://exjehovahswitnessforum.yuku.com
Moderated discussion group for former Jehovah's Witnesses or any seeking paths beyond the JW Organization. General aims are with support issues, open exchange of information, and education. Any interested in the JWs are invited.
added 14 Jun 2010 - Report Error

Light Worker http://lightworker.org
We are a resource site dedicated to the spreading and sharing of information relating to ascension and healing.
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Mikkel2 Message Boards http://mikkel2.proboards52.com/index.cgi
This is a forum for spiritualists to discuss the world of spirit with likeminded people.
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Now-for-you http://now-for-you.com/forum/index.php
A forum for discussion and teaching of present moment awareness as taught by Eckhart Tolle, J. Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi and others. All are welcome.
added 26 Mar 2006 - Report Error

Perceived Reality http://perceivedreality.freeforums.org/index.php
A new dynamic forum, with chat, discussing various spiritual, esoteric, conspiracy theories, 2012, sacred geometry, meditation, prophecies, illusion, astral journeying, shamanism, healing and all alternative subjects of chat and discussion. Friendly and dynamic forum.
added 19 Dec 2010 - Report Error

SacredDance http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sacreddance/
This is a place where you can express your views, ideas, and inspiration about your spiritual journey. Sacred dance is a path where we all come to realize that we are all on the same road to the great spirit and we are all truly one big family here on this beautiful planet called earth.
added 27 Feb 2002 - Report Error

Sananda's Eagles http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SanandasEagles/
Open e-mail forum for those upon any path or spiritual endeavor, in an atmosphere of non-judgment, unconditional love and sharing.
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Serendipity http://www.readings-at-serendipity.co.uk/
Free psychic, angel, tarot, oracle readings. I don't charge for my services.
added 13 Jul 2008 - Report Error

Spirit Lights http://www.spirit-lights.piczo.com
A welcoming online spiritual community. We cover many subjects here, including: mediumship, tarot, spiritual development, dreams, meditation, crystals, reiki, inspirations, healing and much more. We have a members chatroom and message board forum. We also hold development classes.
added 27 Sep 2006 - Report Error

Spiritcharms Forum http://www.spiritcharms.co.uk
Established spiritual and life chat forum. Discussing spiritualism, psychic and mediumship. Free photo readings for members and also a practice area for members wanting to learn and develop their psychic and mediumship abilities. A very friendly forum.
added 23 Aug 2009 - Report Error

Spirithelp http://homepage.ntlworld.com/spirithelp/
natural spiritual british medium offering help when you request a postal reading a personal touch by a friend who understands.
added 05 Aug 2000, modified 15 May 2003 - Report Error

The Cailleach http://thecailleach.1fr1.net/forum.htm
A pagan cooking forum, we the readers and can make friends and swap sabbat ideas.
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The Elias Forum http://www.eliasforum.org
provide information offered by elias - the ??energy personality essence?? channeled by mary ennis: introduction, 10,000+ pages of 1996-present transcripts, 4,000+ pages of digests, exercises, links, 450+ random quotes, and supporting resources.
added 30 Jan 2002, modified 13 May 2003 - Report Error

The Light In Our Hearts http://www.heartoflight.forumwise.com
A sanctuary created for the sharing of 'spirituality' and 'beliefs'.
added 06 Jun 2006 - Report Error

The Simple Truth http://breboco.com
Messages from Mother God, Father God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Mother Mary. Inspirational writing and poetry.
added 27 May 2002, modified 12 Oct 2010 - Report Error

The WorldWide Spiritual Connection http://groups.myspace.com/WorldWideSpiritualConnection
A spiritual place where all over the world may come to share experiences, events, ideas and thoughts on spiritual topics. Group has chatroom which supports audio and video.
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