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Awaken Your Spirit At Spiritual-short-stories.com! http://www.spiritual-short-stories.com
A unique collection of spiritual short stories that awaken your spirit and remind us of the inner truths within us all.
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Metaphysical Sketchbook http://metaphysicalsketchbook.blogspot.com/
A journal of discovering and living a metaphysical life. Original artwork accompanies the entries.
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Spirit Plaza Community ~ The Spiritual Social Network http://www.spiritplaza.com
A spiritual community for spiritually openminded. This social network is like the spiritual facebook. Registration is free and anyone can join.
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Astral Hearts http://astralhearts.com
Personal ads and classifieds for people around the world who share spiritual and metaphysical interests from astrology to yoga. Categories include romance, friendship and business.
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Austyn Wells - Spiritual Medium http://www.austynwells.com
Austyn is a spiritual medium & shaman. She is a past life & soul regressionist, energy healing practitioner and spiritual teacher. A veteran of over 1,500 private and corporate events, she is upbeat, accurate, and inspiring.
added 03 Dec 2009, modified 21 Feb 2011 - Report Error

Circle of Light - Center for an Awakening Humanity http://www.circleoflight.net
Tender, inspiring, uplifting joy-filled messages from God on soul mates, sacred sexuality and spiritual awakening as well as messages from animals and nature. Also a beautiful new book: ?Say Yes to Love, God Explains SoulMates? is available.
added 14 Mar 2002 - Report Error

Cosmic Potential http://cosmicpotential.blogspot.com
A place to explore how humans interact with the cosmos. The aim is to for the general public to be aware of their spiritual needs and to be open-minded to the wisdom of ancient teachings.
added 12 Apr 2008, modified 21 Aug 2011 - Report Error

Dialogue with Amon Hotep http://amonhotep.com
All who want to develop and reconnect to the inner higher self.
added 30 Dec 1999 - Report Error

Flagstaff Center For Compassionate Communication, Arizona http://www.compassionatecommunication.org
Envisions a world where everyone's needs are met peacefully. Our mission is to facilitate the creation of life-serving systems within ourselves, our relationships, organizations, and social structures.
added 22 Feb 2004 - Report Error

LightNet - Alternative Science, Planetary Healing, Products http://www.lightnet.co.uk
Lightnet (home to the Earth Healing Forum) covers lightworking, planetary healing, astrology, new age, the Merkaba and sacred geometry, as well challenging conventional reality by providing scientific articles on related subjects.
added 04 Nov 1999 - Report Error

Mystic Familiar Psychic & Spiritual Chat Free Psychic Forum http://www.mysticfamiliar.com
Psychic, spiritual & enlightenment topics we share & learn from each other. Free psychic medium readings, healing, development classes if you subscribe to chat. Free psychic forum, free esoteric information, astrology, angels, crystals, dreams, shamanism, spiritualism, tarot & more. Mystic shop .
added 17 Jan 2005, modified 15 Apr 2007 - Report Error

Oneness - True Faith http://www.wizanda.com
Open discussion on all religions and beliefs, forums on all aspects of spirituality. The site offers the ability to post articles, poetry, news, links, polls and chat about spiritual subjects.
added 26 Aug 2004, modified 07 Mar 2008 - Report Error

Pagan Circle Group on Keen http://www.keen.com/groups/homepage.asp?gid=5470
A group dedicated to providing information, support, and advice for those of a pagan path.
added 24 Feb 2003 - Report Error

Psychic Medium Jean Foster http://www.jeanfoster.com
Midlands-based renowned psychic medium and healer. Also provides Bach flower therapy, evenings of clairvoyance, workshops, energy clearing, spiritual counselling, animal communicator.
added 09 Aug 2009, modified 02 Mar 2011 - Report Error

PsychicToday https://psychictoday.com/
Browse our trusted professionals to find a reading that's perfect for you. Our site has psychics, mediums, tarot professionals and more who are available to chat over the phone.
added 11 May 2021 - Report Error

Reiki 8 https://reiki8.com
Informative website about Reiki and its practice: Courses and levels, their relationship with yoga and other disciplines, as well as recommendations for use of symbols.
added 31 Aug 2016, modified 04 Jul 2018 - Report Error

Relationship Coach http://www.susancampbell.com
Learn how honest communciation can be a spiritual awareness practice. Develop an unshakeable sense of inner freedom and safety that does not depend on others' opinions of you. Learn the 10 truth skills needed for an authentic life.
added 13 Jan 2002 - Report Error

Sexual Astrology http://www.sexualastrology.com
Sexual astrology and love horoscope - read how the stars influence your sex life. Sexual compatibility between astrological signs, free yearly, monthly, and weekly horoscope and forecast. Chinese astrology and horoscope archive.
added 13 Aug 2006 - Report Error

The Project Sanctuary Players Portal http://projectsanctuary.com/main
Channelling, meditations, spontaneous insights, creative travels, communicating with higher aspects - come play the greatest game on earth.
added 22 Jan 2005 - Report Error

The Virtual Nun http://www.virtualnun.blogspot.com
This is the blog of one of one of the co-founders of the "sisters of embracement" it discusses life from a spiritual viewpoint.
added 20 Dec 2006 - Report Error

The Virtual Nun http://www.virtualnun.blogspot.com/
This is a daily column written by a nun who is one of the founding members of the sisters of embracement.
added 30 Dec 2006 - Report Error

Think It Out http://www.thinkitout.net
Looking for a different kind of self help? Our In Touch Methods™ for communication & self improvement are powerful, effective awareness and communication skills and tools that change and enrich life. Books, clinics, free membership, info, newsletters, articles, Q&A, fun greeting cards, and more.
added 23 Apr 2008, modified 08 Sep 2008 - Report Error

What The Lady Knows http://www.whattheladyknows.com
A personalized online tarot and rune reading site. Get a reading via email, or make an appointment for a "live" online chat reading with Amber or Donna.
added 09 Apr 2004 - Report Error

Whispers From The Forest http://www.whispersfromtheforest.com
Offering spiritual findings, discussions and exploration to further our spiritual evolution. Bookmark the blog and follow me on Twitter. Love & peace.
added 29 Jan 2011 - Report Error

Who is the Free Spirit Centre http://www.freespiritcentre.info
A virtual centre where like-minded free spirits connect from around the world.
added 18 May 2002, modified 19 May 2002 - Report Error

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