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Alexander Material http://www.alexandermaterial.com/
The Alexander Material is a body of books channeled by Ramon Stevens over 20 years; including Conscious Life (how we create our reality); Earthly Cycles (reincarnation); Spirit Wisdom II (global warming and terrorism). Endorsed by Rob Butts, husband of Jane Roberts (author of the Seth Material).
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Angellus http://Angellus.8m.com
Angelic healing, angelic workshops and angelic portraits of your own angel. Open yourself to the presence of the angels already around you. To be aware of these loving beings in your life is a wonderful experience that brings peace, and immeasurable joy.
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Are You Ready To Create A Shift In Your Life? Ask Angels! http://www.ask-angels.com
Free channeled messages every Wednesday evening. Ask-angels offers you the chance to experience the relief, comfort, guidance and healing that comes with channeled messages from archangels and spirit guides, for free.
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Aromatherapy For Your Soul With Dr Hartmann http://aromatherapy4soul.com
The energy of aromatherapy essential oils explained in stories and pictures by Dr Hartmann, author of "Aromatherapy For Your Soul", "Creative Aromatherapy" and "The Magic Garden".
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Atlantis And The Atlanteans http://www.atlantis-and-atlanteans.org/
Atlantis. The teachings of Thoth the Atlantean expounded in the emerald tablets. Hermes Trismegistus. The divine Atlanteans continue their work of helping people. Divine alchemy.
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Channeling.net - (formerly known as Spiritual Connection) http://www.channeling.net/
Extensive channeling site with teachings from high spirit guides and angels. Online book "the path of light" by emmanuel, "messages of light" channeling section, an active forum ("spiritboard"), healing circle, and much more. Frequently updated.
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College of Christ Consciousness http://www.trans4mind.com/mother_mary/index.html
The official website of the teaching of sacred knowledge from Mary, mother of Jesus, as channeled by Jeanne Hatch. Free lessons in Christ consciousness are offered.
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Derrick Whiteskycloud Psychic Medium Counsellor http://www.whiteskycloud.com
Derrick is a psychic/medium, that makes himself available to the spirit world to receive messeges from those who have passed over to the other side, he uses this gift to prove to all that life does exist after death.
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God Speaks http://www.godspeakstoday.info/
God speaks about himself, the evolution, the meaning of our lives, what the religion must be, how to achieve the perfection, how to cognize him and become one with him.
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Inward Journey - Gateway To Expansion http://www.inwardjourney.com
Online resource for channeling, meditation, angels, and spiritual growth. Dedicated to assisting your journey of self-discovery by providing tools and resources to help you discover your inner source of power.
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Romalia & Devi : Progressive Channeled Wisdom For The Dawnin http://progressivesouls.tripod.com
Over-soul being, Romalia, speaks through channel Devi to offer balanced spiritual wisdom and transformative oracular messages to those who earnestly seek it. Email consultations are available.
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Spiritual Teachings From Apostle Paul http://www.messagesfromapostlepaul.zohosites.com
Spiritual teachings channeled by the Apostle Paul of Tarsus to Diamantino Coelho Fernandes. Published in Brazil in 1970 as part of The New Order of Jesus and The Great Crusade of Elucidation.
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Talking To Spirit http://www.talkingtospirit.com
New channeling every day from guides and folk in spirit. A refreshing and sometimes humorous look at valid advice for everybody. Channeled material, readings, recipes, tips on how to channel and an archived collection of daily channeling.
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The New Order Of Jesus http://www.channeledmessagesfromjesus.zohosites.com
Messages from Jesus Christ channeled by the Apostle Thomas to medium Diamantino C. Fernandes. Published in Brazil in 1970.
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Trance Medium Edna Tooper http://www.culiut.com/
Edna Topper is a trance medium, shaman and master from Israel. She teaches channeling, meditation and heals karmatic traumas.
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Wisdom Of The Guardian http://www.wisdomoftheguardian.com
Archangel Michael shares his spiritual wisdom on a wide assortment of topics, including how to improve your finances, relationships, and work. He also offers his advice for how to stop war, create peace on earth, and prepare for heaven on earth.
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A Session With Spirit http://www.sessionswithspirit.info/index.html
Connection to your spiritual support team of guides/angels via cosmic communicator Rose Campbell. Cincinnati Ohio based, but sessions available anywhere via remote method. 16 years experience.
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Afterlife Files http://afterlifefiles.blogspot.com
Over the years i have been given the grace of being taken by guides, in my out-of-body dreams, to experience places in the afterlife worlds. On this journal-site, I have some of these experiences written up, so that you may read them.
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Akashic Records Readings http://sanandaseagles.com/pages/services.html
Accesses the akashic soul records, telling you 'who' you are on 4 levels of your being, origins, soul name, past lives and current mission.
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Albert Greco ~ Psychic Medium http://albertgreco.6te.net
Albert Greco is a respected psychic medium conducting spirit sessions for a grieving family to speak with a deceased loved one, pet spirit sessions for pet owners to speak with a deceased pet, as well as guardian angel, past life, or soul mate sessions for those seeking spiritual guidance.
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Alloya http://www.alloya.com
A channelled website from many different dimensional beings. A free on line book "The Mission of the One Star". Soul readings provided, find where you came from before coming to earth.
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Andy Porter - Psychic Surgeon http://www.andy-porter.co.uk
Andy Porter psychic surgeon working with spirit guide "Chen" offering healing and hope.
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Animal Wellness http://holisticanimal.com
Offering you animal communication, homeopathic consultations and remedies, quality food, books, and information for the animals you know and love. We provide diverse holistic veterinary health care.
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Ascended Masters Newsletter http://www.expansionpublishing.com/html/free_newsletter.html
Free newsletter with channeled material from the Ascended Masters as well as occasional information about new books, workshops, or related matters.
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Beloved Publications The Teachings Of Mother Mary http://www.belovedpublications.com/
This site connects you to Mother Mary as channeled by Danielle Gibbons through live events, ongoing classes, and recorded media.
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Book Of Life 3 http://bol.4t.com
Words, thoughts and deeds, channeled while connected to the human consciousness and published as chapters of a book on online.
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Born To Inspire http://www.borntoinspire.com
Spiritual author/public speaker Barbara Rose inspires you to create the highest vision of your life. How to receive advance information from God in writing, contacts, articles, books, and useful information will inspire you to transform your life, and become your highest self.
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Celestial Vision By Dl Zeta & Peter Phalam http://www.celestialvision.org
We are intuitives, astrologers, life coaches, channels and metaphysical authors. We help people transform their lives and become spiritual teachers.
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Channeled, Psychic, And Crystal Ball Readings http://www.anitaburns.info
Anita, a 40 year veteran of metaphysics and spirituality, offers channeling, psychic, tarot, and crystal ball readings in person or on the phone. Clear, no-nonsense advice from your higher self and guides. Visit the website for more info and to schedule and appointment.
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Channeling The Herald http://www.channeling-theherald.ca/index.html
Speaking through Windsor, Ontario based deep trance psychic, Sheila M. Street, the Herald, a superconcious group source provide love, wisdom and practical spiritual advice. By appt. only. Phone or in-person sessions, d/l mp3 recording. Group & lecture sessions avail by phone also.
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Circle of Light - Center for an Awakening Humanity http://www.circleoflight.net
Tender, inspiring, uplifting joy-filled messages from God on soul mates, sacred sexuality and spiritual awakening as well as messages from animals and nature. Also a beautiful new book: ?Say Yes to Love, God Explains SoulMates? is available.
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Conversations With Tamaara http://www.tamaara.com
Tamaara is an unconditionally loving non-physical consciousness who offers one-on-one sessions as well as group classes to assist us on our spiritual path.
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Dale Evans - Intuitive Facilitator http://www.frontiernet.net/~adani/dale/
Dale Evans is a communicator offering individualized and unique consulting and coaching (both online and in person) based on the premise that no one needs fixing. We are who we are because it is purposeful for us and is providing us value fulfillment. Dale is a facilitator of energetic exchanges in self acceptance, belief identification, meditation, dreams/dream interpretation, trans-focal exchanges and energy center alignment.
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Diana Speaks To The World http://www.angelfire.com/mb2/diana_speaks/
Princess Diana's words of wisdom and peace for our troubled times through channel Marcia McMahon. Princess Diana's message of peace by Marcia McMahon is featured here.
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Discover Samuel - channeled by Lea Schultz http://www.discoversamuel.com
Practical spiritual teachings of self-empowerment for the awakening and activation of planetary guardians from Samuel, a spiritual energy channeled by Lea Schultz, through transformational channeling.
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Divine Love Divine Truth http://www.divinelovedivinetruth.org
Messages from Jesus and the Celestials, and others. Spiritual progression.
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Dotheo Speaks http://www.dotheo.org/
Dotheo shares messages of love, peace and hope. We also provide practical living instruction on personal as well as community and global levels.
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Dr. Kevin Ross Emery http://www.weboflight.com
Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, a resident of Maine, maintains a private practice focusing on alternative approaches for dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD and ADHD), Spiritual Coaching and Counseling, and Medical Intuition. He is a trance channeler, and he developed the Wei Chi system of Reiki.
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Earth Message Press http://earthmessagepress.com/
Messages of love and guidance channelled by Kay Meade, a trance medium, from a group of beings who call themselves "The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy". Also Reiki healing, Reiki training and attunement services offered in Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast near Wellington, New Zealand.
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Esoteric & Spiritual Astrology by Mermaid http://www.mermaid-uk.net/Esotericfrontpage.htm
Articles on esoteric astrology and astrology from a soul centred perspective.
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Expansion Publishing http://www.expansionpublishing.com/
Expansion Publishing offers books on applied metaphysics, alternative healing and psychotherapy, earth changes, and spiritual growth. The majority of titles contain channeled material from the Ascended Masters. We also offer a free newsletter.
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freestonefiles http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freestonefiles
My out of body experiences of going to see the afterlife. Alien abductions. Earthchange prophecies. Plus... the world trade center: other people's channeled, recieved, intuited experiences. The WTC event as seen from the vantagepoint of spirit, and of the risen souls from it!
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Gallery Of Ascended Masters And Archangels http://AnneCollingwood.8m.com/
Anne Vintner, artist, channels portraits of ascended masters, archangels, and your own guides and angels. Her dreamscapes are inspired, gentle and meditative.
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Guidance, Influences, And Inspirations http://alexisallison.blogspot.com/
Blog that explores different aspects of spirituality, psychic phenomena, angels, kundalini, as well as channeled writings that come through Alexis Allison.
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Higher Frequencies http://www.higherfrequencies.net
9th dimensional Pleiadian collective speaks on various topics as channeled by Wendy Kennedy.
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Inner Whispers Spiritual Newsletter http://www.InnerWhispers.net
Free spiritual newsletter written by highly evolved entities via internationally known open deep trance channel April Crawford.
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Jeshua Channelings http://www.jeshua.net/index.htm
On this site we present channelled information by Jeshua, a spiritual guide. We started to receive information from him around the middle of 2002 onward. We experience Jeshua as a very sober, clear and true energy.
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Krista's Angels http://kristasangels.blogspot.com
Angelic spirits wanting to help you grow spiritually. Expand your heart chakra with Krista. Read free channeled messages from spirit & receive a healing.
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Laurel McKeever Gillis http://home.earthlink.net/~gillishouse/index.html
Remarkable book of channeled "sharings" of nonplanetary committee members with Joy Jones, who sought help when diagnosed with leukemia. Detailed messages pertain to healing, self-improvement and the nonplanetary life.
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Library Of Life http://liboflife.faithweb.com
Contains records, published daily, of thoughts, words and deeds of individuals who is or has lived in this universe.
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Life-changing channeling from Solara http://www.leagueofom.com
Get life-changing, loving, high-level channeled guidance from Solara, a collective of multi-plane entities, through channel Talyaa Liera. Also: shamanic energy healing, destiny readings, art, and Wild & Delicious life forecasts.
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Light Source P'taah http://www.ptaah.com/
Channeled books and tapes by P'taah through Jani King. The Gift, Act of Faith, Tranformation of the Species.
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Light Technology Publishing http://www.lighttechnology.com
Offering books of light that give our readers guidance and benevolent-magic techniques to move them safely through these tumultuous times.
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Light, It's Affirmation http://hometown.aol.com/hope2giveu/index.html
This site contains messages received by Dar who has been transchanneling since 1998 and receives the Messages via automatic writing/typing. They are Messages received through Bright Lights, the name given to the group of light energies she channels.
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Limitlessness http://www.limitlessness.com
Homesite of the Messiah Seed a positive book for spiritual self-empowerment by story waters. Free ebook of the Messiah Seed sampler available for download or reading on the site, plus other articles by the author.
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Maria Whitworth http://www.mariawhitworth.com/
Medium psychic, animal communicator, clairvoyant, medical intuitive, channeled ebook Marilyn Monroe My Story My Life and Journey of the Sphinx.
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Messages From Finola http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MessagesFromFinola/
Webmistress Kim channels messages filled with love, light, hope and inspiration from one of her spirit guides, Finola. Allow Finola's beautiful words to touch your heart and gladden your spirit.
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My Life After Near Death Experiences http://freestone.blogspot.com/
Over the years I have experienced over 100 dreamvisions of places in the afterlife realms. Sure does put my life attitude into a whole different perspective. My journal reflects this difference, as I write about my life.
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Mysterious Circle http://www.mysteriouscircle.com
Witnessing the physical mediumship of the mysterious circle in red light and natural day light.
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New Age Books Of Truth And Inspiration http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NewAgeBooksofTruthandInspiration/?yguid=144199136
The purpose of this group is to gather, preserve, share, discuss, and act in service and unity upon the timeless truth and inspiration found in the new age books of this era (Kosmon / Aquarius).
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New Light Body - Linking The Human And The Divine http://www.newlightbody.org
Offers a physical, energetic, and spiritual foundation for understanding the new consciousness and physical structure that human beings are entering as greater spiritual light manifests on the earth.
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One Life: New Messages From DK http://www.onelifedk.com
Insight for your personal journey from Dwahl Khul through Catherine Bean Weser, DK's channel since 1982.
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Opalescent Nine http://opalescentnine.com
Being in space and time makes sense with the wisdom of Nine, in the writings of Anica and the Pleiadian Renegades.
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Opalescent Words: From Certainty To Harmony http://opalescentwords.wordpress.com
Information and friendly banter from Pleiadian renegade group consciousness with a happy outlook on life on earth, channeled by Amanda R. Ryan.
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Orin and DaBen Channeled Information website http://www.orindaben.com
Many articles on how to channel, how to know if you are ready to channel, weekly book excerpts and meditations, daily affirmations, and much more.
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Planetary Activation Organization http://www.paoweb.com
Sheldan Nidle, representative and lecturer for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy provides weekly updates on first contact, photon belt, Nibiru, cetaceans, ETs. PAO is dedicated to building a galactic society.
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Polaris Rising http://www.polarisrising.com
Polaris is a higher plane being which is composed of some beings known to many: Seth and Michael. Their wisdom is grounded and practical. Private sessions available.
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Psychic Readings & Psychic Classes - Psychic Medium Joy Star http://www.psychicjoystar.com/
Joy Star is a spiritual lighworker and psychic medium offering online psychic development classes & readings. She channels guidance from spirit guides, angels and those crossed over. Many testimonials and psychic articles on website.
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Psynergy Wellness - Sallie Keys http://psynergywellness.com
The Akashic records details your past life and this life lesson. Remove negative energy and learn how to manifest a happy life through the Akashic records.
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Quado Daily Messages http://www.carriehart.com
Daily messages from Quado, full of practical wisdom on how to handle your real-life situations with love and caring connection.
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Rainbow Lady Communications http://www.rainbow-lady.com
A deep trance channeling site featuring Donna Kinniburgh and her spiritual source Reflection. Donna has been Channeling in the style of Edgar Cayce for over 25 years!
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Romiley Reiki Healing & Psychic Centre http://www.mike-ireland.com
We are a Reiki healing & teaching centre in Cheshire we also do crystal and stone healing psychic clairvoyant readings. We teach Reiki 1 & 2.
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Sananda Teaches Ascension http://www.sanandaseagles.com/lessons/lesson_index.html
Free online ascension lessons from the 4-book series entitled 'Sananda teaches ascension', trance-channeled through the body of Debbie Wright.
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Shambala Inter-dimensional Teachings http://www.nyakonakar.com/shambala_en/index.html
I had the privilege to be invated to the inter dimensional city Shambala and I receive many teachings. This is my book on-line where I describe my experience. Nyako Nakar.
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SilentPlace http://www.silentplace.com
A gorgeous site that is filled with wonderful information: An intereactive meditation circle that lights up, answers to toning/meditation questions, current channelings, profound quotes, and a beautiful picture of the angel of harmony.
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Spirit Pathways http://www.spiritpathways.co.za
Kate is a spiritual healer, teacher, channel and writer. Her own personal path of healing lead her to create this website, and to develop educational and healing processes for helping others.
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SpiritLearn http://members.aol.com/spiritlearn
Inspired writings from spirit about the world, spiritual living, health, animals, the environment, spiritual philosophy.
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Spiritual Counselor/Channel for the guides http://hometown.aol.com/starbritehgs26/myhomepage/business.html
I channel souls who have crossed over, spirit guides and healing energy. I am a spiritual counselor, Reiki master and hypnotherapist. I work between worlds. There are no problems, just solutions.
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Spiritual Medium - Intuitive Consultant - Medical Clairvoyan http://TaraBroughten.com
Spiritual medium, intuitive consultant, medical clairvoyant.
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Spiritual Persistence http://www.spiritualpersistence.com
The basic message of spiritual persistence is connection: not connection to an impersonal being or universe, but to ourselves and others. It is about our common destiny, not individual perfection or salvation; and about personal responsibility, not dependence on a deus ex machina.
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Spiritual Science By The University Of Christ http://www.mogenblue.nl
Spiritual science from the Masters of Light up to Christ. Free spiritual books by mediumistic writer Jozef Rulof. Spiritual paintings made by Masters of Light. Free books for all.
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Tamar George, psychic, channel, medical clairvoyant. http://www.tamargeorge.com
Visionary art, channeled information on atlantis, and the connection of atlantis to the mayans, egyptians, celts. Proof of past life, online classes on when are psychics weenies, the truth behind crop circles, manifesting (really) what you want.
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The Academy Of Spiritual Channelers http://4tell.4t.com
Channeling and channeling texts. Definition of channelling with examples. Predictions. Meditation and self help exercise to help with the spiritual quest. Spiritalk.
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The Elias Forum http://www.eliasforum.org
provide information offered by elias - the ??energy personality essence?? channeled by mary ennis: introduction, 10,000+ pages of 1996-present transcripts, 4,000+ pages of digests, exercises, links, 450+ random quotes, and supporting resources.
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The Lighthouse Online http://www.thelighthouseonline.com
A web site that has been around since 1994. Contains articles on channeling and psychics. Also contains some highly popular channeled materials. A web log has posts on topics of interest. An ancillary web site has articles on cats and cat health.
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The Mediumship Of Freda Lonnen-Norton http://www.ashabatu.com
Website featuring Freda's books, her life, and transcriptions of clairvoyance sessions from one of Britain's oldest and best-loved clairvoyant trance mediums.
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The Path Of Light http://channeling.net/channeling/path_of_light/
Fee channeled online book by Emmanuel with fundamental teachings about who and what we are, and why we are on earth, as well as information about karma, reincarnation, ESP, and the universe...
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The Polaris Writings http://www.thepolariswritings.org
The Polaris Writings are a variety of different subjects having to do with planetary ascension. The main emphasis throughout the writings is to inspire the individual spirit to excel within this important time for the planet earth.
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The Wonders: Largest Collection Of Channeled Material http://www.thewonders.com/index.php
World's largest collection of channeled material available through instant download, books, CDs, free podcasts.
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Troy Tolley http://www.TheMichaelTeachings.NET
System of study focused on comprehension of ourselves as essence and personality, and through the development of choice. This site is hosted by resident Michael channel, Troy Tolley.
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Vibrani's One Source http://www.vibrani.com/
This site is geared towards working on personal issues with practical application in everyday life, and are for people who are ready to take the next step into authentic, conscious, and responsible creatorship. Unlock the source of wisdom within yourself: Source integration, intergalactic heritage, personal transformation, healing, human rights. Articles, poetry, American Indian women poets, channeled articles with Enki, Dr. Peebles, Ha'Orah, LaShar, White Buffalo Woman, and more.
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Voice Of Saraswati http://voiceofsaraswati.blogspot.com
Channeled messages about the world, concepts of time, success, past life and much more.
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Voxx, A Psychic http://www.voxxthepsychic.com
Voxx is featured in the book, "The Top 100 Psychics in America." An ordained high priestess, Voxx is a tarot interpreter.
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Witnessing The Physical Mediumship Of Mysterious Circle http://mysteriouscircle.blogspot.com
Witnessing the physical mediumship of the mysterious circle in light.
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Your Soul's Plan: Discovering The Real Meaning Of The Life Y http://www.yoursoulsplan.com
The official web site for the book Your Soul's Plan.
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