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A Circle of Light http://Circle-of-Light.com/
Psychic angel readings by psychic clairvoyant Rev. Cassandra, who channels three angels, Uriel, Metatron, & Yannie. Discounts & gift certificates available. Free: astrology charts, biorhythms, & tarot readings. I send you love.
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Above And Beyond Holistic Services http://www.spiritualitybeyond.com
Spirituality beyond's dyanne yellowlight is an internationally certified clairvoyant, an ordained holistic minister, and life coaching specialist. Let her unlock your future in love, finance, and life.
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Advanced Channeled Readings By Gerrit http://www.channeled-psychic-readings.com
Readings for those who seek spiritual growth, channeled by an experienced medium. Messages come from higher beings of light. These readings are usually very carefully phrased to respect your free will, allowing you to choose.
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Alexander Material http://www.alexandermaterial.com/
The Alexander Material is a body of books channeled by Ramon Stevens over 20 years; including Conscious Life (how we create our reality); Earthly Cycles (reincarnation); Spirit Wisdom II (global warming and terrorism). Endorsed by Rob Butts, husband of Jane Roberts (author of the Seth Material).
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Are You Ready To Create A Shift In Your Life? Ask Angels! http://www.ask-angels.com
Free channeled messages every Wednesday evening. Ask-angels offers you the chance to experience the relief, comfort, guidance and healing that comes with channeled messages from archangels and spirit guides, for free.
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Channeled Messages From 7d Light Beings http://www.simion7d.com
Insights on the coming shift in human consciousness. Preparations and what to expect in the next dimension. Tools for spiritual living and ascension from Simion, the evolutionary collective channeled by Jill Mara.
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Channeling.net - (formerly known as Spiritual Connection) http://www.channeling.net/
Extensive channeling site with teachings from high spirit guides and angels. Online book "the path of light" by emmanuel, "messages of light" channeling section, an active forum ("spiritboard"), healing circle, and much more. Frequently updated.
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Derrick Whiteskycloud Psychic Medium Counsellor http://www.whiteskycloud.com
Derrick is a psychic/medium, that makes himself available to the spirit world to receive messeges from those who have passed over to the other side, he uses this gift to prove to all that life does exist after death.
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Learn To Channel http://learntochannel.blogspot.com
Learn how to channel. Aspects of channeling you would never even think to ask about. A definite must read if you are thinking of learning how from one who learned the hard way.
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Mystic John Culbertson http://www.mysticjohnculbertson.com
Professional and ethical psychic channel, Reiki "master", spiritual coach, and new age teacher/motivational speaker. Also includes free articles and astrology, tarot, and numerology email reports.
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Native American Spirituality. Path Of Heart http://www.native-american-spirituality.info
Dedicated to the true spiritual culture of the Native Americans. On this site, divine indian spiritual chiefs tell about the path to perfection – the path to freedom.
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Path To Tao http://www.path-to-tao.info
Site presents a new edition of Tao Te Ching, blessed personally by its author Lao Tse, and stories of immortal masters of Taoism telling about Tao and the path to it.
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Psychic Medium http://www.intuitivepsychic.com
Connect with departed loved ones. Using the gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and psychometry, I pass on detailed messages from the afterlife. Visit my site for more info on private consultation, lectures, and psychic fairs.
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Psychic Sense Genuine Natural Born Empathic Psychics http://www.psychicsense.org
Psychic Sense genuine natural born empathic professional psychics making sense of your future.
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Romalia & Devi : Progressive Channeled Wisdom For The Dawnin http://progressivesouls.tripod.com
Over-soul being, Romalia, speaks through channel Devi to offer balanced spiritual wisdom and transformative oracular messages to those who earnestly seek it. Email consultations are available.
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Soul Psychics By Global Psychics Reader Lisa Caza http://www.soul-psychics.com
Most accurately detailed compassionate psychic and angel readings on the net. Online chat, email and phone readings available. Take advantage of our monthly special offers. Read our articles,blog and visit the bookstore.
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Talking To Spirit http://www.talkingtospirit.com
New channeling every day from guides and folk in spirit. A refreshing and sometimes humorous look at valid advice for everybody. Channeled material, readings, recipes, tips on how to channel and an archived collection of daily channeling.
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The Isis Channeling Kit http://ahanaenterprises.com
The special channeling technique being presented in this kit allows for conscious interaction with one’s higher soul self, angels and guides. Easy instructions make the kit ideal for all experience levels.
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The Sons Of The Law Of One http://www.thesonsofthelawofone.com
Unveiling creation. Audio podcast of material on the nature of the universe. A multitude of sources are telling us the same wonderful information. This planet s the focus of the universe for this transition. Our higher density brothers and sisters are here to help us. Love and light.
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The Wheel Of Wisdom http://www.kabbalahinsights.com/products/wheel-of-wisdom
An innovative, genuine approach in guidance and divination tools. The Wheel of Wisdom is essential for decision making, guidance and prediction. Instant answers to your most pressing questions .
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The World's Greatest Teachings http://www.worldglobalexpress.com
Communications with Jesus and The Brotherhood of Light including Akashic life readings by Ashlem, known as 'Golden Image'. Contacts with heavenly hosts, angels, miracles & wonders with photos & prophecies.
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Trance Medium Edna Tooper http://www.culiut.com/
Edna Topper is a trance medium, shaman and master from Israel. She teaches channeling, meditation and heals karmatic traumas.
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What Lies Ahead Remote Viewing Services http://www.what-lies-ahead.com
Professional remote viewing services by advanced level certificated remote viewers. Mind scripting, brain entrainment, brainwave frequency therapy, life solutions consultations, mind & life sdvancement. Psychic consultations & astrology.
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A Caring Channel, Psychic Medium, And Healing Facilitator http://www.gaylekirk.com
Gayle Kirk is an experienced, international, honest & caring psychic medium, healing facilitator, and channel. She offers telephone and in-person mediumship / psychic / channeled readings.
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A Psychic Alley http://www.psychicalley.com
Intuitive, numerologist, medium, poet. Access your own psychic abilities. Find your life purpose. Get specific answers to relationship, health, career concerns. I work with archangel Metatron to contact loved ones who've passed on.
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A Session With Spirit http://www.sessionswithspirit.info/index.html
Connection to your spiritual support team of guides/angels via cosmic communicator Rose Campbell. Cincinnati Ohio based, but sessions available anywhere via remote method. 16 years experience.
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Adele Marie Visionary Medium, Author & Metaphysical Teacher http://www.angelicwiseones.com
Adele Marie is a loving metaphysical teacher and visionary medium who channels the divine mother. See what everyone is talking about in her development classes, workshops, seminars, personal private readings & spiritual counseling. As she guides you in opening the doors for your own ascension.
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Angel And Spirit Guide Readings http://worldsister.com
Certified counselor and energy healer. Gentle and compassionate wisdom from your guides& angels, energy healing, soul retrieval, visits from those who have crossed over, and energetic cleanse. Results often in just on session.
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Angel Readings From Angel Therapy Practitioner & Coach http://illuminatingsouls.com/services/angel-readings/
Angel readings are a beautiful way to receive divine guidance, loving & clarity from your angels. During your reading, we will bring forward wisdom, guidance, loving and light. Sessions are done over the telephone and can include angel messages, channeling, energy work, visioning, and action plans.
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Apsychic http://apsychic.net
I am a psychic medium with 38 years of experience. Please contact me for a reading if you want to know about a loved one who has passed or where your life is going. Love and light Sherry.
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Archangel Raphael's Channeled Messages http://archangelraphael.faithweb.com
Beautiful latest channeled messages by archangel Raphael on the topics of beauty, love and Joy. Workshops (on-line) soon based on his messages. Sign up to receive messages each month free. Reiki, Lightarian and other training available.
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Ascension 2012 Teloshasta http://teloshasta.free.fr
Ascension 2012 with the Oraya messages, lemurian woman living in the crystallin city of Telos. Site in French.
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Astro Ciri - Psychic Spiritual Counselor http://members.aol.com/AstroCiri
I am a psychic, clairvoyant, empathic, intuitive, as well as, a mediator, tarot reader, numerologist & more. I have been reading professionally since 1983 and on the internet since 1992. I will give you honest answers to your most personal questions.
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Aura Reading Through Channeling With Archangel Orel http://www.healaura.com
Come and discover a wonderful tool that is part of you - your aura. Learn how to use it to create amazing new possiblities in your life. A course with archangel Orel - channeled by Amir Copper.
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Barb Mallon Psychic Medium http://www.BarbMallon.com
Barb is a psychic medium (connecting to your people in spirit) who conducts readings by telephone, instant message chat and in-person if you are located in the northern Virginia area. Featured in the Toronto Star.
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Barry And John http://www.barryleemedium.com
Barry and John are international mediums of many years standing.
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Bart Smit Deep Trance Channeling 20 Years http://www.bart-smit.com
Discover more about your life through Dr. Williams and deep trance channeling with Bart Smit. Enlightening alternative. Inspirational answer to your questions about spiritual, personal developtment, business and health. Private session is avaliable in person, or phone consultation.
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Beings Of Light http://ducielalaterre.org/accueil___EN.php
Messages from high levels of consciousness through Monique Mathieu.
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Book Of Life 3 http://bol.4t.com
Words, thoughts and deeds, channeled while connected to the human consciousness and published as chapters of a book on online.
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Channeled Readings, Healings, Spirit Guides http://www.higherwisdom.com
Internationally respected medium and healer, offering channeled readings, hypnotherapy readings. Get answers to your life questions, perform soul-work, and become self-empowered.
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Channeling Classes & Channeled Angel Messages http://illuminatingsouls.com/classes-events/learn-to-channel/
Channeling is a beautiful way to support your journey as a lightworker. Laurel & her guides, Josephus & the Wisdom Council channel beautiful messages & co-facilitate channeling classes.
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Channeling Spirits http://www.channelingspirits.com/
World renowned spirit medium teaches you how to develop your mediumship skills. Her best-selling book, conversations with the spirit world: Souls who have ended their lives speak from above is available on this site.
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Channeling St. Germain In The New Energy http://www.i-channeler.net
New energy channeler Tommi Makela connects with the ascended master St. Germain and the client's higher self providing practical answers and clarity to different life situations.
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Cheryl Booth, Psychic Medium, Hypnotherapist & Author http://www.cherylbooth.com
Cheryl Booth is a psychic medium, hypnotherapist, and spiritual teacher located in Northern California near Folsom & Sacramento. Specializes in mediumship & past life work. Phone readings as well as in-person sessions.
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Communicate with the World of Spirit http://www.stevehermannmedium.land.tc
Communicate with the world of spirit with the internationally acclaimed spiritualist medium, Rev. Steve Hermann.
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Concious Channel - Avatar - Healer http://angelicinfusion.com/
Concious channel of guardian angels, hypnotist trained by world renowned psychic Sylvia Browne, healer, speech and language pathologist 20+years.
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Council of Love with Linda Dillon http://www.counciloflove.com
The Council of Love provides workshops, individual channeling sessions by Linda Dillon.
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Dale Evans - Intuitive Facilitator http://www.frontiernet.net/~adani/dale/
Dale Evans is a communicator offering individualized and unique consulting and coaching (both online and in person) based on the premise that no one needs fixing. We are who we are because it is purposeful for us and is providing us value fulfillment. Dale is a facilitator of energetic exchanges in self acceptance, belief identification, meditation, dreams/dream interpretation, trans-focal exchanges and energy center alignment.
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Divine Love Divine Truth http://www.divinelovedivinetruth.org
Messages from Jesus and the Celestials, and others. Spiritual progression.
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Doors Of Peace http://members.tripod.com/DoorsofPeace/homeextra.htm
Channelling, faery, pan, crystals, nature talks, poetry. Our aim is to emphasize a re-connection with the spirits of nature in their many forms and faces.
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Dotheo Speaks http://www.dotheo.org/
Dotheo shares messages of love, peace and hope. We also provide practical living instruction on personal as well as community and global levels.
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Dr. Kelli - The Angel Whisperer http://www.theangelwhispers.org
A master spiritual healer, medium & angel therapist, offering clairvoyant/intuitive guidance from the celestial realms for emotional healing, life direction, spiritual growth, or anything else you might need.
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Elias (discussion, Online Forum, Blog And Wiki) http://www.blueflash.cc/
Online forum, blog and wiki to discuss and explore the reality of conscious creation (ycyor) teachings of channeled essences like Elias (channeling by Mary Ennis), Seth (Jane Roberts), Kris (Serge Grandbois), Abraham (Esterh Hicks) and others.
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Ever Changing Forms Art Collection http://www.JoAngreinert.com
Metaphysically-themed/cosmic artwork. Artist works with symbolic sight to channel universal messages, and peoples essences, with bold colorful acrylic paint. Original fine art.
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Gespr?che mit Gott (Conversations with God) http://www.spiritual-life.de/
Website in German. It doesn't always have to be Walsch: Conversations with God. Questions and Answers. Stepping out: Autobiography about the search for God.
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Gibbon's Channeling Research http://home.tiscali.nl/gibbon/index.htm
This page gathers and presents channeled information from various sources. The information is categorized by subject.
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Higher Frequencies http://www.higherfrequencies.net
9th dimensional Pleiadian collective speaks on various topics as channeled by Wendy Kennedy.
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Inbal Minin http://www.inbalminin.com
Inbal Minin - Hebrew channeler. Translation available.
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Indigo Intentions http://www.indigointentions.com
Professional online tarot and angel readings, reiki classes and healing sessions.
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Infinite Creations http://www.infinitecreations.net
Look into yourself through the ethereal art of J:D Aricchi. Intuitive, channeled, and visionary art. What will yours look like? Also known as spirit art or spirit drawing.
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Inner Whispers Spiritual Newsletter http://www.InnerWhispers.net
Free spiritual newsletter written by highly evolved entities via internationally known open deep trance channel April Crawford.
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Jan Meryl, Medical Intuitive and Psychic Consultant http://www.janmeryl.com
Jan Meryl offers medical intuitive telephone readings, articles detailing the medical intuitive process, book, meditation tape, workshops & links to archived radio interviews.
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Jessica's Blue Angels http://www.keen.com/groups/homepage.asp?TID=RDNGOEEz
A group of special light workers giving gentle guidance and accurate advice at a reasonable rate.
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John Cali's Spirit Speaks Newsletter http://www.greatwesternpublishing.org
Information from John Cali and his spirit guides.
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Kerry - Medium http://soul-sisters.co.uk
Offering spiritual readings, one to one at churches and events, we also offer healing and teach meditation techniques.
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Kevin Ryerson & Co. http://www.kevinryerson.com
Kevin Ryerson's homepage, with his calendar of events and information on transformational travel
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Knowing Spirit Portal https://knowing-portal.com/
Knowing Spirit Portal, Consulting for spirit themes.
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Leila Medium Psychic Healer http://www.mediumpsychichealer.com
Leila is a psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient, spiritual development teacher, healer, and a medium that has been assisting others in contacting their loved ones on the other side and offering transition assistance for the departed. She communicates closely with the angelic realms.
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Light, It's Affirmation http://hometown.aol.com/hope2giveu/index.html
This site contains messages received by Dar who has been transchanneling since 1998 and receives the Messages via automatic writing/typing. They are Messages received through Bright Lights, the name given to the group of light energies she channels.
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Lightworker http://www.lightworker.com
A place to re-member Home. Dedicated to spreading light through empowerment.
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Linda Green Fusion Of Oneness http://fusionofoneness.com
Linda Green, Fusion of Oneness, awaken and join in oneness.
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Litz Butcher - Psychic Clairsentient Medium http://www.litzbutcher.co.uk
Litz Butcher is a clairsentient psychic medium whose communication with spirit is no-nonsense, yet sensitive and accurate. She has worked for over 25 years with her guides to bring messages that are humorous, uplifting and healing.
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Maxine Friend Clairvoyant Divination Healer http://www.maxinefriend.com
Voted as most popular psychic in Vancouver, Maxine specializes in tarot card readings, various divination techniques, tea leaf readings and reiki healing.
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Michael Teachings (overview) http://www.itstime.com/michael.htm
Comprehensive site listing articles, books, teachers and links to other sites about the Michael teachings.
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Monade Voor Begeleiding In Bewustzijn http://www.monade.nl/index.html
Berry Vincenta's is being a channel for cosmic wisdom which is presented and receive several message for mankind. Website in Dutch, English and French.
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Moon Spirits - Bridging the gap between all things spiritual http://www.angelfire.com/art/moonspirits/
Offers hand crafted ouija talking boards to talk to spirits, as well as other spiritual products: (Tarot cards, runes, candles, books)
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Myama http://www.starlighter.com/myama/
Featuring channeled material of Equinox on a variety of topics such as psychic phonemenon, earth changes, extra-terrestrials, spiritual growth, channeling and more. Also includes articles on various subjects, a nice introduction to channeling and more. Feedback and questions for Equinox are welcome!
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Mysterious Circle http://www.mysteriouscircle.com
Witnessing the physical mediumship of the mysterious circle in red light and natural day light.
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Nightingale Spiritual Healing http://www.nightingalehealing.com
Spirit baby readings (communication with one's future children) fertility hypnosis, past life regression.
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One Life: New Messages From DK http://www.onelifedk.com
Insight for your personal journey from Dwahl Khul through Catherine Bean Weser, DK's channel since 1982.
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Orin and DaBen Channeled Information website http://www.orindaben.com
Many articles on how to channel, how to know if you are ready to channel, weekly book excerpts and meditations, daily affirmations, and much more.
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Phoenix Paton http://ahiphoenix.wix.com/phoenix-connection
I use an individualised process in being a conduit for you and those around you in helping provide answers for your highest good.
added 12 Feb 2013, modified 13 Feb 2013 - Report Error

Principles Of Inca Shamanism - Channeling & Healing http://elenaradford.com
The Inca shamanic program. Through this wisdom comes heart, feeling and high frequency which produces a channeled message based in highest good. We have free weekly radio shows, facebook to interact with our community. Online money workshops, phone consultations.
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Psychic & Channeling Classes Orange County & Los Angeles http://annereith.com/classes/psychic-development/
Learn how to connect with your natural connection to spirit at Dr. Anne's Thursday evening psychic development & channeling¯ course at The Sanctuary Retreat Center in Tustin, CA.
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Psychic Medium http://livingthroughspirit.net
Tesa Johnston uses her gifts as a psychic medium to allow spirit to work through her. Tesa specializes in emotional healing and finding your soul's true purpose so you can further develop who you are spiritually to live in the light.
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Psychic Medium Christina http://www.psychicmediumchristina.com
Christina is a psychic medium who utilizes medical intuitive,mediumship & clairvoyant skills to provide accurate & grounded readings. Readings available in person & via telephone.
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Psychicoracle Readings By Havenne http://www.psychichavenne.bravehost.com
Psychic, clairvoyant, spirit medium, relationship/love readings, and tarot readings, channeling the ascended masters, angels, guides, and spirits crossed over.
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Quado Daily Messages http://www.carriehart.com
Daily messages from Quado, full of practical wisdom on how to handle your real-life situations with love and caring connection.
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Rainbow Lady Communications http://www.rainbow-lady.com
A deep trance channeling site featuring Donna Kinniburgh and her spiritual source Reflection. Donna has been Channeling in the style of Edgar Cayce for over 25 years!
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Readings By Tiffany http://www.readingsbytiffany.com
Providing respectful, confidential readings via phone, in-person or email. Utilizing channeling, tarot & mediumship. Reiki II practitioner. Located in Mn. Monthly articles. Weekly poll. Enter monthly drawing for a free reading!.
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Sacred Geometry Art http://www.sacredgeometryartist.com
Nicolaas Maritz describes himself as a metaphysical artist, whose work represents a geometric visual interpretation of the aquarian age. The age of aquarius represents a time of spiritual evolvement of self.
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Shaw-Ne - Psychic And Interdimensional Channel http://www.sedonapsychic-channel.com/
Offers quality channeled readings. Shawne is in direct contact with the high dimensional frequencies of light. Channels all life issues, specializes in spiritual purpose in this lifetime.
added 09 Sep 2006 - Report Error

Soul Path Center For Soul Healing http://www.LiveYourSoulPath.com
Soul Path therapy helps you to fulfill your soul mission, find and keep your soulmate, manifest your life’s work, create prosperity, navigate a life transition, heal past lives, and connect with your spirit guides. Sessions by phone, Skype. Experienced transpersonal counselor and channel.
added 04 Apr 2011 - Report Error

Sounds Of Light http://www.soundsoflight.com/
Resources for spiritual growth, sound healing, private channeling consultations, and creating uplifting realities within the multi-dimensional youniverse we live in.
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South Florida Medium http://www.spiritmessagesforyou.com
Rev Vito LaNave a medium channeling, psychic, healer bringing messages from spirit for over 50 years.
added 04 May 2014 - Report Error

Spirit Library http://spiritlibrary.com
Spirit library is a collection of over 800 pages of channeled information fully searchable and easy to browse. There is also a comprehensive book store section which contains the books of authors who we appreciate the work of.
added 11 Oct 2006 - Report Error

Spirithelp http://homepage.ntlworld.com/spirithelp/
natural spiritual british medium offering help when you request a postal reading a personal touch by a friend who understands.
added 05 Aug 2000, modified 15 May 2003 - Report Error

SpiritLearn http://members.aol.com/spiritlearn
Inspired writings from spirit about the world, spiritual living, health, animals, the environment, spiritual philosophy.
added 23 Sep 2001 - Report Error

Spiritual Path For Health And Well Being http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com
Online counseling for your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health using channeled guidance from God, the archangels and spiritual guides for a balanced state of health and well-being.
added 14 Feb 2011 - Report Error

Spiritualist Center http://www.spiritualistcenter.org
Healing ministry, with certified healer, mediums & trance-mediums for over 30 years. Channeled sessions on tape now available. Many services offered.
added 02 Mar 2002 - Report Error

Stormis Tarot http://www.keen.com/search/default.asp?Category=1&LDC=1&pmode=0&GID=0&SHAA=4&HLT=0&Search=stormi
Degree in parapyschology/astrolgy.
added 17 Nov 2003 - Report Error

The Living Word Of Kuan Yin: Her Teachings & Prophecies http://www.amazon.com/Living-Word-Kuan-Yin/dp/1419646400/ref=sr_11_1/104-7707620-7311113?ie=UTF8
The channeled teachings & prophecies of the Goddess of compassion & mercy.
added 07 Nov 2006 - Report Error

The Nibiruan Council Forum http://www.NibiruanCouncil.com/
The Nibiruan Council, providing higher dimensional information on topics from ascension to DNA Recoding to earth and universal history. Bringing hope for mankind.
added 26 Oct 1999, modified 25 Apr 2000 - Report Error

The Shrine Of Hope http://www.shrineofhope.com
Please join us for Spiritual chat, spiritual mediums, healing , prayer cirlce, and Lots of love!! Free for all In Love And Light, Jan
added 19 Sep 1999 - Report Error

The Simple Truth http://breboco.com
Messages from Mother God, Father God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Mother Mary. Inspirational writing and poetry.
added 27 May 2002, modified 12 Oct 2010 - Report Error

The Temple Of Truth And Light http://members.tripod.com/~Lady_Isis/index.html
Spiritually uplifting. Spirit guided. Something for everyone.
added 30 Oct 1999 - Report Error

The Wonders: Largest Collection Of Channeled Material http://www.thewonders.com/index.php
World's largest collection of channeled material available through instant download, books, CDs, free podcasts.
added 13 Jun 2007 - Report Error

Tranquillity's Spiritual Evolution and Ascension Home Base http://www.angelfire.com/ky/spiritualevolution/
a channelled site that speaks to what-is and what-might-become...exemplifying spiritual evolution and ascension in some of its many aspects.
added 02 Nov 1999 - Report Error

Troy Tolley http://www.TheMichaelTeachings.NET
System of study focused on comprehension of ourselves as essence and personality, and through the development of choice. This site is hosted by resident Michael channel, Troy Tolley.
added 07 Mar 2008 - Report Error

Trudie Moore http://www.soulsurgery.net.au
Features description of a unique dynamic method of psychic clearing called 'Soul Surgery'. Clears chakras, relationships and past life issues hindering present. Meditation CDs available from on-line shop
added 14 Jan 2003 - Report Error

Voice Of Saraswati http://voiceofsaraswati.blogspot.com
Channeled messages about the world, concepts of time, success, past life and much more.
added 14 Apr 2007 - Report Error

Wisdom Beyond Beings http://wisdombeyondbeings.com
This site is an eye opener. Whilst doing automatic writing in deepest sleep messages are being channeled by the unseen, many topics have been covered. A must for every one.
added 26 Feb 2009 - Report Error

Witnessing The Physical Mediumship Of Mysterious Circle http://mysteriouscircle.blogspot.com
Witnessing the physical mediumship of the mysterious circle in light.
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