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Amethyst Road http://www.amethystroad.com
Resources to guide, encourage and empower you along the spiritual path. We have now entered the times of the Golden Age and must learn how to remember to be fully-fledged spiritual beings once more.
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Atlantis And The Atlanteans http://www.atlantis-and-atlanteans.org/
Atlantis. The teachings of Thoth the Atlantean expounded in the emerald tablets. Hermes Trismegistus. The divine Atlanteans continue their work of helping people. Divine alchemy.
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Channeled Messages From 7d Light Beings http://www.simion7d.com
Insights on the coming shift in human consciousness. Preparations and what to expect in the next dimension. Tools for spiritual living and ascension from Simion, the evolutionary collective channeled by Jill Mara.
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College of Christ Consciousness http://www.trans4mind.com/mother_mary/index.html
The official website of the teaching of sacred knowledge from Mary, mother of Jesus, as channeled by Jeanne Hatch. Free lessons in Christ consciousness are offered.
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Dragon Reiki http://www.dragonreiki.com
Maybe the most important energy system of our time.
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Hermetic Philosophy and the Mystery of Being http://www.plotinus.com
Essays and exercises on transpersonal psychology, esoteric and mystical philosophies to unfold higher levels of consciousness and receive primordial knowledge and divine wisdom.
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One Year To Live http://oneyear.blogspot.com
May 13 2002. I had a Vision, a master tells me "in one year you will begin your spirit life"! This journal is about how I deal with this!
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School Of Pythagoras - In The Past And Today http://www.pythagoras.name
Golden verses of Pythagoras. Conversations with Pythagoras and his students. Initiation into the science of cognition of the creator. Higher philosophy.
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The Energy Connection: Empowerment For Ascension http://www.energy-connection.net
Leslee J. Klinsky provides akashic records consultations and vibrational energy, light, and crystal healing services and tools for health and empowerment.
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The Hearts Center Community http://www.theheartscenter.org
We offer up-to-date inspiration from the ascended masters for spiritual seekers. Learn about the ascension, meditation and more.
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Univisions http://karing4u.blogspot.com
Love, light & inspiration, promoting harmony and fostering awareness of our interconnected oneness with all that is. Spiritual growth resources and networking database, increasing avenues of support and service among love powered, heart centered individuals, groups and organizations.
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We Are The Nibiruans, Return Of The 12th Planet http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/nibiruans_about.html
Information on universal history, walk-ins, earth history and DNA recoding from the Nibiruan Council.
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A.S.C.E.N.D. http://www.light-elixirs.com
Ascension support council for education, networking and distribution guided by beloved Sanat Kumara, Kuthumi, and God, source of all that is. Global meditations and activation dates from the masters for group work
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Affirmations, Prayers And Quotations http://www.consciouslivingfoundation.org/quote-general_affirmations.htm
Affirmations, prayers and inspiring quotations to encourage us on our way.
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Afterlife Files http://afterlifefiles.blogspot.com
Over the years i have been given the grace of being taken by guides, in my out-of-body dreams, to experience places in the afterlife worlds. On this journal-site, I have some of these experiences written up, so that you may read them.
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Alchemical Mage - Ascension Tools & Techniques http://www.alchemicalmage.com
Tools and technologies developed by the council of Ein Soph. Mail order sales of ascension oriented products. Potions, elixirs, oils, "What is Lightbody?" and more.
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Alloya http://www.alloya.com
A channelled website from many different dimensional beings. A free on line book "The Mission of the One Star". Soul readings provided, find where you came from before coming to earth.
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Angelic Counselling http://ascensioninsights.weebly.com/
Angel readings, ascension and spiritual development teaching and counselling, pathworking, life path coaching.
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Art Ascension Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer http://www.heikoselina.com
Art of Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer as international spiritual teachers, artists and married couple, Heiko and Selina paint jointly on one canvas in fascinating harmony. Their paintings are a beautiful reflection of the entire ascension process. Web gallery.
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Ascended Masters & Ascension http://www.alphaimaging.co.nz
The Ascended Masters are here to help us in our Ascension process. Ascended Masters use Verna Maruata’s pure channels to imprint their energy into the molecular structure of paintings they design and paint through her. The paintings are permanent portals for the Masters’ energy into this dimension.
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Ascension 2012 Teloshasta http://teloshasta.free.fr
Ascension 2012 with the Oraya messages, lemurian woman living in the crystallin city of Telos. Site in French.
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Ascension Symptoms Now http://ascensionsymptomsnow.blogspot.com
Visit us if you feel you are going through the change and want to connect with others about it. This is a new blog so for now please simply enter the url into your browser's address bar.
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Ashtar Command Communication Center Netherlands http://members.tripod.com/~ACCNL/Welcome1.html
The ACCNL-website brings you the latest channelings from Ashtar, the ascended masters and the angelic realm as received through Cmdr. Andras, meditations, ascension-tools, and more...
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Awakening Heart And Soul http://www.awakeningheartandsoul.com
Empowerment, transformation and connection. People experience profound change. Metaphysical healing, hypnotherapy and past life regression. Energy healing, shaman, spiritual coach. Guiding others to be more aware, more conscious and more authentic.
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Becreations http://becreations.jimdo.com
New consciousness inspirer. I am God also, I am love also, creator of my life. Art, books, new perspective sharings on life. Translations. Hear the heart. English, Spanish, Portuguese.
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Children of Light http://childrenoflight.com/
This site is dedicated to personal and planetary ascension, based on the loving and powerful messages passed on from Archangel Gabriel since 1990. This site has also be the focal point for world wide meditations connected with the planetary initiations of ascension. Millions have participated. Site offers a great deal of information, as well as tools for healing, such as meditation tapes.
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Conscious Living Foundation http://www.consciouslivingfoundation.org/index.html
We want to help you grow and improve according to your own desire to change. Learn to relax, meditate, affirm, improve your health, your mood and your abundance. Browse our free e-books, free videos and audios, inspiring & encouraging quotations, affirmations and prayer pages.
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Daniela Widera - Raising Global Consciousness http://daniela.faithweb.com/
Live your inner truth and let your light shine big! Teach love & understanding, help restructure the planet and raise global consciousness actively, persistently and knowingly. you are a very important link to manifest truth, peace and unity on mother earth!
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Daylesford Tarot And Healing http://www.heartofisis.com/
Profound & transformational spiritual energy healing, psycho-spiritual therapies, emotional freedom techniques(eft), spiritual counselling & coaching, intuitive tarot, palmistry & 7 ray card readings for clarity, hope and pusposeful life direction. In person or by phone.
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DNA Activation Energy Healing http://energyinteraction.net/
Distance energy healing sessions: aura clearing, karma clearing, DNA activation, Golden DNA activations©, 12 sacred codes of AH© ascension program, transcendental rebirthing sessions, the Great Master Training, codes of AH sessions.
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Earth Changes http://www.crawford2000.co.uk
Site dedicated to the coming Earth changes. Provides a balanced view of both scientific and prophetic opinions on these changes.
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Earth Council http://earthcouncil244.proboards.com/index.cgi
A message board composed of various member sites with access to higher dimensional & world wide information in all fields pertaining to ascension and the transformation of the human race.
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Energy Healer Toronto http://energyhealertoronto.com
Remote energy healer in Toronto, Canada. Many testimonials from very satisfied clients. Can work on anyone anywhere in the world. Please see the details on my website.
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freestonefiles http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freestonefiles
My out of body experiences of going to see the afterlife. Alien abductions. Earthchange prophecies. Plus... the world trade center: other people's channeled, recieved, intuited experiences. The WTC event as seen from the vantagepoint of spirit, and of the risen souls from it!
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Gibbon's Channeling Research http://home.tiscali.nl/gibbon/index.htm
This page gathers and presents channeled information from various sources. The information is categorized by subject.
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Handbook-for-the-ascension http://handbook-for-the-ascension.com/index.html
A small wonderfully down to earth book which explains what ascension is and what we can do to help and to develop.
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Heart Of The Matter Project http://sites.google.com/site/heartofthematterproject
A website that explores the artistic and evolutionary consciousness of the Heart through an expressionist approach. Hoping to build an artistic spiritual community, 'heart of the matter' also has a monthly feature called 'Echoes from the Heart'.
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Inner Alchemy Meditation CDs http://www.newmindrecords.com
A range of cutting edge meditation CDs. Stunning music, powerfull subliminal messages, trance inducing frequencies, beutiful meditations. Meet your spirit guides, explore past lives, detox, inner healer, inner peace, astral travel, create your own destiny.
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La Nueva Era de St. Germain http://www.fuegovioleta.org
Spanish site about ascension teachings
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Light Technology Publishing http://www.lighttechnology.com
Offering books of light that give our readers guidance and benevolent-magic techniques to move them safely through these tumultuous times.
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Light Worker http://lightworker.org
We are a resource site dedicated to the spreading and sharing of information relating to ascension and healing.
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New Light Body - Linking The Human And The Divine http://www.newlightbody.org
Offers a physical, energetic, and spiritual foundation for understanding the new consciousness and physical structure that human beings are entering as greater spiritual light manifests on the earth.
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One World Heart Institute http://www.onhi.org
Onhi provides extensive information on principles of the new spiritual enlightenment, rose flame sanctuaries, new revelations from the ascended masters of compassion, new reality ascension teachings from our lady Emanuella and the emerging revolution in global consciousness.
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Opalescent Nine http://opalescentnine.com
Being in space and time makes sense with the wisdom of Nine, in the writings of Anica and the Pleiadian Renegades.
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Past Forward: Past Life Healing http://www.healpastlives.com/
Are you being harmed by past lives? Find out... At 250+ pages, Past Forward is the one of the biggest sites on past lives you'll find in this lifetime! Our free exercises can help you... enjoy vibrant health! Know more love! Become more abundant in wealth and happiness. You can heal your life today by unlocking the secrets of your past lives now.
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Project: Eagle Triad http://sanandaseagles.com/pages/trinityproject.html
This project, consists of doing three 5-minute meditations/visualizations each day, which are given to us from Ashtar, Sananda or others who are assisting us in the ascension of earth and mankind. Please see our webpage for full details.
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Restoration of Full Consciousness http://www.angelfire.com/oh2/peterr
A giant leap forward in evolution is now occurring. The eyes of this universe and unseen universes are on us. We are part of a vast unfolding of creation.
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Sananda Teaches Ascension http://www.sanandaseagles.com/lessons/lesson_index.html
Free online ascension lessons from the 4-book series entitled 'Sananda teaches ascension', trance-channeled through the body of Debbie Wright.
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Save Our Souls http://s.o.s.faithweb.com
Spirit guides reaches out to guide souls who needs help to ascend. As a tribute we list the names of the souls we have guided with their last remarks.
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Spiritual Key http://www.spiritualkey.com
God realization is the highest goal in the spiritual path. True connection with God is possible when you have the true understanding about the true nature of God, self realization and enlightenment.
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Streams of Light http://www.streamsoflight.com/hello.html
Deborah?s compassionate clairvoyant empath insights reveal the core issues creating patterns, beliefs, truths fragmenting emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wholeness. She reads the Akashic records to see past, present and future of karmic bonds / spiritual lessons learning and how to resolve the energy to make changes in your highest good.
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Terra Star http://www.angelfire.com/trek/dolphindreams/
A site dedicated to the great shift and features portals for angels, faeries, dolphins and mermaids.
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The Agape Group http://www.theagapegroup.com
A hummingbird feeder for the multidimensional soul, the site helps the visitor understand that separation from the divine and each other is an illusion. Individuals are encouraged to deepen their connection with their guides, the angelic beings and their higher self.
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The College of Metaphysical Studies http://www.cms.edu
CMS was established in 1986, offering on-campus and distant learning. Authorized by the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities as a non-secular college to issue Degrees in spiritual, metaphysical and religions fields. CMS trains and certifies ministers, healers, teachers, counselors, mediums, psychics, regression facilitators. CMS also offers personal growth non-degree programs.
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The Nibiruan Council Forum http://www.NibiruanCouncil.com/
The Nibiruan Council, providing higher dimensional information on topics from ascension to DNA Recoding to earth and universal history. Bringing hope for mankind.
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The Sacred Wisdom Archive http://sacredwisdomarchive.blogspot.com
What was once hidden has now been revealed...
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The Secret Is You http://thesecretisyou-antaya.blogspot.com
A mini book describing the ascension process as it happens right now. A handy guide to reference during the process of evolving into an astonishing new being.
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Time travel through hypnosis http://www.drbrucegoldberg.com/
Dr. Bruce Goldberg uses hypnosis to train people in the art of soul perfection in order to ascend. You can review past lives, preview future lives, learn to have OBEs, travel to other dimensions, heal your physical body?and teleport to any location on this or any other plane.
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Trevorgollagher http://www.trevorgollagher.com
A website to help you gain more love and happiness in your life. Real answers to spiritual consciousness questions. Has a great free newsletter.
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Waking Up Groggy http://wakingupgroggy.wordpress.com/
Support to help you through your awakening/ascension process. Resources and information provided to assist you in healing yourself including a blog with current energies and happenings.
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Water Lily Temple http://www.waterlilytemple.co.uk
The meeting of heaven and earth and the way of harmony and higher truth. Teachings for personal transformation, spiritual enlightenment and planetary ascension.
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