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Aeclectic Tarot http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/
Tarot cards from hundreds of tarot and oracle decks, plus tarot reviews, books, articles, resources, and an active tarot forum.
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Alternative Psychedelic Mystical And Fantasy Art http://www.picturerealm.co.uk
Be creative in the design of your rooms by decorating your walls with stunning new works of art. Available as posters and prints.
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Angel Art http://www.rcip.com/nerdgerl
Fine art interpretations of a spiritual journey to the Promised Land. (Read the artist's statement... it's funny!)
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Angel Images By Lisa Marie http://angel-images.tripod.com/lisamarie/
Heavenly inspired artwork for all to enjoy. As far back as a young child, and until this day lisa has had a wonderful connection with angels and animals. She has a gift of seeing, communicated and painting peoples guardian angels.
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Angels By Sharae ~ Original Angel Paintings http://www.angelsbysharae.com/index.html
Gallery for internationally known intuitive visionary angel artist Sharae Taylor. Her works are in the homes and galleries of angel and art collections worldwide. Truly a messenger of the angels. Sharae describes her spiritual journey as "I shall paint angels".
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Art Of Justin Michael Jenkins Signature Shops http://www.imaginativepencilshops.com
Framed prints, mugs, clocks, posters, calendars, and more featuring the award-winning pencil art of Justin Michael Jenkins.
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Art, Meditation Tools and Meditation Music http://www.ultraelectronicactive.com
Electronic Lightsculpture and Meditation Music are the main focus of my creativity to create toos for meditation. Visit my site for inspiration and many more innovative creations. I do custom work, license out my sound recordings and invite your discussion and orders.
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Artwork For The Soul: Visionary Gallery And Print Store http://www.nwcreations.com
New world creations hosts the visionary, digital art of Atmara Rebecca Cloe. Archival giclees, posters, & cards, both retail &wholesale. Licensing, new commissions welcome.
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Free Sheet Music http://www.freesheetmusic.net
locate free sheet music, lessons, tips, and articles; many instruments, many musical styles (including celtic and new age).
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Gothic Gifts Jewellery Rings & Dragon Art http://www.alchemygothic.com
Gothic jewellery.
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Hither And Yon - Tibetan Buddhist Dharma Supplies http://www.hitherandyon.com/servlet/StoreFront
Serving the Tibetan Buddhist online community since 1999 with great customer service. Purchasing directly from artisans in India, Nepal & Tibet, Hither and Yon offers genuine Tibetan singing bowls, prayer flags, incense, stone Buddha statues, hemp, jewelry, and unique Om mani padme hum carvings.
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Living Arts Originals http://www.livingartsoriginals.com
Find extensive symbolism information including flower symbolism, animal symbols, color meanings, religious symbolism and popular symbols. Learn how to use symbolism to enhance your life.
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Metaphysical Sketchbook http://metaphysicalsketchbook.blogspot.com/
A journal of discovering and living a metaphysical life. Original artwork accompanies the entries.
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Michael Bellon-Collection "Les Arcanes Majeurs Du Tarot" http://www.artactif.com/bellon
22 paintings of personal inspiration, reserved for cultural exposures, without sale, since 1981.
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Mystic Guides http://www.mysticguides.com
A company of artists and educators whose goal is to produce creative and original products with practical and enlightening qualities. Guidance for all who seek to align oneself with the universe.
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Real Dream - Catchers Of The Seventh Fire http://www.real-dream-catchers.com
Real dream-catchers teach wisdoms of the seventh fire, an Ojibwe prophecy. 25 innovative designs created Manidoog of natural wood, feathers, and one turquoise stone show the power of the path of spirit.
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Royalty Free Meditation Music http://www.royaltyfreemeditationmusic.com/
Beautiful royalty free meditation music. The perfect background music for meditation teachers, hypnotherapists and holistic healers.
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Spiritart http://spiritart.com
the next best thing to a photo and phone call from the other side! psychic husband and wife, michael parry & marti baker, team together to give you portraits and messages from passed loved ones and spirit guides. positive proof of life after death!.
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Spiritual And Shamanistic Art http://www.spiritart.nl/art.htm
Astrological powershields, women power statues, shamanistic art, powershields with the symbols of the zodiac, dreamcatchers, made for you on request. A great gift for yourself or for somebody else.
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Spiritual Art Gallery http://spiritual-artist.8m.net
Channeled art to heal the soul, quiet the mind, and to awaken the spirit within. Spiritual abstract impressionistic watercolor paintings for your enjoyment or for meditation.
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Spiritual Art On The Web http://www.spiritual-art.info
The attunement to the most subtle phenomena of living nature and to sublime works of art can be of great help on the spiritual path. Site's materials: screensavers, videos, photogalleries, wallpapers, audio lectures, music.
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Spiritwire Uplifts And Brightens Your World http://www.spiritwire.com/index.html
Lots of tips and resources for brightening your world & building your self esteem. Uplifting and inspirational poems, posters, quotes and books. Home of the Hello World self-esteem poster.
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Susan Rodio Art - Fairies, Mermaids & Magic! http://www.susanrodioart.bravehost.com
Enter a world of mysterious and sparkly fairies, mermaids, Goddesses and unicorns. Susan Rodio is an artist from Australia, all of her art is hand painted on canvas. Prints, cards, mouse pads and other items available for purchase via the website.
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'Glimpses of the Spirit' - The Music of Peter Vantine http://www.petervantine.com/
Instrumental music for healing and meditation. This premiere album speaks to the very nature of the divine spirit working through and in the midst of the human spirit.
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A Painting Gallery http://www.soul-guidance.com/paintings/index.htm
Paintings of esoteric subjects, chakras, and landscapes from the sixties to the present, and computer rendered 3d landscapes by psychic artists.
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Adonai - Living in The Light http://www.adonim.com
Just for the joy of spirit and all the seekers on the path. Another nodal point in the net of light.
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Amandala http://www.amandala.co.uk
Stained glass and silver jewelery, inspired by the wild Cornish landscape.
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American Poets Society Poetry Contest http://www.poetryamerica.com
Free poetry contest, enter your personal poem for a chance to win the American Poets Society online poetry contest, read love poetry, romantic poetry, sad poetry, and poetry quotes.
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Ariel's Abstract Creations http://www.cafepress.com/arielspeaks
Aboriginal fonts of consciousness designed to expand awareness of the artist within. Original designs by Ariel Speaks.
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Arkadian Collection- Activated Moldavite & Gemstone Jewelry http://www.arkadiancollection.com
Activated moldavite. The gemstone from the stars for healing and transformation. Handcrafted artistic jewelry with rare healing gemstones and crystals around the world.
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Art Ascension Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer http://www.heikoselina.com
Art of Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer as international spiritual teachers, artists and married couple, Heiko and Selina paint jointly on one canvas in fascinating harmony. Their paintings are a beautiful reflection of the entire ascension process. Web gallery.
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Art by Derek McCrea http://www.derekmccrea.50megs.com
Angel, lighthouse, flower, barn and landscape arts and crafts, watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings, pen and ink drawings and limited edition prints.
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Art by Jennifer http://www.artbyjennifer.ca
Paintings of environment, spiritual and human nature. Connections of love, angels and beautiful natural surroundings embrace you with warmth.
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Art Of Transformation http://mandalas.freehosting.net
Luminescent energy mandalas by Julie Thorn.
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Artist Metalsmith Rocio Heredia http://www.rocioheredia.com/
The artist uses metalwork techniques of Chasing and Repouss? to raise intricate designs on tin and silver. View her beautiful sculpted metal-work reliefs. She infuses this unique medium with the passion of her deeply felt faith and poetic expertise. Gallery of icon covers and triptychs.
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Ascended Masters & Ascension http://www.alphaimaging.co.nz
The Ascended Masters are here to help us in our Ascension process. Ascended Masters use Verna Maruata’s pure channels to imprint their energy into the molecular structure of paintings they design and paint through her. The paintings are permanent portals for the Masters’ energy into this dimension.
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Awakening The Divine-visionary Art, Sacred Web Graphic Design http://www.spiritap.com
Visionary artist Aaron Pyne - over 100 sacred artworks to awaken the divine within. Available for custom design & web design.
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Biswabrata Chakrabarti - Spirit Of Indian Classical Music http://www.biswabratachakrabarti.com
On one hand it is the page of a different Indian classical musician, on the other hand it is portraying ancient India in an amazingly deep and mystic light..
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Bjchristian Designs Jewelry http://www.bjchristian.com
Beautiful jewelry made from silver, gold and copper wire, and beads of many kinds; like gemstones, pearls, wood, glass, bone. Very unique and spiritual.
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Book: Beate Sandor - The Seven Prayers http://book.sandorbeate.com/
The special book: conceptual art and buddhism incl. 29 artcards published by the Edition Ursache & Wirkung in Vienna, 2001
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Breaking Through With Georgiann - Internet Radio Show http://www.georgiann.com
"Breaking Through" with Georgiann showcases and shines a light on fascinating and well known individuals who entertain and teach the audience different ways to achieve their goals and offer insight into their lives and the world we live in. Live and archived shows.
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Cason - New Age Keyboardist http://www.shirleycason.com/index.html
Cason arranges piano with orchestral and synthesized sounds to create soothing instrumental meditation new age music. Free audio at site.
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Color Me Divine http://www.colormedivine2.com
Unique spirit art or totem animal portraits created for you and or your loved ones. Angelic, mystic, Altantic themes could be yours. Color me divine uses color interpretations along with divine inspirations. Enjoy.
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conceptual art of Beate Sandor http://www.beatesandor.com
Virtual portfolio 1996-2001, acrylic paintings based on variations of interlinked circles. ? exclusive by Beate Sandor.
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Dante's World Digital Art http://www.dantesworld.net/
Hundreds of mystical computer art images.
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Diane Joy Rayfield, Psychic And Spirit Art http://www.spirit-art-auragraphs.com
Psychic and spirit artist, evidenutal medium workshops demonstrations and readings, member of the Spiritualist's National Union (U.K.).
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Diet Culture Spirit http://getmystified.blogspot.com
Empathic psychic mystikka blogs about art, diet, culture and spiritual matters.
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Divine Inspirations http://www.maryhession.clara.net/index.htm
Inspirational music and poetry free for all to share.
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Dorota Buczel http://www.dorotabuczel.com
Gallery of fantasy, surreal, spiritual and tarot art.
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Ds Bead Balm, Jewelry For The Soul http://www.dsbeadbalm.com
Handcrafted natural gemstone jewelry, designed to soothe and empower the spirit.
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Esoteric Art By Jeremy Lampkin https://abra-melin.com
Online portfolio of the founder of Regressionism, a psychedelic art style that draws upon mythology, mysticism, meditation, and the retrieval suppressed memories for inspiration.
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Ever Changing Forms Art Collection http://www.JoAngreinert.com
Metaphysically-themed/cosmic artwork. Artist works with symbolic sight to channel universal messages, and peoples essences, with bold colorful acrylic paint. Original fine art.
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Fine Art From Montreal - Deirdre Mccay - Visual Artist http://www.deirdremccay.com/explore/
Gallery of Canadian artwork inspired by spiritual beliefs and ideas. Collections include becoming, lachine and spirit animals. Her studies in fine art are shown here with abstract landscapes, still life and portraiture.
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Galleries Of Archangels And Angels At The Sanctuary Of Enlightenment http://sanctuary-of-enlightenment.8m.com/photo4.html
Beautiful channeled portraits of archangels, ascended masters, and angels. All by Anne Vintner, internationally renowned portrait artist. Order a unique portrait of your own angel and spirit guide.
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Gallery Of Ascended Masters And Archangels http://AnneCollingwood.8m.com/
Anne Vintner, artist, channels portraits of ascended masters, archangels, and your own guides and angels. Her dreamscapes are inspired, gentle and meditative.
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Gem Stones Crystals Jewelry: A Mystic Merchant http://www.mysticmerchant.com
Gem stones, gemstones, gems, crystals, minerals, cabochons & faceted, gold, silver custom jewelry hand made one of a kind metaphysical new age contemporary gallery source lapidary.
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Green Wolf http://www.thegreenwolf.com
The Green Wolf offers handmade ritual tools, jewelry, totemic dance costumes and more, all made by lupa. Barter and custom work accepted.
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Handcrafted Custom Magic Wands http://acmewandsupply.com
Custom handcrafted magic wands by Acme Wand Supply, Ltd. Create your own premium magic wand with precious stones, exotic woods, powerful crystals, and precious metals. Handmade magic wands created by master craftsmen.
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Healer And Composer http://www.mvdaily.com/articles/2003/01/barnard1.htm
I am a composer poet and healer. I work with contact and also distant healing.
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Heart Of The Matter Project http://sites.google.com/site/heartofthematterproject
A website that explores the artistic and evolutionary consciousness of the Heart through an expressionist approach. Hoping to build an artistic spiritual community, 'heart of the matter' also has a monthly feature called 'Echoes from the Heart'.
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Heavenly Gardens Chandigarh http://www.heavenlygardens.org/
Offers online reading of spiritual books, spiritual sculptures, facilities, guidance & shelter for meditation practice.
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Hindu Art Yoga Clothing http://www.hinduartyogaclothing.com
We have yoga tank tops, hindu Gods and Goddesses t-shirts , yoga tote bags, ayurvedic herbs, essential oils, kirtan chanting, hindu art wall hangings, stained glass yantras and Om signs.
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Holistic art by Shayna Bracha Farber http://www.shaynabracha.com
One of a kind artwork. Shayna also offers workshops and classes in holistic healing art. Help spread the light.
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Horizon Music http://www.hmnetwork.com
Electronic music label featuring Steve Jolliffe and lightwave
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I Am Above - Poetry Book. http://www.iamabove.com
I am above is an online poetry book on sadness, life poems, death poems, love poems, spirit, gothic and dark poetry, and other topics by Zadok.
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Iasos & the Realms of Celestial Music http://iasos.com/
Iasos (pronounced ya' sos) is a Music Creator, specializing in celestial, heavenly, inter-dimensional music. He is also one of the original founders of "New Age" music. In this site you will find music, colors, video, visionary images, and information & knowledge - all relevant to those "tuned" to the heavenly realms. This site may be of special interest to those that cherish beauty and prefer love, happiness, & ecstasy.
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Illuminarte Collection http://www.illuminartecollection.com
Art for mind body soul. Art for healing. Brings beauty, inspiration, and healing to everyday life.
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Imagos Entertainment http://www.imagosentertainment.com
Imagos Entertainment is managed by a collection of visual and auditory artists who are connected to a belief in the evolution of spiritual involvement. Creative people are encouraged to explore the potential for peace and connectivity to a higher source through their art.
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Infinite Creations http://www.infinitecreations.net
Look into yourself through the ethereal art of J:D Aricchi. Intuitive, channeled, and visionary art. What will yours look like? Also known as spirit art or spirit drawing.
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Intuitive Spirit Fractals http://www.fractalart.ca
Spiritual fractals by artist Cheryl Lee Harnish. Energy art prints aid in cleansing energy, assisting health and meditation. Personal intuitive fractal readings and individual fractals created from your energy. See a visual expression of your soul vibration in a fine art print.
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Jonathan's Corner: A Glimpse Into Eastern Orthodoxy http://JonathansCorner.com/
A collection of creative work that draws on philosophy, art, literature, religion and spirituality, and other eclectic offerings designed to provide a small window to see the spiritual world met by eastern orthodoxy.
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Kabbalah & Blessing Jewelry http://pharmacy-online-us.blogspot.com
Kabbalah jewelry love & blessing jewelry - rings, necklaces, silver jewelry for men & women.
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Kabbalah Jewelry And Jewish Jewelry From Israel http://www.settygallery.com/servlet/the-Kabbalah-Jewelry/Categories
Setty Gallery features spiritual Kabbalah jewelry and jewish jewelry from the holy land of Israel, including kabbalah amulets, talismans, bracelets, necklaces, stars of david and more.
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Kidspirit Online http://www.kidspiritonline.com
A non-profit, free teen magazine & website created by & for kids to tackle life’s big questions. Teens share writing, poetry & artwork & examine spiritual development in a safe, inclusive global online forum. Mom's Choice Gold & NAPPA Gold winner; Golden Lamp finalist.
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Lala's Heart Prints http://www.angelfire.com/la2/heartprints
A wonderful collection of inspired writings to touch the heart.
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Learn To Bellydance http://bellydancingvideo.com
Learn this mind/body/spirit art form with our free video clips, how-to articles, atea’s instruction dvds, & more.
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Lisa Steinke's "The Faerie Gathering" http://www.thefaeriegathering.com
The enchanted faerie art and spirituality center of Lisa Steinke. Hand painted faerie boxes filled with exquiste faerie treasures and much more.
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Little Shops Of Dreams http://www.heartfollowers.com/
Unique gifts by special artisans who craft spiritual and magical items for use in personal spells, ceremonies, and rituals.
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Liuhebafa For Health & Creativity http://liuhebafagirl.wordpress.com/
Award-winning poet and author Kim Goldberg offers creativity workshops to unleash the mind and stimulate the flow of words, drawing on the ancient martial art of Liuhebafa and Chi Gong. Find out what happens to your creative output when angry horse turns head around or green dragon stretches claws.
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Love Poems And Quotes http://www.lovepoemsandquotes.com
Romantic collection of love poems and love quotes. Themes include famous, inspirational, friendship, weddings, and romance. New poetry and quotations added monthly.
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Magical Mandalas For Meditation And Manifestation http://www.freewebs.com/mystijul/
Magical mandalas for meditation and manifestation that positively glow with positive energy.
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Mari Creative Resources http://www.maricreativeresources.com
Mari creative resources offers mandala workshops and teaching the mandala assessment research instrument to anyone who is interested. CEUs are available for people meeting certain requirements.
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Megara's Page http://members.tripod.com/~megara2/index.html
Chakras, karma, energy, meditation, and art
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Monade Voor Begeleiding In Bewustzijn http://www.monade.nl/index.html
Berry Vincenta's is being a channel for cosmic wisdom which is presented and receive several message for mankind. Website in Dutch, English and French.
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Music Of Joy: The Spiritual Healing Music Of J. R. Brito http://www.musicbrito.com
Music that promotes spirituality and enjoyment. Inspiring meditation music. Free listening. CDs can be ordered online. You can download DRM-free single songs or full albums directly from the artist's site.
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Music Of Spheres - Jeanne Johnson http://jeannespheres.com
Jeanne Johnson is a Baroque violinist in the trio Music of Spheres.
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Mystical Angels By Adrian Holland http://www.amazola.fsnet.co.uk/
Mystical angels and mystic art - beautiful inspired imagery by Adrian Holland.
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Nekodreams http://www.nekodreams.com
Art and the revolution of soul.
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Niav http://www.myspace.com/niavmusic
Working light in sound, Niav is a singer/songwriter promoting awareness and global consciousness with her emotive and evocative music and penetrating lyric writing.
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Nongnit's Treasures http://www.nongnit.net
Spiritual treasures for all paths include thai spirit house, ganesh statues, thai angel teppanom statue and much more.
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OmPlace http://www.omplace.com/
Conscious living directory and alternative newsroom with many large databases of holistic healing, spiritual, environmental and conscious living websites and practitioners. Lively forum discussions, free spirit E-Cards, free e-mail and free webpages.
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Or Jewelry http://www.or-jewelry.com
Or jewelry - buy fashion & kabbalah jewelry online.
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Pagan music - Zorah Staar makes "pagan pop" http://www.paganpopmusic.com
Zorah Staar makes ?pagan pop? or ?radically uplifting pagan music that rocks, bops and boogies you across the dance floor, along with some powerfully loving ballads to catch your breath? (CDs available).
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Patrick Gamble - Psychic and Spiritual Artist http://www.patrickgamble.com
Patrick Gamble, psychic artist, was given his gift through a spiritual experience that changed his life. He is able to share this gift with us through his unique and inspiring work which acts as a catalyst to help us consciously connect to those aspects of life which are usually unseen and ignored.
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Piano Lessons By Quiescence Music http://www.quiescencemusic.com/piano_lessons.html
Learn to play in the new age style with these free online lessons for beginning adults.
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PureMotherLove - A Living Altar To The Divine Feminine http://www.puremotherlove.com
This site is a living altar to the divine feminine featuring original dance videos, an art gallery, boutique, the Gaia network and so much more.
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Rebecca In Thoughts And Words http://beccas-corner.tripod.com
Personal poetry and quote website with Native American quotes and poems.
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Rudolf Steiner Institute http://steinerinstitute.org
We are a summer educational community where 150-200 adults of all ages from early twenties to advanced years can come to support their ideals and enrich their inner lives.
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Sacred Geometry Art http://www.sacredgeometryartist.com
Nicolaas Maritz describes himself as a metaphysical artist, whose work represents a geometric visual interpretation of the aquarian age. The age of aquarius represents a time of spiritual evolvement of self.
added 13 Jun 2007 - Report Error

Spirit-Sisters http://www.spirit-sisters.com
Featuring hand painted light-beings on silk, hand crafted semi-precious stone rosaries, meditation & yoga socks. An online spiritual community.
added 20 Feb 2009 - Report Error

Spiritual Cinema Circle http://www.spiritualcinemacircle.com
A DVD club co-founded by producer Stephen Simon. SCC provides a mixture of features, shorts and documentaries that explore spirituality, morality, compassion, metaphysics and other enriching topics. It also provides an active forum where members can discuss the films.
added 25 Nov 2009 - Report Error

Spiritual Cinema Circle http://www.spiritualcinemacircle.com/?af=25041
Offers a service that's unique and deeply needed. The circle gives you a way to bring hours of inspiring entertainment into your life each month, while making an important contribution to the world.
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Spiritual Poetry http://channeling.net/poetry.htm
Wonderful inspirational poetry page
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Symphonic Aurora http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/symphonica
Sweet profound music that will move your soul, a surreal experience, highly addictive.
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Tamar George, psychic, channel, medical clairvoyant. http://www.tamargeorge.com
Visionary art, channeled information on atlantis, and the connection of atlantis to the mayans, egyptians, celts. Proof of past life, online classes on when are psychics weenies, the truth behind crop circles, manifesting (really) what you want.
added 05 Jun 2002 - Report Error

Tarot Reading https://tarotsmith.net/tarot
Online readings using the cards of artists who are students of the occult. Featured decks include Rider-Waite, Crowley-Thoth, Surrealist Tarot, the Diary of a Broken Soul, and the Langustl Tarot.
added 22 Aug 2010, modified 01 Jun 2021 - Report Error

Tarotica Free Tarot Reading https://tarotica.com
Do free readings using the Rider-Waite and Crowley-Thoth or a variety of other decks by contemporary tarot artists.
added 31 Jul 2013, modified 01 Jun 2021 - Report Error

Tarotsmith Fast Divination https://tarotsmith.net
One-click divination resources designed for your convenience. Featured decks include the Crowley-Thoth, Rider-Waite, Surrealist Tarot, and Diary of a Broken Soul.
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TenThousandVisions http://www.tenthousandvisions.com
The visionary spiritualism of Michael Brown's work expresses the interaction of spirit and matter creating breathtaking and heart opening imagery. Please visit the site to view galleries, murals, posters and prints.
added 13 Jun 2007 - Report Error

Thangka Mandala - Buddhist Art Blog http://www.thangka-mandala.com/blog/
Thangka-Mandala is an art blog that hopes to help you better understand the myths, legends, iconography of Buddhism through imagery and simple explanations.
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The Earth Vision Gallery http://www.evbooks.net/earth_vision_005.htm
A thematic exhibit of photographs and watercolors contained within the covers of a book, offers a holistic experience of nature, color theory, and self-discovery. 35 color and 14 black-and-white images. 80 pages.
added 27 Jan 2007 - Report Error

The Force Of Transformation http://www.forceoftransformation.com
Beautiful, other-worldly flash site with cool multi-dimensional content. Spiritual weblog, articles, cartoons, artwork (mandalas, paintings, drawings, digital imaging, web design, animation, music), healing.
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Traditional Yoga Studies (Texts And Sound Pages) http://www.bethbento.com/yogaplace
Sound pages and texts presenting the art of yoga by Beth Bento.
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Tunrida Craft & Design http://www.tunridacraft.com
Handmade sacred and magical objects from the heart of Scandinavia. I make amulets, runes, rattles, staffs and more using materials from the wilderness around me; bone, antlers, wood, and so on.
added 20 Jun 2008, modified 02 Nov 2011 - Report Error

Turquoise Angel http://www.turquoiseangel.com
Artist/illustrator Cynthia Rose offers paintings, prints, cards, calendars, address books and 3D designs.
added 18 Nov 2000 - Report Error

Turtle Island Creations http://www.turtleisland.cc/
Medicine jewelry, pendulums, vibrational healing products, spiritual soap, dowsing instructions, e-books, essential oils, angel & fairy art
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Universal Traders http://www.himalayan-natural-salt-lamps.com
Salt crystal lamps are made from natural salt crystal created by nature million of years ago and hundreds of meters underground from foothills of the Himalayan, Pakistan.
added 23 Jan 2010 - Report Error

Ursine Logic's Gifts And Things For People And Pets http://www.cafepress.com/ursinelogic
Earth-centered spirituality, nature, peace, and earth day t-shirts and gifts for you and your pets.
added 11 Apr 2006 - Report Error

WindWater Excursions http://www.windwatermusic.com/
Guitar playing that is elegant, warm and whimsical with as much a sense of quiet as of sound...simple, spacious and lovely to listen to while working, resting, thinking, or any time you want to create an atmosphere that is peaceful, while full of vitality and intelligence.
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Yifat Bareket - Jewelry Designs http://www.yifat-bareket.com
The jewelry I create addresses the strength of women and contains a complete world of energy, colors and memories. I see my jewelry as a link to ancient cultures which excite and stimulate my imagination, and are a rich source of inspiration.
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You & Face http://younface.blogspot.com
A new way of understanding life and the world.
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