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Angel Art http://www.rcip.com/nerdgerl
Fine art interpretations of a spiritual journey to the Promised Land. (Read the artist's statement... it's funny!)
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Angel Card Readings http://www.myangelcardreadings.com
Comforting personal angel card readings by request, free angel messages, angel wisdom quotes, healing with the angels, the healing waterfall, living and healing with crystals, fantasy art and a lot more...
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Angel Images By Lisa Marie http://angel-images.tripod.com/lisamarie/
Heavenly inspired artwork for all to enjoy. As far back as a young child, and until this day lisa has had a wonderful connection with angels and animals. She has a gift of seeing, communicated and painting peoples guardian angels.
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Angel Listener http://www.theangellistener.com/index.html
Angel Listener site of angel teacher certified by Diana Cooper School of Angels & Ascension. Angel & psychic readings, free online angel card readings by Dyan Garris, angel healing, angel coaching, violet flame Reiki, past life regressions, guided meditations.
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Angel Poems By An Archangel http://poemsbyanangel.blogspot.com
Angel poems by an archangel childrens' angel poems and spiritual love poems. By angel Raphael via Angelman Allan Moffatt for specific people. These all included an angel signature or drawing.
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Angelic Reflections http://angelic-reflection.webs.com
Sharon Rose is an angel guidance practioner offering genuine angelic readings,healings and courses/attunements all available online.
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Angelic Testimonials, Messages To Humanity, Graces, Miracles http://www.leparoledegliangeli.it
Angelic testimonials, messages to humanity, questions to the heaven, near death experiences, photographic testimonials, graces and miracles, guardian angels, love.
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Angellus http://Angellus.8m.com
Angelic healing, angelic workshops and angelic portraits of your own angel. Open yourself to the presence of the angels already around you. To be aware of these loving beings in your life is a wonderful experience that brings peace, and immeasurable joy.
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Angels And Ghosts http://www.angelsghosts.com
Explore evidence about ghosts and angels. View ghost photos, pics and cams. Study angel pictures. Consider different paranormal and spiritual ideas and stories about ghosts and angels.
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Angels By Sharae ~ Original Angel Paintings http://www.angelsbysharae.com/index.html
Gallery for internationally known intuitive visionary angel artist Sharae Taylor. Her works are in the homes and galleries of angel and art collections worldwide. Truly a messenger of the angels. Sharae describes her spiritual journey as "I shall paint angels".
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Angels, Devas And Nature Spirits http://www.soul-guidance.com/houseofthesun/devas.htm
A list and description of many devas, nature spirits, angels and other spiritual beings.
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Earth Vision http://www.evbooks.net/default.htm
Spiritual ecology - taking nature to the next level - exploring the wilderness within.
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Epsilon Kappa Ministries http://epkap.tripod.com
A site that talks about Christian topics.
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Fairyologist Lisa http://fairyologist.me
A site dedicate to the wisdom, foresight and joie de vivre of the fairies. Daily fairy inspiration and articles on fairyology, as well as other metaphysical and environmental topics. Readings and events.
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Gothic Gifts Jewellery Rings & Dragon Art http://www.alchemygothic.com
Gothic jewellery.
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Healing Spiral Of Light Global Studies http://www.healingspiral.com
it is our aim to assist those who have the passion and desire to learn healing from the heart, mind and soul with the hope and desire that these sacred healing techniques and energies will be passed on to others.
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Higher Realms – Angel Communication http://www.higher-realms.co.nz
Read about inspirational guidance from the angels and the higher spiritual realms. Annie Jamesons book: messages from heaven and beautiful insights from heaven cards.
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Indotalisman http://www.indotalisman.com/
Amazing magickal products straight from the Arabian nights! Includes genies, talismans, magickal pearls, empowerment rituals, knowledge papers, etc.
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Jaq D Hawkins Website http://www.jaqdhawkins.co.uk
Official website of the author of the spirits of the elements series and dance of the goblins, first of a spiritual fantasy series.
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Nature's Spirits Revealed http://www.differentnature.com/index.htm
Dutch researcher on instrumental transcommunication discovers anomalies in nature pictures. Read about his ongoing research. Accompanied by many real photos of elementals/devas/nature spirits/plant spirits.
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Photo Alchemy: Images From The Other Side Of The Veil http://www.blueturtlemoonstudios.com
I am a clairvoyant photographing energetic phenomena for an amazing evolutionary co-creative project with nature, revealing a multitude of nature spirits other world beings. Which are all around us, calling us to come and play with them, we just have to remember how to see them.
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Ronni's Psychic Room http://ronnispsychicroom.wordpress.com
Artistic intuitive empath and spiritual teacher, Ronni Ann Hall, offers courses in working and healing with angels, fairies, the other side, and the animals. She also offers many resources for those that are psychically sensitive including readings.
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Shanara, Old Souls http://www.shanara.bravehost.com/index.html
As an angel intuitive, empath, wise one and dream interpreter, it is my wish to help bring understanding to all who wish to learn, through the guidance of our blessed angels.
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Spell Casting http://www.miasuperspell.com
My super spells do work, in cases where other magic spells - even multiple spell castings - have failed.
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Spiritboard - The Web's Leading Spiritual Forum! http://www.spiritboard.net/
Spiritual forum with a wide variety of categories and topics, including ascension, body and earth changes, channeling, meditation, obe, dreams, spirts, and many more. Instant, automated sign up, nice features, e.g. subscriptions to topics can be selected.
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Susan Rodio Art - Fairies, Mermaids & Magic! http://www.susanrodioart.bravehost.com
Enter a world of mysterious and sparkly fairies, mermaids, Goddesses and unicorns. Susan Rodio is an artist from Australia, all of her art is hand painted on canvas. Prints, cards, mouse pads and other items available for purchase via the website.
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The Power Of Soothing Music - Frederic Delarue http://www.FredericDelarue.com
Music for massage, meditation, relaxation, yoga. Personalized CD made just for you to reconnect with who you truly are.
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The Seven Rays Today http://www.sevenraystoday.com/index.html
Each human soul is an essential part of one ray, and through a succession of lifetimes the qualities of that ray are refined to further the evolution of humanity.
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The Spirit Of Animals http://spirit-animal.net
Spirit animals, animal angels, animal stories, animal healing, shaman animals - celebrating the spirit of animals for all who love animals.
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Truth For All People http://www.truthforallpeople.com/
Messages received from from Jesus Christ, here you have the truth you've been searching for. Reveal to the world Gods gift of divine love. All may receive this great gift but alas, not many know of it. It has been waiting to be accepted since Jesus Christ revealed it some 2000 years ago.
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Ucadia- Future Life Conceots http://www.ucadia.com
Future life concepts revealing hidden secret wisdom and knowledge within the DNA of every human called the sol code which enables every person to connect with the absolute without the need for gurus or messiahs.
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Wisdom Of The Guardian http://www.wisdomoftheguardian.com
Archangel Michael shares his spiritual wisdom on a wide assortment of topics, including how to improve your finances, relationships, and work. He also offers his advice for how to stop war, create peace on earth, and prepare for heaven on earth.
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A Journey To The Sacred Shore http://www.otherworldmusic.com
Come with me on a journey to the soul's sacred shore.
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A Psychic Reading By Rev. Jeff Clairvoyant http://www.revjeff.com/index.html
Rev. Jeff offers psychic readings using clairvoyance, clairaudience, messages from angels & guides, tarot. 15-years experience giving readings and teaching. Also: win a free reading; free spiritual healing, doctor Crow's page - authentic hoodoo man; best spiritual books at great prices.
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A Spiritual Ecology Of West Coast Rainforest http://www.evbooks.net/earth_vision_030.htm
A poetic prose survey of deep ecology aspects of the west coast rain forest.
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Akashic Temple Of Wisdom: Psychic And Magick Forum http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Akashic_Temple_Of_Wisdom/
New age and spirituality group. Feel free to post about psychic abilities, angels, near death experiences, ghosts, soulmates, spirit guides, past lives, the tarot, magick spells and more!
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An Angel For Everyone http://www.gunnadan.com
Gunna Dan is an angel for everyone. He will help you find purpose and meaning in your life. He will help you to be braver and happier in all you do.
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Angel And Spirit Guide Readings http://worldsister.com
Certified counselor and energy healer. Gentle and compassionate wisdom from your guides& angels, energy healing, soul retrieval, visits from those who have crossed over, and energetic cleanse. Results often in just on session.
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Angel Connections With Sharon May http://www.sharonmay.co.uk
Making your angels accessible to you, angels made simple, understandable and real. Told ?as it is? no mysteries or complicated instructions. Professional medium, for 25 years; providing the connection to your loved ones, angels and spirit guides.
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Angel Message 4 U http://www.angelmessage4u.com
Just visit & click on the angel to receive your message.
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Angel Of Wisdom - Psychic Visions http://angelfire.com/stars4/angelofwisdom/index.html
Angel Of Wisdom is here to guide you to the right path in love, and happienss.
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Angel Power http://www.angelpower.co.uk
A place to explore all the readings available plus receive your own personal recorded reading by Jane Longstaff. Amongst the online material available to everyone is Angel inspirations, oracle cards, wishing stones, crystal messages, daily affirmations, colour healing and fully random readings.
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Angel Readings From Angel Therapy Practitioner & Coach http://illuminatingsouls.com/services/angel-readings/
Angel readings are a beautiful way to receive divine guidance, loving & clarity from your angels. During your reading, we will bring forward wisdom, guidance, loving and light. Sessions are done over the telephone and can include angel messages, channeling, energy work, visioning, and action plans.
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Angelic Counselling http://ascensioninsights.weebly.com/
Angel readings, ascension and spiritual development teaching and counselling, pathworking, life path coaching.
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Angels In The Midst http://www.angelsinthemidst.com
Offers gifts for the angels in your life and the angel in you. We invite you to visit the many angel treasures available here. Thank you for visiting.
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Angels ~ Angelic Healing Music http://www.angelfire.com/az/angeljoy
Beautiful, angelic, healing music, new angel book by Ann, Angel Readings and much more. Please visit and enjoy the free music samples - music of the angels.
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AnjosNet http://www.anjosnet.com.br
Site about angels, faerys, unicorns, magic, gnomes and more. With horoscope and post cards. In portuguese.
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Ap-Investigations http://www.ap-investigations.com/
Resource to the public that specializes in the research and investigation of paranormal activity
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Approach To The Wisdom Ot The Heart http://www.wisdomoftheheartfound.org
We need to open our heart and mind to understand all the things that live in our planet; understand and feel what we have been denying: the presence of unconditional love beings whom have offered their lives for our well-being.
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Archangel Therapy - Channelled Angel Messages http://www.archangeltherapy.net
Here you'll find information on angels, archangels, religions, spiritual and new age beliefs and practices. Articles on beliefs, books, courses, self-development. A place to help you attain personal and spiritual enlightenment.
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Archangelic Attunement Ceremonials http://archangelraphael.faithweb.com/angattmn.htm
Seven archangelic attunements being offered to help and assist you in your life's journey. These are given remotely to anyone anywhere in the world. One of our energy facilitors will be happy to give you complete information or visit one of the websites.
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Arizona's Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats http://www.crossingworlds.com/
Soul journey retreats, Sedona and Hopi Indian lands, Arizona, 4 days, March, June, Sept., Dec. shamanic journey in wild nature, living the medicine wheel healing ceremony aligning with the universal forms of creation; sacred sites tours, soul retrieval, connecting with your vision.
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Art by Derek McCrea http://www.derekmccrea.50megs.com
Angel, lighthouse, flower, barn and landscape arts and crafts, watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings, pen and ink drawings and limited edition prints.
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Art by Jennifer http://www.artbyjennifer.ca
Paintings of environment, spiritual and human nature. Connections of love, angels and beautiful natural surroundings embrace you with warmth.
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Ask Angels http://www.ask-angels.com/
Angel messages and angel meditations by internationally renowned channel and author, Melanie Beckler. With the intention to help you experience more love and light in your life, Ask-Angels.com has helped hundreds of thousands of visitors like you to strengthen their connection with their angels.
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Astral Magick Amulets Talismans Charms Spells & Rituals http://www.astralmagick.com
All you will ever need for practicing real magick, with the best accessories for your spells and rituals. Occult empowerments with easy to use seed initiation. High quality talismans that really do work. Customized, prepared and empowered to specifically help you in the ways you desire.
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Aura Reading Through Channeling With Archangel Orel http://www.healaura.com
Come and discover a wonderful tool that is part of you - your aura. Learn how to use it to create amazing new possiblities in your life. A course with archangel Orel - channeled by Amir Copper.
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Balanced Living Institute http://www.BalancedLivingInstitute.com
Become your own best psychic, and communicate directly with your angels/spirit guides. We will show you the tools you need to empower you to be the director of your own life.
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Bewitchzone http://home.btconnect.com/Bewitchzone/
This web site is for those having an interest in spirituality, angels, clairvoyance, and other related phenomena.
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Black Magic Guru In Pakistan http://www.kamrankhanstore.com
Kamran Khan offers a number of different things including cure for black magic, casting spells, hypnosis, protection lockets, revelation service and many more.
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Channeling Classes & Channeled Angel Messages http://illuminatingsouls.com/classes-events/learn-to-channel/
Channeling is a beautiful way to support your journey as a lightworker. Laurel & her guides, Josephus & the Wisdom Council channel beautiful messages & co-facilitate channeling classes.
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Color Me Divine http://www.colormedivine2.com
Unique spirit art or totem animal portraits created for you and or your loved ones. Angelic, mystic, Altantic themes could be yours. Color me divine uses color interpretations along with divine inspirations. Enjoy.
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Comet's Place http://www.angelfire.com/mn/comets
Spiritual website offers online classes and readings, learn how to connect to your angels and guides. Meditation, pyschic, past lives, reiki, tarot, numerology, aura's, totems, help in all areas! You will love our chatroom!
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Darwin's Spiritual Evolution http://www.spiritunfoldment.org
Spiritual classes, books, free information with attunements for Hawaiian, Tibetan, Egyptian, Taoist, East Indian, Japaneese spiritual systems. Shakti or attunements done distant with internet, phone and in person.
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Doors Of Peace http://members.tripod.com/DoorsofPeace/homeextra.htm
Channelling, faery, pan, crystals, nature talks, poetry. Our aim is to emphasize a re-connection with the spirits of nature in their many forms and faces.
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Earth Transitions http://www.earthtransitions.com
A spiritual ecology site dedicated to inner and outer transformation, personal and planetary. Working co-creatively with nature to bring about a planetary shift in consciousness.
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Earth, Health & Mystic Fayres - Cornwall, UK http://www.mysticfayre.co.uk
Uri Geller, Lionel Fanthorpe, Tim Wheater & Bill Harrison are guests in 2003. Sat 10th & Sun 11th May, and Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd August (both at St Johns Hall Penzance, Cornwall)
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Elimas Angelic Kabbalah-practical Spiritual Art http://www.angelic-magick.com
I teach and practice spiritual practical angelic Kabbalah art, how one could use the holy names of Hashem, blessed be he, to their advantage in life´s general welfare. I tell visions through my resounding contact with the Angels of light.
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Faery Healing http://www.faeryhealing.com
This site is about healing with the help of faeries allies, and is based on the book "faery healing: the lore and the legacy" by Margie McArthur.
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Fire Through Spirit http://www.firethroughspirit.com/
Working with angels, archangels and guides, we look at your challenges in a space that is safe, nonjudgmental and gentle. A place where you can receive and assimilate your guidance and healing in peace and joy. Aura cleansing and balancing, hands-on and distance energy work, spirit retrieval and reconciliation, intuitive readings.
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Free Angel Card Readings http://www.freeangelcardreadingsonline.com
Offering free angel card readings from a variety of oracle card decks. Free live readings via chat twice a week.
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Free Angel Ecards http://www.123greetings.com/encouragement_and_inspiration/angels/
There's an angel in everyone, be it your friends, parents, spouse or even your neighbor. Appreciate their presence in your life through these angelic ecards.
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Free Angel Reading A Sacred Experience With The Angel Raphael http://www.theangelraphael.com
The Angel Raphael offers free sacred messages monthly to awaken you to the vibration of love to help you manifest health, relationships and situations to co-create heaven on earth. Kelly Kolodney's work is documented in the book "The Healing Consciousness" by Dr. Beth Dupree MD.
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Free Tarot Reading - Tarot-Explained.com https://www.tarot-explained.com/free-tarot/
Compare the best sites for a free tarot reading online fir 2019. What does the tarot say about your future? Get your reading at one of our best tarot sites.
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From The Angels With Love http://www.FromTheAngelsWithLove.com
Compassionate services to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and soothe and comfort your spirit. Discover the profound joy of talking with your angels, gain self-worth and empowerment through spiritual counseling, and increase your prosperity by receiving the diamond of prosperity attunement.
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Galleries Of Archangels And Angels At The Sanctuary Of Enlightenment http://sanctuary-of-enlightenment.8m.com/photo4.html
Beautiful channeled portraits of archangels, ascended masters, and angels. All by Anne Vintner, internationally renowned portrait artist. Order a unique portrait of your own angel and spirit guide.
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Got Angel? http://gotangel.com
Handcrafted angel jewelry, blessed to empower the healing properties of their gemstones. $1 from the sale of each angel is donated to pediatric brain tumor research.
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Heartwalk http://www.sedonaheartwalk.com
Get the 'issues out of your tissues' with Integrated Energy Therapy®. Distant sessions available.
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Jessica's Blue Angels http://www.keen.com/groups/homepage.asp?TID=RDNGOEEz
A group of special light workers giving gentle guidance and accurate advice at a reasonable rate.
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Jocelyn's Angel Intuitive Readings http://www.aireadings.webs.com
Angel Intuitive readings offered at competitive prices, learn about past lives, spirit guides, animal totems, career, life themes and love.
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Khakani's Mystic World http://www.khakani.com
We offer genies, angels, spirits invocation spells, mystic talismans, amulets, charms, magical rings, herbal medicines, magic spells, mystical objects and much more.
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Kimbas Angels - Metaphysical & Spiritual Community http://kimbasangels.com
Angel research to include: Angelology, angelic lightwork, fallen angels, angels, and archangels. Readings, community, research, resources, and more! Expand your mind, explore your path, and enlighten your spirit!
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Kimbas Creations http://kimbas.faithweb.com/main.html
Handcrafted metaphysical items. Free tarot and angel readings. Extensive angel research. Expand, explore, and enlighten...
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Krista's Angels http://kristasangels.blogspot.com
Angelic spirits wanting to help you grow spiritually. Expand your heart chakra with Krista. Read free channeled messages from spirit & receive a healing.
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Lightpryzms - A Site For Spiritual Wellness http://www.lightpryzms.com
Helping to bring the awareness of - the light - to all with our handmade jewelry and sculpture. 21st century symbols of hope, diversity and completeness. For the emerging time.
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Lisa Steinke's "The Faerie Gathering" http://www.thefaeriegathering.com
The enchanted faerie art and spirituality center of Lisa Steinke. Hand painted faerie boxes filled with exquiste faerie treasures and much more.
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Little Shops Of Dreams http://www.heartfollowers.com/
Unique gifts by special artisans who craft spiritual and magical items for use in personal spells, ceremonies, and rituals.
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Mediumystics http://www.mediumystics.com
A 100% free online community that covers all things spiritual. Free chatrooms, free developement classes, free mediumship readings, spiritual healings and loads more on offer. Everyone is always welcome at mediumystics.
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Moon Spirits - Bridging the gap between all things spiritual http://www.angelfire.com/art/moonspirits/
Offers hand crafted ouija talking boards to talk to spirits, as well as other spiritual products: (Tarot cards, runes, candles, books)
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Museum Certified Antique Keris Swords Spears & Blades http://www.ancientkeris.com
Museum certified Keris swords & blades with magickal powers for protection psychic attacks and commanding your genie - Jinn Spirits.
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Mystical Angels By Adrian Holland http://www.amazola.fsnet.co.uk/
Mystical angels and mystic art - beautiful inspired imagery by Adrian Holland.
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Nature Sounds For Relaxation Meditation http://www.naturesounds.ca
Shares the natural sounds and experiences of the wilderness of woods, waters, and forests. Perfect to use for relaxation, meditation, sleep or as a natural ambiance.
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Renamixtech http://www.angelicwords.ca
Self-healing resources, ordained minister of healing, angels, web design.
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Samantha Grayson http://www.samanthagrayson.com
Writer of personalised and unique fairy and fantasy stories. (not computer generated) information on fairylore, fairy places, traditional fairy tales, folklore, superstitions, herbalism, crystals.
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Save Our Souls http://s.o.s.faithweb.com
Spirit guides reaches out to guide souls who needs help to ascend. As a tribute we list the names of the souls we have guided with their last remarks.
added 11 Dec 2003 - Report Error

Song Of Azrael http://www.songofazrael.org
An angelic communion producing interesting dialogue, pov, and other unique ponderings. Discover a whole new world of possibilities.
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Soul Kisses http://www.soulkisses.com
Soul kisses are daily emails filled with comforting, healing, support tools. Visit us to find book recommendations, physical world tools and angel goodies. Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter.
added 19 Mar 2004 - Report Error

Soulwork - Self Empowerment, Soul Awareness & Transformation http://www.soul-healer.com
For a deeper understanding of the soul, spirituality, healing and guidance. Soul mastery training, advanced transformational products and services plus extensive articles, new spiritual perspectives, awareness exercises and advice.
added 31 Aug 2003 - Report Error

Spirit Teaching http://www.spiritteaching.com/
Pathways to the soul uses guided visualizations and meditations to help you access information from your healing angels, guardian angels, a spirit guide and your soul. Check out my web site for details, click on pathways to the soul workshop.
added 05 Sep 2003 - Report Error

Spirit-Sisters http://www.spirit-sisters.com
Featuring hand painted light-beings on silk, hand crafted semi-precious stone rosaries, meditation & yoga socks. An online spiritual community.
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Spiritual Growth http://www.spiritualgrowth.proboards52.com/index.cgi
Chat forum for wiccans to discuss their craft.
added 13 Dec 2006 - Report Error

Terra Star http://www.angelfire.com/trek/dolphindreams/
A site dedicated to the great shift and features portals for angels, faeries, dolphins and mermaids.
added 01 Jun 2003 - Report Error

The Dimension Zone http://dimensionzone.com
Enter the zone of the unexplained: Angels, nature spirits, ghosts, hauntings, near-death experiences, time travel, and anything else paranormal from mythology to science.
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The Mystical Keys to the Book of Revelation http://angelfire.com/ca6/bookofrevelation
Angelic teachings that reveal the meaning of the prophecies contained in the book of Revelation and that shed light on why the attacks on America occurred.
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The Tranquility Zone http://www.tranquilityzone.co.uk
Based in Dundee, Scotland, we offer angel therapy treatments which involves working a person's guardian angels and archangels. The session can involve various healing techniques and card reading that will give positive guidance and support to you.
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Universe-People http://www.universe-people.com
Site in Czech and English on the Ashtar Command and ascension, 4000 pages, 600 pictures - universe-people.
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