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A Christian Start Page - Jesusfolk.com http://www.Jesusfolk.com/
A people friendly Christ centered Christian portal & online community with great links to bible tools, health, healing, heaven, hell, searches, chats, forums, testimonies, true life stories and more! Its your one stop Christian start page for spirit, mind & body.
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A Woman's Journey - Your Path to Spiritual Growth http://www.awomansjourney.com/
Guide to the best free sources for spiritual growth on the internet. Includes astrology, tarot, angels, chakras, auras, reiki, meditation, yoga, shamanism, runes, and much more.
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A.S.C.E.N.D. http://www.light-elixirs.com
Ascension support council for education, networking and distribution guided by beloved Sanat Kumara, Kuthumi, and God, source of all that is. Global meditations and activation dates from the masters for group work
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Advisors Highway http://www.keen.com/groups/homepage.asp?gid=1549
Advisors to help each and everyone find their path through life. 1st call receives 3 free minutes.
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American Ordination and Bible Study Ministry http://www.wcm.org
Ordination as Christian clergy by mail for sincere Christian who feel that seminary is too expensive or too denominational, Bible study courses, 20 years of Christian service.
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Angel Goddess Meditations http://www.angelfire.com/ca3/angelgoddessmeditate/index.html
daily meditations
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Applied Meditation Therapy http://www.meditationtherapy.com
a skillfull way to nutrure your health, to diminish stress, refine personality, strenthen character, deepen spiritual awareness, and realize joy in life and relationships
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Ashtar Command Communication Center Netherlands http://members.tripod.com/~ACCNL/Welcome1.html
The ACCNL-website brings you the latest channelings from Ashtar, the ascended masters and the angelic realm as received through Cmdr. Andras, meditations, ascension-tools, and more...
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Astrology 101 by Suzan Hayden http://www.astrology101.com/
Astrology magazine by Suzan Hayden with monthly horoscopes, pet corner, celebrities, new age resources, links, phone readings, computerized reports & much much more.
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Awaken the Sacred: Moon Lodge Visions http://www.angelfire.com/tn/moonlodge/
A book of spiritual prophecy about the earth body changes from 1996 to 2012. Support resources for spiritual women.
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Beyond the Rainbow: Resources for Wellbeing/Gifts with Spirit http://www.rainbowcrystal.com/
Visit us to learn how you can work with crystals and flower essences to release blockages and the clear the way for the life you want. Subscribe to our two free monthly newsletters. Explore our cybershelves, stocked with a hand-picked collection of crystals, jewelry, fountains, candles, statues, stained glass, and more.
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Catherine Adams, Clairvoyant Reader, Healer and Channel http://www.litespirit.com/
Catherine is a gifted, empathic, experienced clairvoyant who uses her abilities to answer questions, clear your aura, do clairvoyant energy healing on the physical body and consciously channel spirit guides and those on the other side. She also specializes in helping Star Children adjust to their life here. See monthly channeled articles at her site, as well.
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Children of Light http://childrenoflight.com/
This site is dedicated to personal and planetary ascension, based on the loving and powerful messages passed on from Archangel Gabriel since 1990. This site has also be the focal point for world wide meditations connected with the planetary initiations of ascension. Millions have participated. Site offers a great deal of information, as well as tools for healing, such as meditation tapes.
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conceptual art of Beate Sandor http://www.beatesandor.com
Virtual portfolio 1996-2001, acrylic paintings based on variations of interlinked circles. ? exclusive by Beate Sandor.
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Esoteric Tibet http://www.katinkahesselink.net/tibet/
On the path to Buddhahood, emptiness and sunyata and meditation. Featuring links and FAQ's.
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Essential Astrology http://www.essentialastrology.co.uk
Find your astrological channeling. See how the universe surrounds and guides you through life.
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Gnosticism, answers to who we are http://www.soul-guidance.com/houseofthesun/gnosticism.htm
An overview of the religious ideas of the Gnostics at the time of Jesus Christ.
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Healing / Paranormal Healer http://www.cybercomm.nl/~healing
Spiritual healing is related to the work of me, Gerrit Hulsbosch, in that both require contact with the spirit world. Spirit guides channel healing energies through the medium into the body of the patient. Many people in this world suffer from physical, mental and emotional illness and pain, and everyone has times when they need to be uplifted.
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Healing Words http://www.carengoldman.com/
Caren Goldman's website offers books, articles, quotations, affirmations, and other resources and research related to holistic mind, body and spiritual healing processes.
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Healthy Alternatives - Restore and Maintain Good Health http://www.angelfire.com/tn/intrasound/
High vibration health care products from Intrasound: The high vibration signal within the Intrasound formulas brings the body to a higher level energetically so the body can heal itself; has the extraordinary ability to renew and restore the body?s energy blueprint; works quickly to eliminate congestion and blocked energy flows; can dramatically enhance the immune system; is THE GREAT BALANCER. These are master formulas for creating homeostasis.
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Iasos & the Realms of Celestial Music http://iasos.com/
Iasos (pronounced ya' sos) is a Music Creator, specializing in celestial, heavenly, inter-dimensional music. He is also one of the original founders of "New Age" music. In this site you will find music, colors, video, visionary images, and information & knowledge - all relevant to those "tuned" to the heavenly realms. This site may be of special interest to those that cherish beauty and prefer love, happiness, & ecstasy.
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In God's Image http://noblespirit.tripod.com/index.html
What does it mean to have been "created in God's image and likeness?"
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Into The Wilderness Trading Co http://www.wildernesstrading.com
Wholesale/retail supplier of flute, pipe, medicine, and crystal bags since 1988. Made in Wyoming. Supplier of shed elk, deer, and moose antlers.
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Intuition... Awaken the Journey within. http://intuition2vishnu.homestead.com/
With poetry & articles as an expression of intuition. Other links relating to the Tibetan master D.K. works through Alice Bailey, ageless wisdom, occult, religion, spirituality, mysticism, esoteric and art galleries.
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Intuitive Consulting with Lynn Robinson http://www.lynnrobinson.com/
Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed., author of Divine Intuition. Intuitive business consulting, intuitive readings and motivational speaker. Offers seminars, audio tapes, articles and free intuition newsletter. Best psychic.
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Intuitive Readings And Spiritual Wellness Counseling http://www.angelfire.com/tn/moonlodge/readings.html
A divination site offering services and card readings and couseling.
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Kevin Ryerson & Co. http://www.kevinryerson.com
Kevin Ryerson's homepage, with his calendar of events and information on transformational travel
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Kimbas Angels - Metaphysical & Spiritual Community http://kimbasangels.com
Angel research to include: Angelology, angelic lightwork, fallen angels, angels, and archangels. Readings, community, research, resources, and more! Expand your mind, explore your path, and enlighten your spirit!
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La Nueva Era de St. Germain http://www.fuegovioleta.org
Spanish site about ascension teachings
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Lady Althea's Wicca and Magick Pages http://www.angelfire.com/journal/ap/index.html
Basics about wicca, magick, herbs and miscellaneous information.
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Lala's Heart Prints http://www.angelfire.com/la2/heartprints
A wonderful collection of inspired writings to touch the heart.
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Light Source P'taah http://www.ptaah.com/
Channeled books and tapes by P'taah through Jani King. The Gift, Act of Faith, Tranformation of the Species.
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LightNet - Alternative Science, Planetary Healing, Products http://www.lightnet.co.uk
Lightnet (home to the Earth Healing Forum) covers lightworking, planetary healing, astrology, new age, the Merkaba and sacred geometry, as well challenging conventional reality by providing scientific articles on related subjects.
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Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing http://www.llewellyn.com/
We are the world's oldest publisher of new age books. Come explore our new worlds of mind, body, & spirit.
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Martinus Institute http://www.martinus.dk
Science has shown that all changes in physical matter are bound by law. The Danish author Martinus (1890-1981) shows that there are also laws for thinking. A spontaneous transformation of consciousness enabled Martinus to describe the eternal, spiritual laws and principles of life. His work is collectively entitled The Third Testament.
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Mary O's Celestial Whispers http://www.celestialwhispers.com
World renowned psychic medium Mary O. has helped thousands of people find peace after losing a loved one. Visit her site to schedule an appointment, or just read some of the incredible validating stories her clients have posted.
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Mt. Ararat Baptist Church http://www.mt-ararat.org/
Predominantly African-American church located in Pittsburgh, PA pastored by Dr. William H. Curtis. We are a church determined to know Christ.
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Myama http://www.starlighter.com/myama/
Featuring channeled material of Equinox on a variety of topics such as psychic phonemenon, earth changes, extra-terrestrials, spiritual growth, channeling and more. Also includes articles on various subjects, a nice introduction to channeling and more. Feedback and questions for Equinox are welcome!
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Mystic Jewels Metaphysical Oils with Crystals & Gemstones http://members.tripod.com/mysticjewels/
Essential oils blended with crystals and gemstones attract, release and enhance the "Vibrational Magic". Get one free. Metaphysical Aromatherapy Zodiac Native American Angel essence and more. Incense too! See free oil offer. Dare to try "Night of the Wolf".
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New Age Jolly Swagman Web Site Campsite http://www.jollyswagman.com
New Age Jolly Swagmen and women take the journey of self discovery to the "land beyond the stars" and back.
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Owl Lady's Magickal Garden http://www.owl-lady.com/
A variety of runes in the garden, as well as readings by Vosh.
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Peaceful Paths http://www.peacefulpaths.com/
A peaceful place, offering products to help illuminate your path: enlightening books (with an excerpt feature), visionary artwork (including Limited Editions), spiritually nourishing music (with samples), our gift baskets and gift 'pairs', in themes of spirit and wholeness: Angels, Native American, inspiration, healing, Aromatherapy, dreams, meditation, Earth, and Peace... and more, including Native American products, Edgar Cayce health products, and Aromatherapy products
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Pick a Spiritual Quote http://www.katinkahesselink.net/squote/
Quotes from sufi-masters, zen-buddhists, theosophists and independent philosopers.
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Psychic Realm http://www.psychicrealm.com
Site offering live psychic reading, tarot reading, numerology, astrology, horoscopes, runes, i-ching oracle, palmistry, dream interpretation, biorhythms and more.
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Queer Dimensions http://www.angelfire.com/pq/queerdimensions/index.html
An online, eclectic book of shadows, with emphasis on networking for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered pagans, wiccans, and occultists.
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Readings By Melissa http://MelissasReadings.tripod.com
Tarot card readings by a certified professional tarot card reader, Melissa. Readings can open the doorway to your future and close some doors of the past. Want to know if that certain someone is out there waiting for you? This is the place to find out. All readings are kep strictly confidental and no email address is sold or distributed for any purpose.
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Reiki Master Melissa http://pinkgypsy.com/newage/reiki.htm
Reiki master based in Los Angeles available for treatments and classes.
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Shamanism http://www.shaman.1hwy.com
Healing and chat
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Shutting up long enough to hear the still, small voice http://www.angelfire.com/tn/moonlodge/meditate.html
Tips for easier meditation.
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Song Of Azrael http://www.songofazrael.org
An angelic communion producing interesting dialogue, pov, and other unique ponderings. Discover a whole new world of possibilities.
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Soul Mates, Twin Flames and Spiritual Soulmate Relationships http://www.soulmaterelationships.com
Explains what a soulmate is, offers info on finding your soulmate, spiritual soulmate relationships and reincarnation.
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Soul Wisdom's Remote Holographic Psyche Healing http://www.soulwisdom.net
One session of remote holographic psyche healing therapy is many times more effective than multiple sessions provided by body work and/or psychotherapy. If you insist on emotional well-being and joy, drop by our site to learn how to obtain relief from subconsciously-held trauma !
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Spiritual Friends http://www.Spiritual-Friends.de/
German Website talking about spiritualism, mediumship and more.
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Spiritual Healing http://members.tripod.com/~Rev_Jenni/healing.html
Submit your healing request and/or assist in the healing of others
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Spiritual Pathways of Light http://members.tripod.com/~Rev_Jenni/readings.html
Spiritual readings by Rev Jenni Brangle using clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Personal, distance or phone readings available.
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Spirituality For Dummies http://www.kumuda.com/
The first "...for dummies" book where being a dummy -- simple, humble, and open -- is the first step!
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Starborn http://www.amaraan.homestead.com/
Starborn - what are the signs? The planet Amaraan. Amena and her mission about love and light. Past lives memories. Love.
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Starlighter Alternative Directory http://www.starlighter.com/find/
A directory and search engine for sites of spiritual, holistic or other "alternative" natures. Explore the enlightened side of the web!
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Survival Science http://survivalscience.50megs.com
Links providing scientific support for life after death and after death communication on all levels.
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Susie and Otto Collins' Love and Healing Center http://www.collinspartners.com/
Free newsletter to help you learn to create the relationships of your dreams now! Information on energy healing, health, manifesting abundance, marketing for metaphysicians, book and music reviews and more
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Tamara Psychic To The Stars http://www.tamara3.com
Seen on "Hard Copy" and "Strange Universe". 95% accurate. Call toll free 1-888-382-6272. Credit cards accepted. Call now.
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Tarot Canada International http://TarotCanada.tripod.com
We are an organization dedicated to presenting a true Canadian face in the international tarot community. Only God can count the apples in a seed.
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The hOMe Foundation http://www.thehomefoundation.com/
The hOMe Foundation offers a free Kriya Yoga meditation class (in Sedona, AZ) and an online publication of a new book entitled: "A Recipe for Bliss, Kriya Yoga for a New Millennium." This is an inspirational account of the deep Inner Path of meditation and Self Realization.
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The Inner Light Technique http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~inner/
Practise this unusual acupressure technique for viewing and travelling in the inner light. Develope your innate higher powers and cosmic consciousness. Details are free and online.
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The New Intimacy http://www.thenewintimacy.com/
Value and respect for differences! That's The New Intimacy. Successful conflict resolution, real romance, personal growth, practical spirituality in dating, marriage and all romantic relationships.
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The Skys of Avalon http://www.angelfire.com/fl3/wicca1132/index.html
Site that offers information on wicca, witchcraft, celtic magick, druidry, shamanism, spells, and many more. I take submissions on poems, links, spells, art, etc. Full credit is given.
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The Spiritual Traveler http://www.spiritualtraveler.com/
An online magazine for people interested in travel, writing, and spiritual seeking.
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The Tarot Association of the British Isles http://www.tabi.org.uk
A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to establishing ethical standards of Tarot reading and training. TABI aims to be a source of information, support and networking for UK Tarot readers. Offering free Tarot readings, Tarot training and mentoring, a newsletter, regional contacts for readers, articles, deck/book exchange page, forums and useful links and resources.
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The Teachings of Silver Birch http://www.angelfire.com/ok/SilverBirch/index.html
Teachings from Silver Birch, a well known teacher worldwide and a high being in the world of spirit.
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The Worldwide Online Meditation Center http://www.meditationcenter.com
A user-friendly site offering clear, concise meditation instruction on a variety of methods from various spiritual traditions... plus tranquil, uplifting meditation tapes.
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Time travel through hypnosis http://www.drbrucegoldberg.com/
Dr. Bruce Goldberg uses hypnosis to train people in the art of soul perfection in order to ascend. You can review past lives, preview future lives, learn to have OBEs, travel to other dimensions, heal your physical body?and teleport to any location on this or any other plane.
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Tranquillity's Spiritual Evolution and Ascension Home Base http://www.angelfire.com/ky/spiritualevolution/
a channelled site that speaks to what-is and what-might-become...exemplifying spiritual evolution and ascension in some of its many aspects.
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Turquoise Angel http://www.turquoiseangel.com
Artist/illustrator Cynthia Rose offers paintings, prints, cards, calendars, address books and 3D designs.
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Vosh http://www.owl-lady.com/psychic/
Working in the psychic field for over 20 years, Vosh is dedicated to helping people find their true paths and peace.
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Welcome... Beings of Light http://www.fromthestars.com/
Expand your consciousness beyond 3-Dimensional reality by exploring?new age, UFOs, twin souls, soul mates, spiritual crisis, reincarnation, ancient civilizations, crop circles, inner peace, cosmic cycles, earth changes, the mystical....
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Witch Niche http://www.angelfire.com/wi/nightstorm/index.html
A Wiccan site with enlightening information on Wicca, witches, witchcraft and more. Complete book and video store.
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